Bother’s Bar “does” contemporary theatre

By | January 21, 2016

I’m trying so hard to reign in my spending after Christmas as we approach two exciting council tax free months, so the one-two punch I’m suffering today might take a while to get over. First popular Bother’s Bar approved beat combo The Pet Shop Boys have a new album coming out in April and they’re doing a gig at the Royal Opera House which I got a ticket for, and this evening an advert on Facebook – on Facebook of all places! – that piqued my interest is a show called The Money, a cross between a theatrical performance and a game. Basically if you want to play you put a stake forward and if everybody who puts a stake forward can unanimously agree what happens with it then that thing will happen, if not it will rollover to the next performance (it’s low-stakes Unan1mous in theatre form, basically). Anybody been already? I’ve got a ticket as a silent witness.


Contemporary theatre are two words that fill me with a sort of dread but if you’re local to Cambridge and this interests you then it’s going to play out at The Guildhall in Market Square on 16th Feb, minimum donation is a tenner if you want to play, you can sit as a silent witness for £12. Tickets through the Cambridge Junction website.

4 thoughts on “Bother’s Bar “does” contemporary theatre

  1. Alex McMillan

    That’s quite an interesting format, can they agree to do “anything” with the money or is there a list of potential options for them?

    Also, I never realised people stylised it Unan1mous, what would they have done for the second series? Unan2mous?

    (I’d also like to throw my hat in for the 2016 “Worst sister show award”, by nominating Unan1mous: The Fallout)

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I think we were calling it Unanonemous at one point, because we’re such wags.

      I’ll report back on how The Money works after I’ve seen it, so should be able to answer questions about it then.

  2. Simonique

    I went to it in Edinburgh in August 2015. It was great. Very compelling being there (as soon as my friend stepped in and livened up what was basically a very boring debate about which charity to give the money to). You need a troublemaker to step up and make it interesting. Otherwise it becomes VERY boring.

    I believe I’ve seen a casting call from Shine (around that time) asking for people for a runthrough/pilot based on this principle.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Awesome, intrigued to see what sort of people they have as Benefactors (I saw a suggestion that they only had one Benefactor ticket left this morning) here (posh students, probably).


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