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By | October 24, 2013

Iain Weaver has a ticket for thing that the likes of you might be quite interested in:

Are you free on Friday next week? Think you can outrun a horde of zombies? Can get to east London? Read on!

2.8 Hours Later is a four-mile walk around bits of a city. Groups of explorers set out, and are directed from location to location by actors. Unfortunately, there’s been an outbreak of the undead, and the route passes through clusters of ‘em, grasping and clutching and lurching like ITV2 viewers who couldn’t operate a remote control and reached “Only Connect”.

So the good walk is spoiled by sprints to outpace zombies, culminating in a frenetic run-for-it at the end. 2.8 works as a piece of immersive theatre, and a game of tig. It gets into the places the public don’t normally see, like the underbelly of a shopping centre. It lets people do things they wouldn’t normally, like call the police names. And it pokes gentle fun at the “would you survive the apocalypse” endtimes, because everyone gathers for a pint in the bar afterwards.

Winners get to gloat about surviving the end of civilisation as we know it, and the assurance that they can run faster than me. Losers get make up and then scare the bejesus out of hen parties on the way home.

This is a ticketed event, and tickets sold out in July. Following an injury to my companion, I have a spare ticket available, and I’d like to share it with someone in the game show fandom.

Here’s why: I’m going out to record the sounds of the event and create an audio documentary piece, hopefully good enough for publication. So I will give priority to anyone who will agree to join me and be recorded while answering the question “what just happened?”

Practicalities – the start is 7 pm on 1 November, and it is an all-evening event: don’t expect to be finished before 10. This year’s event is in east London, around Stratford and Canning Town. Face value of the ticket is £40, price is entirely negotiable.

Email the special address if you’re interested. I’ll contact all applicants by early next week.

If you’re interested then go for it!

Also! I expect David Bodycombe is still looking for contestants for Pen-damonium planned for this coming Monday, so go and have a look. Why not apply for Pen-damonium and use the prize money to buy Iain’s ticket? Joined up thinking.

2 thoughts on “This sounds like fun

  1. Chris M. Dickson

    I’ll tell you what else sounds like fun: one Mark Labbett will be doing an Ask Me (possibly only Almost) Anything interview on Reddit at 11am Eastern time on Monday 4th November. Prepare your questions now, and perform investigations as to whether Reddit have properly quoted the time with regards to the US changing from daylight savings time on a different day to Europe.

    Yay Mark!


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