Mark Watson Kicks Off

By | September 30, 2010

There we are, after wanting a new thing to come along I get an E-mail from Lost in TV advertising a new ITV4 show called Mark Watson Kicks Off, a brutal no-holds-barred comedy discussion show made from 100 per cent pear that sounds exactly like Fighting Talk and is made by World’s End, the same people who do Fighting Talk. Probably won’t go to this as it turns out, but if you do, do let us know what it’s like. It records mid-October. Looks like these may be pilots?

13 thoughts on “Mark Watson Kicks Off

  1. Jennifer Turner

    I think it’s an actual series, not pilots. IIRC, it’s pencilled in for Friday nights(?).

    1. Jennifer Turner

      Yes, but I don’t think expectations are quite as high on ITV4.

    2. Weaver

      Yes, there was a short run (either one or three shows) in late 2004.

      The format is, lest we forget, remarkably similar to “Around the Horn”, an ESPN (US) original, and that has pride of place on ESPN-America, in the coveted 8am slot.

  2. Mark D

    Questions rejected by Only Connect – Part 1

    What comes fourth in this sequence:


    1. Dan Peake

      I’m going to assume either iPod or Messages – as it’s stuff (sorry, Accoutrements) on the bottom of an iPhone?

      If so, I can see why it was rejected, as mine is Phone, Safarai, iPod, Messages.

      1. Mark D

        Correct – it’s iPod! It’s the standard bottom line of an iPhone.

  3. Travis P

    It looks like Living has picked up GSN’s Baggage, they are showing it as double bills from Monday. Something else for the new Freeview Challenge then.

  4. Navin

    I was an audience member for the first live recording. It’s actually quite good. And I won’t lie; Graham Taylor is a comedy genius!


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