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By | September 25, 2013

Ruler of our electrofuture Tom Scott has done it AGAIN! And by “it” I mean “made a game for UsvsTh3m“. Actually it was the brilliant Monkeon who did the previously mentioned at the bar Quizarray (sorry, chap!).

This one is fun and relevant, it’s “guess the foreign version of a show from a Youtube clip”, and you’ve got to get as many as you can in 30 seconds. Most of them are gameshows or recognisable light entertainment. I got 14 on my first go, see how you get on.

7 thoughts on “Fun game

  1. The Aardvark

    Great game, I was quite pleased with 11 on my first go – only problem was as the clips were interesting I was compelled to watch a bit of them as opposed to answering quickly!

  2. JamesW

    11 here too, would love to see the playlist for this

    French Splash is a bit too obvious though, it actually says Splash! at the top of the screen!

  3. Squared Eyes

    I got 12, but sometimes it was quite easy with the Dutch versions; and indeed – the Splash one is really obvious.

    Fun game though!

  4. Lee

    Got 13.

    Nice to see Fort Boyard Azerbaijan this week its on Every Friday. Its basically just played for keys with most of it played as key games with a clue game played for a key at the end. They have the Swedish style treasure room without the code. (so 7 keys unlocks their side). The highest scoreing team wins.
    Intresting that its using the French Graphics, As well as the door sequences (sped up and without the names) As well as some of the New french music (such as the library track).
    Hosts are good. Great Addition to the Fort boyard family

  5. Mart with a Y not an I

    (Punches the air in excitement, only to see the dog looking back at me in a puzzled manner.)

    Ah well…


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