Prize Island

By | October 11, 2013

I’m hearing reports that a year after being filmed, it’s being tentatively pencilled in for Sunday nights beginning the 27th.

I bet despite the wait it’s not as good as Take On The Twisters.

5 thoughts on “Prize Island

  1. Joshua

    I was hoping they’d show this, as it sounds interesting to me. But I wonder what time slot it’d fit into on Sundays? As ITV Sundays look pretty full for the foreseeable with Surprise, X Factor results and Downton.

    I thought Surprise Surprise had a 10 week run (with a break this week), so that’d be nowhere near finished on 27th.

    1. Weaver

      Where will Prize Island fit? It’s the lead-in to the regional bulletin before the national bulletin that’s before the lead-in to The X Factor.

      5.35, in other words.


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