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By | June 14, 2015

Everybody loves a rolling totaliser and here at Bother’s Bar we’re no exception.

As you’ve doubtlessly gathered by now there are a group of people who want to put together a Live Immersive The Crystal Maze Experience in London – don’t just watch it, play it! Not just any people, people behind Secret Cinema and popular exit games and they’ve even got Richard O’ Brien and Malcolm Heyworth on board as consultants (that’s when I really took notice). But they need money (although they’ve also said there are private investors interested if they don’t reach the goal). The intention is to guarantee three months and then keep it going as long as there is interest. Anyway you can click on the thing above for lots more details.

I was not a believer but there appears to be enough will to make it happen.

Anyway I don’t like to just regurgitate official releases without adding value, six years ago there was an attempt at a student Crystal Maze musical, and I went to see it, you can read about it in The Archive.

8 thoughts on “Crystal Maze IndieGoGo-Go

  1. Lewis

    Having seen the curve of many a crowdfunding project (like this one that’s nearly over hint hint you should back this because it looks great), if they can’t reach 50-60% of their goal within 24 hours they’ll struggle to get to 100%.

    That is, unless they get a second round of media attention like they did yesterday. Why give out your press release to everyone and their mother the day BEFORE your big crowdfunding project? That seems… unwise.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      It does seem a bit odd to launch on a Saturday night, intrigued to see how many team building companies chuck it a few quid when they get back to the office on Monday.

      Counting against it: you’re basically stuffed if you’re not near London.

    2. JonathanEx

      I can understand the teasing beforehand – it built up a good deal of hype, and potentially more interest than if it just appeared with the crowdfunder day 1. People hear more Crystal Maze, go ooh yes please, then it’s cool well give us your money, sure I’m excited. Or something.

      But yeah, the odd time of day to launch and failure to drive attention to it at a specific time for that launch could hurt. We’ll see – I suspect it’ll make easy content for broadcasters/publications on Monday.

      At 25% at time of posting, I think it’ll make it (though as it’s IndieGoGo they get the money anyway), but it’ll be interesting to see how high it goes.

      Aside from suggesting it to my work as a company away day (because come ON!), I’m tempted by a Crystal for nostalgia reasons. Although 1) that’s kind of cheating to just buy one and 2) it’s not worth that much though hang on that’s quite cool no I’m tempted again.

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    Alright, everyone follow the totaliser carefully, tomorrow we will be playing Crowdfunding You Bet! for BIG CASH PRIZES.

  3. Qusion

    In case anyone is wondering, I threw some money their way and have received two of three perks so far.

    The T-Shirt is perfectly adequate with a map of the maze in white on whatever colour you chose. Looks well made and is in the size I asked for, not a lot more you can judge a T-Shirt on.

    The Crystal comes in a nice, but slightly mass produced feeling box which, even with the very good wrapping suffered a little easily repairable damage in transit. The box is black, thick cardboard with a flip-top lid and magnetic catch. The top features a crystal emblem in embossed silver.

    The crystal itself is stunning, about 8-10 cm in diameter and weighing about a kilo, it is cut in the same style as the ones in the show – i feel it is quite a bit bigger although i do have small hands. It is engraved on the base with the slogan ‘I Built The Crystal Maze’ in the classic font. The flat base of the crystal is very small but it does not feel unduly unstable.

    I’ll whack some pictures on twitter once I have the jacket as well. So far definitely worth the money for a bit of history.

  4. Simon F

    I received my T-shirt this week (although there was a bit of a mix-up where for some reason the Royal Mail decided 2 1st class stamps weren’t enough for a t-shirt in a jiffy bag and wanted £3 postage for the item). A quick conversation on Twitter and e-mail to them and they are refunding me the money.


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