Agents of Mystery

By | June 14, 2024

Next week’s Korean Netflix Fun is Agents of Mystery which drops June 18th, where a team of Korean celebrities “are tasked with getting to the bottom of unsolvable cases occurring in mysterious locations,” which basically means messing about completing challenges in really neat looking sets with some sort of throughline connecting them all. From the trailer it feels like a tighter version of early Netflix hit Busted, and it looks like it might be really fun. Also it’s being directed by Jung Jong-yeon of The Genius and Devil’s Plan fame, although this is probably a bit closer to his Great Escape series.

4 thoughts on “Agents of Mystery

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    Yes this is fun! The series is basically two mysteries, each one three episodes, each episode about 45 minutes. Teams are dispatched to solve mysteries based around supernatural happenings, they are transported there by a teleportation chamber and have to get back within six hours or the chamber will leave without them, and they have to not get caught during their investigation. Basically it’s Scooby Doo meets Timebusters meets a large-scale Escape Room.

    I’ve done episode one, what I would say is that the initial revelations take a bit longer than I’d like, but there’s a bit where they have to go and hide which felt legitimately tense, although did end in quite an obviously amusing situation. I look forward to watching the rest.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Episode two is great! Just lots of fun, no spoilers, but some pretty neat puzzles and reveals. Contestants properly into it.

  2. Malcolm Owen

    It’s kinda fun to while away the time. Sometimes the puzzles aren’t too clearly explained at times, but it’s decent.
    Also, spotted that they used an Intel Mac Pro as a prop. One of the cheesegrater ones you could for £5k, before that model finally shifted to Apple Silicon. A 5K Intel Mac and 12 memory sticks for it…

  3. Brig Bother Post author

    Finished the second mystery this morning, in the submarine, better than the first I think, some neat comprehension/observation puzzles amongst the code cracking and some nice plot building.


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