By | February 26, 2015

Interesting interview with Paul Farrer on Buzzerblog this morning, now mildly irritated that TV people put so little stock in their background music when for me it can absolutely turn an OK show into a more watchable one, and goodness knows we’ve got annoyed by shows that used good stuff and replaced it with tuneless rubbish.

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  1. JC

    Very occasionally you get a Final Chase with dodgy music editing, where when the clock resumes after a pushback question, the music is replayed from the start rather than where it left off. Thus, you hear the start of the track over and over again, and never the bits later on where the pitch is higher and the tension ramps up.

    I’m always stunned by how much of a difference that makes to the feel of the show. Suddenly the Final Chase feels super sedate.

    1. Daniel H

      Agree with JC. Also sometimes the bad editing goes the other way whereby they use the last 10 secs or so when there are still 30 or 40 secs left on the clock so it’s obvious the Chaser will catch them “once the music has run out” – surprisingly annoying when you notice it.

  2. Mart With A Y Not An I

    Which is slightly ironic given that its Paul Farrer who composed and performed the theme to The Chase.

    If he noticed what JC noticed with the casual disregard of his music score in the final chase, then it shows the train of thought when interweaving the string quartet into the fabric of the format of 1000 heartbeats

  3. Davey

    I like the thought of Paul boasting about music turning an OK show into a more watchable one… when he has just done the complete opposite with 1000 heartbeats by turning a watchable show in to an OK one.

    Agreed if it’s done right the music can make a huge difference…

      1. Davey

        Agreed the music is good in 1000HB’s… but after 3 games worth it’s just too much… after 2 shows worth it’s really annoying…

        It’s just the same thing over and over, desperately needs variety.


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