Minute to Bin It

By | March 23, 2011

As promised some FABULOUS NEW CONTENT as I give the Minute to Win It app a going over. Amazing.

Meanwhile Endemol Joe asks an intriguing and worthwhile question: was anyone at the Sing If You Can pilot this evening, and was it any good?

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  1. Joe

    Did anyone go to today’s Sing if You Can pilot? Was it as good as it sounds?

  2. CeleTheRef

    Canale5 opened a casting looking for pairs for “a new gameshow hosted by Gerry Scotti”. must be Million Pound Drop.

    I suppose it’s going to be aired in primetime because the network let know that Gerry is leaving the 7PM slot soon.

  3. Travis P


    – Live Mother’s Day Millionaire is scheduled for 75 mins for 8.25pm-9.40pm. Three pairs have been confirmed.

    David Walliams & Kathleen (as seen on The Generation Game)
    Olly Murs & Vicky
    Patsy Palmer & son Charley

    At least they are choosing celebrities who haven’t appeared on the show before.

    – Britain’s Best Dish is being brought forward by a whopping four months with the 2011 series airing from 2nd April. This is a big indication that the fourth series of The Chase will air over the summer months with a potential return date with 30th May.

    1. Mart with an Y not an I

      I take it Mark Nicholas isn’t going to be the host of Britain’s Best Dish this series then?

      Since the series started he using that as a way to fill the gaps between the Summer England Cricket Internationals – but right now he is in India doing the world feed commentaries for the ODI World Cup (that finishes next Saturday), and he’s gone there from doing the winter Ashes series for Channel Nine.

      1. Joe

        Mark Nicholas isn’t commentating for the Cricket World Cup feed this time.

        1. Mart with a Y not a I

          Sorry Joe – he has.
          He was commentating on one of the games last Sunday. I made a comment to a fellow cricket fan watching, that he upto that point was the only one of the ‘usual suspects’ of ex-pro commentators who I haven’t heard.

          1. Barney Sausage

            I happen to know one of the Britain’s Best Dish competitors, who has made it through to the televised stages (Helen Roscoe, competing for the North West – look out for her, she’s an amazing chef!)…and she said it’s Mary Nightingale presenting this year…

    2. Weaver

      To add to Travis’s notes, Mothering Sunday Millionaire is on 2 April. Have I Got News for You returns to Friday nights from 8 April, Richard Madeley is booked for the panel and Celebrity Big Brother‘s Jack Dee hosts.

      On the wireless, BBC7 relaunches as Radio 4xtra on 2 April, and the opening day includes Russell Davies presenting a guided tour of radio quizzes and panel games. The best of the 6.30 comedy slot is rebroadcast a few weeks later at 10pm, and so is Just a Minute.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      The big news here is “bwuh? It was on last night?” I had assumed (incorrectly) it was Mondays only.

      That might explain why it dropped to less than half a million viewers last night (although Melbourne was showing something else, in mitigation).

    2. Travis P

      It’s definitely live. LostinTV have been advertising for tickets for the live recording next Saturday. Doors open at 7.00pm for a 8.25pm start time. The TV listings also mention they are going to do the phone in competition again for half the winnings.

      1. Brekkie

        Come up on the EPG now as “Live Celebrity Millionaire” – though that middle word is still the problem. I’d be surprised if it performed anywhere near as well last week as it did on a dead night before Christmas.

        1. Travis P

          Looking at the head to head, it will directly go up against Casualty, which is nothing new to them it was against that when the regular show was weekly on Saturday nights. Unlike Christmas which had Corrie as the lead in, next Saturday will have Antan Dec as the lead in, where nobody is watching.

  4. Guy lobner

    It would be pretty interesting of there were a British version of “Minute to Win It,” just like the original version with Guy Fieri. The real question is… Who would host it? My three suggestions would be Paul Merton, Pat Sharp, and Dale Winton. Does anyone else here have suggestions? What’s “Sing if you can” about? Is it something like “The Singing Bee” or “Don’t Forget the Lyrics?”

    1. Travis P

      Sing if You Can is nothing like Singing Bee or Lyrics! To give you an idea it’s a mixture between singing and Distraction.

    2. The Banker's Nephew

      If you were going for a host like Guy Fieri (and I don’t know what you have to be on if you were), someone like Graham Norton might be a bit more appropriate.
      I honestly can’t imagine Dale doing it. He’s a bit too… I don’t think “subdued” is the right word, but maybe a bit too relaxed for the format. I mean, it doesn’t have have the things that make “The Cube” exciting (great effects, great games, great music, etc.), so you need a ridiculously hyper host (though Guy is really more annoying than hyper) to try to inject some fake excitement into the game.

      1. Alex

        I’ve seen some clips of the Australian Minute to Win It, I’ve always much preferred their host to the US presenter.


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