Notices 12th Feb 2012

By | February 12, 2012
  • There are not enough things for a full on Board of Excitement this week. Pointless begins a new series with all new head-to-head round (5:15pm, Monday BBC1) whilst on Channel 4 it’s 80s love mix week on Deal or No Deal. This week’s The Exit List (8pm, Tuesday, ITV1) is the one I went and saw in November. And a new run of The Bank Job starts on Friday night (9pm, Friday, C4) – I intend on setting up a new show discussion post for it. And Dan Peake promises that episode two of Accumulate will be audible to human ears from the get go when it’s released some point this week. And of course there is Wie is De Mol?!
  • In fun news, Bother’s Bar recommended Scream If You Know The Answer! will be filming its third series in the USA. It’s a Lion and Travel Channel co-production. It is nice that Duncan James can find time from his work in chart-topping comeback kings Blue etc.
  • And don’t forget! We’re pokering tonight at 8pm. The game is Stud Hi/Lo, it’s free, do join.

22 thoughts on “Notices 12th Feb 2012

  1. John R

    Was last night on Who Dares Wins the first time a list has been lost before a single correct answer?

    Also, can the teams see their history of answers in the pods? i.e. what happens if they repeat an answer previously given as I’m sure is possible with the longer 20+ answer lists.

    1. Simon

      An answer got repeated the other week. The question was about champion jockeys from the last 30 years. One team said A P McCoy as an answer, which was accepted. The other team then said Tony McCoy which lost them the list as it was the same person.

    2. Travis P

      They must see something. Guessing there is a small screen in front of them in the pods but below the glass so it’s out of view. We haven’t had any team repeating the same answer.

      The guy on the other week thought A.P. McCoy and Tony McCoy were two different people.

      I don’t think we’ve had a team going out on a list with zero correct answers. I know we had a pair who went out after a couple of correct answers.

      1. Paul B

        Yeah, I was a stand-in in camera rehearsals for the pilot and there was a screen on the floor of the pod in front of us. No idea if it’s still there, but no reason for them to get rid of it that I can think of.

        1. Mart with a Y not an I

          I was seated at floor level (and right in the uncomfortable glare of one of those backset white vari-lites during the £50k round as well) so I was in full view of the both pods, and from where I sat, I could see very little gazing downwards to any monitors that may have been at shoelace level at my recording last Novemeber.

  2. Mart with a Y not a I

    There used to be an upturned widescreen tv showing what was on the screen at the back of Knowlsey on either side of the runways for the contestants to look at.

    However, between me going to see the show at TVC in 2009 and going last year in Manchester – those have disappeared, so unless they crane their necks (and it’s a pretty tight angle to do that as well) to look over at the main screen – that is the only one they have to check off the answers.

    Same for the audience. There are no monitors hanging from the lighting grid showing the list answers given so far for that round.

  3. Mart with a Y not an I

    Re: The new HD world of Pointless.

    Is it me, or does the contestant podium backdrop look very cluttered now with those new anti-aircraft spotlight varilite beams, fake steel bars, and sailing boat style masts all parked around the place?

    However, liking the variety offered up by pictures and missing words in the new head-to-head 3rd round.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      From what I can ascertain, first bit is always the gallery, second bit is the fact round, but the tird bit could be anything at all.

      1. Smogo

        The new head-to-head seems really slow and drawn out. Kills the pace a bit. Could it be Pointless’s shark-jump?

        That said, either today or tomorrow’s show features a musical instruments pictures round that caused some very funny banter between Xander & Richard at the recording; hopefully that’s been left in.

        1. Travis P

          It is a bit drawn out since Xander have to go through the options one by one. I can see the direction they had to go for since there are so many acronyms and things with 8-12 items.

        2. David B

          I don’t think you can accuse a 45-minute quiz of being fast paced, especially when the game doesn’t start until the 9th minute and the finale takes about 10 minutes.

          I think the questions actually work very well, and they’re a clever solution to a tricky problem. I agree with Brig that the pictures probably would’ve worked better as a montage with a backing track over them. Also, the pictures suffer from that problem that A Question of Taste is having at the minute where the pictures are too small for the camera frame they’re using.

  4. CeleTheRef

    Affari Tuoi begins next week, and you can bet there is a new gimmick for this season.

    the “Pacco Matto” (a box that triggers a random event when picked) will feature a new possible outcome, the “Arrivederci” which sends the contestant back to the contestants row and a new contestant continues the game.

    this season was scheduled to debut this week, but RAI pushed it in order to allow the upcoming Sanremo Music Festival nights (which is like a weeklong Superbowl for Italians) to begin at 8:40 and let the viewers to go to bed before 1AM for once.

    in the odd chance you are interested in the Festival (one of the artist will make it to the ESC) here is this year’s Wikipedia entry

  5. Greg

    Not sure if anybody is bothered, but The Apprentice, The Amazing Race, and Survivor all return this week in the USA. Usual days and times and no doubt usenet downloads

  6. Kniwt

    Also of possible interest, El Cubo is on the air in Spain, with two episodes last week and every weeknight for at least this week. Money tree is scaled back (presumably for the heavy run) and is very heavily top-loaded. Full episodes are available, apparently not geoblocked:

    1. Lewis

      I’ve only watched episode 1 so far, but the interesting thing I noticed was partway through they started occasionally showing this bar with the guy’s lives remaining, and whether he had used his simplify and trial run. Obviously it’s information that can be kept in memory, but it was still a nice touch that I’d like to see brought into the UK format.

      Also they totally stole our Body sequences which makes things a tiny bit off, like the total of that counting game coming up for the Body but not for the contestant.

      1. Poochy.EXE

        I suspect that status bar, and possibly the new opening sequence, might show up in the next UK series. From what I can tell, these Spanish episodes were filmed sometime between UK series 4 and series 5, so we’re probably looking at a preview of the new cosmetics of UK series 5.

      2. Travis P

        I wouldn’t say they stole The Body sequences. Every foreign version of The Cube I have seen always uses the UK footage to show how the games are played. It’s easier to show the footage than produce a local version of The Body.

        1. Lewis

          I was saying that part jokingly. Didn’t come across clearly enough, sorry.

  7. David

    Speaking of your tweets on Pasapalabra, someone apparently hits it for over €1.5 million one of the last few days in February (27th, 28th, or 29th), the 2nd highest win ever.


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