Hey! That new Channel 4 schedule starts today

By | May 20, 2013

We’ll just repeat what we accidentally wrote last week:

Also Channel 4′s shuffled afternoon line-up begins  next Monday (oops), 1001 Things… at 12:40, Four Rooms at 2:10, Countdown 3:10. Looks like a big upgrade for Countdown although I suspect that half hour won’t actually make a huge difference – 400-450k maybe? The interesting figure is the one that 1001 Things… gets, because we toyed with the idea of Countdown moving to lunchtime, so it will be interesting to see if it pulls any audience there.

Only Connect is on tonight as well, map lovers against people from Wales.

Edit: Oooh it’s too exciting, apparently Tipping Point begins new episodes today, to little fanfare. Thanks comments peeps.

IN OTHER NEWS: The new Fifty 50 Show is out, Lewis Murphy and David Howell chat about Eurovision and stuff.

27 thoughts on “Hey! That new Channel 4 schedule starts today

  1. Daniel H

    Also after a few weeks of repeats I believe that Tipping Point Series 3 starts today at 4pm.

  2. peter peter

    Yes tipping point season three starts today with a 70 shows but it is not on.next wk due to the tennis . Hope dond dont lose the ratings like they are doing at the moment . Plus tipping point is getting nearly twice the ratings as dond are getting.

    1. Andrew 'Kesh' Sullivan

      70 shows?!?! I applied for Series 3 but heard NOTHING back! Another show I’ve been passed over for…

  3. peter peter

    What i notmally do is record dond and tipping point well dond is still standing strong but tipping point i recon two more seasons then itv.will get rid of it..

    Does anyone know when the million pound drop live is back or had.channel four axed.it.

    1. Travis P

      It’s suppose to be returning in June.

      Their new thing for the next series is to have groups of contestants playing rather than the usual pairs/couples.

    2. Michelle

      News in Broadcast magazine today:

      The Million Pound Drop Live is returning to Channel 4 with a number of tweaks including the opportunity for teams of four to enter the quiz show.

      The new six part series, which includes a number of celebrity contestants, will see players able to double the size of their team rather than be limited to playing in pairs.

      Teams will also be given a “double or quits” chance after the seventh question of the quiz – or progress to the final eighth question with their existing pot.

      The Remarkable Television-produced format involves teams placing £1m on the answer to a series of multiple-choice questions.

      The latest series will start on 14 June and is to run for six consecutive weekends.

      C4 entertainment commissioner Syeda Irtizaali ordered the series which is series produced by Cat Lawson.

      David Flynn, Michelle Woods and James Fox are executive producers on the live show, which also allows viewers to playalong at home.

      1. Steven

        How many members are there in JLS…?

        These changes sound a bit iffy to me. I can imagine things getting quite crowded and messy with four players yelling at each other instead of two.

        I’d be more interested to see how just a single player would fare to be honest.

        1. Michelle

          They did a single player as a trial for one episode. It didn’t make for a good show as there was no banter, no conflicting views and a lot of dead air. I was editing with it a few months back, not easy to edit when there’s only one person talking!

          1. Brig Bother Post author

            Yes, I can definitely see what they’re aiming at in going for groups of four, but whether it will come across as a bit *too* messy will remain to be seen. I’m interested to see what happens as an experiment though, and if the worst comes to worst there’s no real reason they couldn’t revert back to couples after a few weeks.

            I presume Double or Quits is effectively Q8 followed by another Q8?

          2. Travis P

            Reading this


            It says they can walk after question 7 or play question 8 for double the stakes.

            I thought they would adapt the question swap. Which has been used in other countries.

            I’m not keen on teams of four. After seeing Steps last year, having five players on the studio platform does look like a right mess. Four? Who knows. Would’ve preferred a maximum of three but we’ll see.

            Surprised it’s returning in June. Thought they would delay it until the autumn. You can tell they’re going head to head with Big Brother. Given the show has been a downward trend last year. I reckon this will be make or break for them.

          3. Brig Bother Post author

            Wow. Surely nobody is going to go for that? The whole point of Q8 was the tension bought about by the finality of the decision forced upon them. Unless they just make Q7 a 50/50 question.

          4. Brig Bother Post author

            Idle thought: The only way I can see this working is if they individually vote whether to go on or not, and only being allowed to leave if the vote is unanimous.

            Exactly the same as the much missed Million Dollar Mind Game.

          5. Daniel H

            I can’t see many going for that either and I think 4 people will be too many – especially with Davina counting down etc. too – that’ll be four other voices to focus on per person in an already fairly frenzied 60 seconds!

            Also (though it’ll probably never happen) there is a possibility that you could actually now win OVER a million pounds which seems a bit weird given the title.

            They should call the last bit The Million Pound Double Or Drop and give a cabbage to the people who do take the gamble and lose…
            (maybe swap “Million” for however much is left).

          6. Brig Bother Post author

            I think it’s the Japanese version where there are teams of three but for each question one contestant is effectively gagged, isn’t it?

          7. Steven

            Ahh, that’s fair enough. I just thought they’d use the lack of conflict to their advantage and it might result in some bigger gambles/wins, but I can understand it might not be what they’re after.

      2. Brekkie

        Not keen on the teams of 4 but the double or quits twist sounds OK. I guess that effectively ups the maximum potential jackpot win to £2m, though in reality ups the usual £25-£50k wins to £100k.

    1. David Howell

      It says a lot about that endgame that someone can win 54 front games in a row and lose the endgame 54 times in a row.

      And you thought Avanti’s endgame was hard…

      (Still half-surprised ITV didn’t do an adaptation in 2006 as a DoND spoiler. Who would have thought that when they did really hurt DoND, it would be with something as unassuming as Tipping Point?)

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        I don’t think it’s that surprising – it’s not been a universally popular show but it does seem to have really caught on in Spain. Besides where would it have gone in the schedules? It would also have taken a month to build up any sort of exciting jackpot, which is probably too late.

        Ironically, it probably *would* have a chance in the 4pm slot now.

      1. Brekkie

        Didn’t realise Spain had a version of Countdown. Their own fault for not sticking to teapots!

  4. Steven

    400k (6.5%) for Countdown yesterday according to the DS Ratings Thread.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Mmm, bottom end of (my) best expectation I think – about what The Common Denominator was getting, about what it was getting when it was doing its Tournament of Champions in the earlier slot. Probably can’t complain, although it probably can’t afford to drop much from there either.

      Analysis after one episode, there.

      1. Brekkie

        Double though what Countdown has been getting at times over recent weeks in the 2.40pm slot.

  5. Weaver

    Interested to note the nominees for the TV Choice awards have been published. Some remarkable exclusions (no “Countdown” in the daytime section) and some eyebrow-raising inclusions (is Entertainment really the best category for “Only Connect”?)

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Yes, some odd stuff going on there, although I suppose there isn’t much other place to put OC.


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