Show discussion: The Million Pound Drop – Live! Spring 2011

By | April 22, 2011

I don’t know what number series they’re calling this so I’m playing it safe.

Anyway, the lovely Davina’s back for six more weekends of drop drama and tonight’s first episode is set to feature Andrew Flintoff and partner. It’s on 10pm on Fridays and 9pm Saturdays.

Reports have suggested that someone who beats the online game this series will get to go and play for real – Google will never know what’s hit it. You can play that here.

30 thoughts on “Show discussion: The Million Pound Drop – Live! Spring 2011

  1. Travis P

    Tonight it should be the first show of the fifth series. 4oD had the Christmas series classed as series three but I noticed today they combined the episodes with series two and now calling tonight.

    I suspect the plan with the online game is to select those who have beaten the drop with £1 million remaining by googling. Then choose someone who will fit into the contestant calibre for show (must be 39 years or younger or is a mother/daughter combo). I suspect they will contact them and ask certain audition questions then choose the best ones. I’m guessing they will select about 2-3 pairs as Sky Guide is also mentioning this for tomorrow’s show as well as since it’s on for 12 shows, they’ll squeeze in a few MPDG (Million Pound Drop Googlers).

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Well considering I reckoned they’d be out by halfway, they’ve done well to get to the end. Well done them.

          1. Simon

            No I meant on the smaller screens just above each trapdoor.

          2. Simon

            You’re right (as usual). Just checked old series on 4OD.

          3. Brig Bother Post author

            This series all the clocks have an EXCITING AND DESIREABLE DEMOGRAPHIC ATTRACTING white border which I’m pretty sure they never used to.

          4. Alex

            Yes. Although I THINK there’s also a little “fwoom” sound effect they’ve added when the time runs out.

  2. Alex

    So I got to the end with 200k. It gives me an opportunity to download a form. Blocked by pop-up blocker, and disabling the blocker just reset the site. ARGH

  3. Travis P

    The Graham Norton Show – 2.75m (17.9%)
    Milion Pound Drop Live – 1.99m (12.1%)

    That 1.99 million should place them inside the top five Channel 4 programmes for this week. It also dented Graham Norton. Question is whether it can dent Paul O’Grady & HIGNFY next Friday.

  4. Brekkie

    Nice to have Drop back on our screens. Good to see the 24/7 game now on the website too.

    And although the original betters the US and Aussie remakes by miles, one thing I wish they would incorporate is the drops working out how much money is sitting on top of them during the game, rather than Davina having to count it and then count the second pile as she can’t work out what £500,000 minus £100,000 is.

    1. David B

      It wouldn’t be hard either – you just build a resistance mat into the tops and, given the significant weight of the bundles, it would be easy for them to work out the values.

  5. Beth And Group

    Nooooo Just lost our million on question 6! was doing really well until now!

  6. Travis P

    Looks like the dodgy questions are back.

    Question 7 (TV Chefs)
    Which of these chefs had a series aired on TV in the UK first?

    Marco Pierre White/Jamie Oliver/Nigella Lawson

    The pair from Huddesfield decided to leave Marco Pierre White clear, with the answer being revealed as Jamie Oliver. According to Davina…

    Jamie Oliver: The Naked Chef (1999)
    Nigella Lawson: Nigella Bites (2000)
    Marco Pierre White: Hells Kitchen (2007)

    However, Danny Gormally on Facebook has discovered Marco did a series in the late 80s called Marco Cooks For where Marco cooks meals for top chefs. Turns out that is correct, March 1989 to be exact.

    Had they done their research then the pair would’ve lost.

    1. Joe

      Let’s not make a big deal about it. The pair got the question correct, everyone’s happy, let’s move on 🙂

      1. Travis P

        I’m not, just stating the obvivous. Your question writers have had a good run so far but another TV question has slipped them up. In other words, Wikipedia doesn’t reveal everything.

        Although I did jokingly said to myself that the doctors/nurses/dentists question could include doctorates as the category was people and the question only said “What are they more of in the UK?” There was no mention about medical professtion. So in therory there could be more doctors as you could a doctor or computer science, like the latest Mastermind winner.

        1. Brig Bother Post author

          It was a bit disappointing to see so many chronology questions last night when there had been fewer of of late. I can’t believe Wikipedia was used as a source!

          1. Travis P

            That Wiki think I mentioned was a joke as I think the question writers uses that as a source and don’t dig hard enought for the extra facts.

          2. Travis P

            That should be “That Wiki thing”, not think. Can’t bloody type at the moment.

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