Wat Weet Nederland

By | February 4, 2013

FOTB VierkanteO shouted that a new Endemol Quiz began in The Netherlands last night, I won’t bother writing it up as he has done a perfectly good job already (if you’d like to watch it before reading about it, if you’re the sort who quite likes to try and work things out on their own accord, here’s the Watch Again link. The host has some amazing hair going on.)

It’s basically a masterclass in having a thing that looks exciting and clever and turns out not to be exciting or clever. Decent end game though, like a funner version of the Blockbusters Gold Run.

8 thoughts on “Wat Weet Nederland

  1. Delano

    The questions are dead simple, an intermediate quiz hobbyist could make it to the studio and simply cash in around € 2000 a week.

    Whilst I live in the Netherlands, I don’t feel the urge to mimic Ken Jennings or Ian from Hemel Hempstead. I just want to watch a quiz show to improve my general knowledge.

  2. Delano

    Show 6 finally saw the first winner of this ‘Wat Weet Nederland’.

    Prize money is stingingly low though: € 600 (around £ 450), equal to winning Blockbusters four/five times or Face the Clock with 10-20 seconds to spare.

      1. Delano

        Five questions (including that picture question), Brain Bonuses can help you advance rather than having to reiterate after every failed question.

        The win turnover in the final round could be much higher if it wasn’t for Thicko/Thicka O’Fluke to fail in an utterly excruciating way (being timed out or locked out for being too overconfident, gluttonous or simply inept).

  3. Delano

    Apparently ‘Wat Weet Nederland’ doesn’t want a new Ken Jennings.

    Three finals are all you can play as successful contestant.


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