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By | June 15, 2015

crowdyoubetSo yesterday I had a brilliant idea on Twitter, basically somebody should do a new version of You Bet but with people betting on whether something that’s gone to crowdfunding would make their target or not. Each project would have a celebrity backer and if it didn’t hit the target they’d have to do some sort of mildly humiliating comedy forfeit, meanwhile the audience at home could vote and whoever was correct could win some sort of prize. As a stretch goal we could get Darren Day.

Anyway what better way to explore this proof of concept than with our very own pilot! We’re not having a celebrity backer but otherwise everything is the same – will our nominated crowdfunded project hit its target within its time limit?

As pointed out with lots of crowdfunding projects they will start off with an initial splurge of excitement and gradually slow down to a trickle with time.

36 hours into its drive the Crystal Maze Live Experience it has 40% of its total and has 34 days left to find the other £300,000 required. At that speed it will smash its target, but the question is… will it? They will get all monies donated regardless.


Only one guess per punter and I reserve the right to exclude dodgy looking votes, my decision is final. One person who picked the correct answer will be picked at random will win £20. If the funding campaign is cancelled at any point before reaching the target that counts as a “no”. If you live outside the UK you must be able to accept PayPal. I can change the rules at any time blah blah blah blah.

Get your skates on, because BETTING ENDS Tuesday evening at 10pm (that’s tomorrow as I write this). Good luck!

Meanwhile our chums at What3Words could do with some help in winning some money off of Richard Branson and if you help you can take part in a quiz to win some prizes.


7 thoughts on “Win £20 with Crowdfunding You Bet!

  1. Not Rob Walker

    Hi! I’m TV’s sport’s announcements’ Rob Walker(*) and it’s a big yes from me! I loved The Crystal Maze, everybody did and there’s no possible conceivable way that it isn’t going to fund, so I’m happy to be the celebrity backing this! My forfeit is that if it doesn’t fund, I’ll distend my six-pack into the approximate shape of an elephant’s head! It may be a party piece what I whip out to show that I can still keep up with Tom Daley to me…. but it’s a wacky comedy forfeit to you !!!!!

    (*) Rob Walker impersonation provided by Bobby Davro.

  2. Nico W.

    I just realised I forgot to tell you some details about “I’m a Celebrity – Let Me Back In”.
    It will air on nine consecutive nights on RTL in July (I think) at 22:15, although the final episode will air at 20:15, our weird primetime. In each episode three contestants who were participating in one series will compete in bushtucker trials to win their respective episode. The bushtucker trials will revolve around the “big city jungle” as opposed to the normal jungle stuff they do. The winners will come back on the ninth night to determine the overall winner. As there have been 9 series in Germany so far (we had a long break in between because the ratings were good, but there were no advertisers willing financiate a second season), we will see the best bits of the entire format. The viewers will also get a say in this show, but we don’t know whether there will be a scoring systems like the one on Strictly or if bushtucker trials are just there to show the audience how great you are without affecting any result (by which I want to say “maybe the audience will just have to vote for their favourite of each episode”). In the final episode the ninth series contestants will battle it out and there will be a final for all the previous winners (probably the reason why this episode is longer than the others).
    It’s a nice way to celebrate the tenth season coming in January and maybe it will make people remember how good this show can be. Our last season was pretty much the most boring yet with bad trials, just one funny celebrity and a lot of images of people looking sleepy without talking/fighting. Maybe this can help in raising some excitement for the next series.
    I would suggest ITV could be interested in this, but with several more series in the UK the exact format might be hard to adopt and actually lose the interesting bit of being able to show all the good things at once. It’s definitely a good idea to bring this incredibly successful show (normally around 40% market share in the demo [I’m German we don’t like actual viewing figures, we love the market shares that don’t actually tell anything about success]) to our summer schedules. I’m sure it will work out!

  3. CeleTheRef

    news from Reazione A Catena!
    the reign of the “Intese a Distanza”, an all-women team from Sardinia has finally ended! their 20-episodes winning streak finished with a narrow defeat and a record €320,000 total prize.

    meanwhile, Paolo Bonolis replies in style to yet another “Bonolis is dead” rumour.

    “I don’t surf the net… but some friends of mine that do have just told me that on the net, where fundamentally the truth is held…the new god that we all follow… I am dead.

    too bad, honestly I was feeling fine… but I am dead and frankly I don’t know what to do.

    I mean, curiously the afterlife around me is exactly like… whatever there was before; so at the end of the day I don’t know how worthwhile is to die if things stay exactly like they were before.

    anyway, the afterlife looks truly nice… oh my, there’s even a small afterlife cat!

    there are many things you can do in the afterlife, now I’m eating salad…a dead one clearly… this is an afterlife cracker, and that’s it… oh here’s the famous afterlife cat, she’s my afterlife daughter, he’s my afterlife son who’s eating like a pig because he stays a pig even in the afterlife, I was hoping for improvements…

    hence, I’m dead and… see you as soon as you can, expecially those who put up that stuff. see you very soon!”

  4. David

    For those who follow the poker world, Vanessa Rousso is skipping the rest of the WSOP for an unusual reason- she’s doing US Big Brother…

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        I’m just reading on Hamsterwatch’s twitter that one of the other HGs is a poker dealer. LOL!

        1. David

          And one of the other HG’s is transgender…

          Rumor has it the twist is “Battle of the Sexes”- they only announced 14 HG’s today, 2 will be returning players. Still dual HOH’s and BOB, but now they will be gender specific (male HOH nominates 2 females, female HOH nominates 2 males; males and females compete in BOB comp to determine final HOH and nominees barring POV)


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