Board of Excitement 10th-16th July 2011

By | July 11, 2011

Normal service resumes soon, this is just a quickie:

  • Big Brother US (Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, CBS)
  • Quiz Trippers – Five people in a van do pub quizzes for not really a lot of money, with hilarious consequences presumably. (5pm, Weekdays, C4)
  • The Amazing Race Australia (Monday, Seven Network)
  • Fort Boyard 2010 (8pmish, Monday, TV5)
  • 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow (Tuesday, ABC)
  • Silent Library – a group of friends do painful challenges whilst trying not to yelp , or laugh too loudly at the person being punished. More entertaining than it sounds. (10pm, Tuesday, 5*)
  • The Challenge: The Rivals (Wednesday, MTV US)
  • Fort Boyard 2011 (7:35pm UK/8:35 Europe, Saturday, France 2)

10 thoughts on “Board of Excitement 10th-16th July 2011

    1. Alex

      There are 8 questions instead of 7 though, like the UK version.

    2. The Banker's Nephew

      I’m hoping this doesn’t become like DoND or 1 vs 100, where everybody around the world copies our (US) version. Frankly, it would be even stranger than the above two considering it only lasted a season.

    1. Dave M

      Some very good questions here. That Cyclops – Unicorn – Pegasus sequence in particular is brilliant.

  1. Daniel

    If anyone’s interested, there was a new episode of Run for Money last week. It has been uploaded but only in 4:3, so a bit of the clock and most of the maps that appear when the Hunters are near a player are cut off. Doesn’t really ruin anything though.

    Part One:

    Part Two:

    A fairytale themed one this time, and it’s in that theme park (?) they used last year.

    Mission One: A finger-scanning machine is placed in Snow White’s house. As many players as possible need to scan their fingers as each print will knock two minutes off the timer when the mission is over. Unfortunately Snow White has locked the door and is now otherwise disposed. The only way to get inside is to fetch the Prince.

    Mission Two: The Prince and Snow White decide to get married. To celebrate, the players have to team-up with a member of the opposite sex and board the boat before the 45 minute mark. If they don’t they’ll be trapped in this area and 10 more Hunters will be released. If the boys run out of female players they’ll need to get a girl from somewhere else…

    The game resumes in the second area and the four original Hunters are transported over.

    Mission Not Counted as a Mission: Find the Prince and bring him back to Snow White. In return she’ll give you a map to the location of Robin Hood and his men who maybe be handy in:

    Mission 3: The Wicked Witch sends an army of Dark Knights to finish off the Prince. They make their way from the original area to the area the players are now in. They’ll reach the gate and break through at the five minute mark, in doing so allowing the 10 Hunters through as well.
    The only way to stop them is with Excalibur. Naturally that sword is stuck in a stone and the Prince can’t get it out himself. The players have to gather 50 people to help pull it out before the Knights get to them.

      1. Daniel

        Run for Money Hunter music on The Simpsons right now to accompany Lisa running. Was shocked, but I guess it must originally be from a film that I don’t know of (but probably everyone else does)…

          1. Daniel

            Ah yes you’re right, just looked it up. I’ve never heard of the film as I expected!

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