Schlag den Star – LIVE!

By | February 12, 2016

Well now.

We thought Schlag den… was dead, but we were too quick – Elton will be hosting Schlag den Star LIVE on April 9th, two celebs will battle it out over 15 games to win €100,000 for charity.

Soooooo… I guess that means we’ll probably be back for live commentary and mucking about as well.

3 thoughts on “Schlag den Star – LIVE!

  1. Setsunael

    It would be quite hilarious to have Blamieren Oder Kassieren hosted by Raab during the night, instead of Elton !

  2. Mart With A Y Not An I

    DING! One point to me!
    Told you that this may be the natural live show replacement for SDR last year.


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