Silence is Golden

By | July 3, 2024

This came up on the Discord yesterday and has come up more officially on ApplauseStore today, Silence is Golden with Dermot O Leary, where an audience can win £250,000 if they basically don’t audibly react to anything happening in front of them. That’s a big prize pot for Da… U&Dave, sorry. Also Dermot becoming a U&Dave name. Films at the Riverside Studios in London in about three weeks. This *seems* to be different to The Talent Test Dermot is filming (tickets SRO) which is July 11th at Hackney Empire.

“It’s entertainers vs audience – they’re not on the same side. If the entertainers get the prize pot to zero, they get to give money to charity,” not all £250,000 an episode, surely?

Interestingly we remember this doing the rounds a while ago (someone here might have gone to a recording of it actually, can’t remember) – if it’s the same show than IIRC it’s a Richard Bacon format, which were all the rage about two years ago.

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