Only Connect’s on tonight

By | April 14, 2014

And it’s on BBC4 at 8:30 – it transfers to BBC2 in the Autumn to partner University Challenge. It will be interesting to see if the questions have a different sort of feel with a new editor, although many of the old question contributors are still on board.

2 thoughts on “Only Connect’s on tonight

  1. Paul B

    Your Monday ratings round-up:

    Pointless 2.93m (25%)
    The Chase 2.90m (26%)
    Tipping Point 1.79m (24%)
    Perfection 1.05m (18%)
    Eggheads 0.94m (6%)
    Only Connect 0.80m (4%)
    Come Dine With Me 0.76m (6%)
    Deal or No Deal 0.53m (8%)
    Fifteen to One 0.43m (5%)
    Countdown 0.36m (6%)


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