Eurovision Semi Final 2

By | May 24, 2012

8pm UK, BBC3
Official ESC live stream

This is the one the UK can vote in so join Scott Mills and Sara Cox for some more songs and some amazing live interviews.

I’m working tonight, so I look forward to reading this after the event.

68 thoughts on “Eurovision Semi Final 2

  1. David Howell

    FYR Macedonia through. That’s one strobe warning to my friend for the final I didn’t expect to have to issue.

  2. David Howell

    Norway through, good. I’m resigned to Estonia not going through now.

  3. David Howell

    Malta through! I hated it on first listen but I’m weirdly liking it now.

    I think we can safely assume Turkey get the golden envelope.

  4. David Howell

    The golden envelope goes to, with utter predictability, Turkey. I typed that before they even said it, it was that obvious.

  5. The Banker's Nephew

    Urgh. 4 of my bottom 5 made it through, while only 2 of my top 5 did. Curse you Europe! I will make you pay! And I don’t mean with cash! I mean with credit!

  6. Alex

    And it’s the part of the show where I come in and yell WHERE THE CHRIST IS SLOVAKIA WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU EUROPE.

    Now I’m off to drink some Castrol GTX like a metalhead.

  7. Weaver

    The belated thoughts. How did Malta get through that, and Slovenia’s parade of ghosts not progress? I’m not impressed with Ukraine, think Croatia might have progressed instead. Sweden has failed to live up to the extreme hype placed upon it by the fans, which means I’m thinking badly of a decent song.

    Running order watch: the show begins with five (count ’em!) slow songs: advantage to the UK for being first, to Bosnia and Herzegovina at 5, and exclude Hungary, Albania, Lithuania right away. Cyprus at 8 will be the first real uptempo number. Sweden have a bad draw: 17 puts them between Greece and Turkey. Macedonia (FYR of) gets 22, just before Ireland, with Serbia slotting in at 24 and Ukraine at 25.

    I have absolutely no clue how this is going to end up: there are reasons why very many of the entries could win, and only about seven entries to discount.

    1. David Howell

      Sweden has failed to live up to the extreme hype placed upon it by the fans, which means I’m thinking badly of a decent song.

      This. I think Norway did much the same thing, better. I’d comment on the staging, but I couldn’t watch it, obviously.

      I didn’t realise just how much the uptempo songs were backloaded to the second half of the show until I started compiling my Shiny Warnings for an epileptic friend and realised that there were more in the last third of the show than in the first two-thirds…


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