Show Discussion: Alan Carr’s 12 Stars of Christmas

By | December 19, 2016

Monday 19th – Thursday 22nd,
Friday 23rd 11pm,

Channel 4

I don’t expect this will generate much discussion, being at heart a comedy quiz show more than anything, but I’ve got to fill the week up before Christmas with something. Anyway there is quite a fun twist in that each of the three panellists are playing for prizes for one third of the audience (the likes of which not seen in anything since, er, Winsanity on GSN earlier this year) so there might be some fun.

There’s also a giant advent calendar involved.

5 thoughts on “Show Discussion: Alan Carr’s 12 Stars of Christmas

  1. Whoknows

    Has anyone seen any advertising for this? I haven’t, had no idea it started tonight.

  2. Marcoraymondo

    And a pic of Alan holding a card – one for the gallery surely, Brig?

  3. Wrong Guess!

    This felt like it lasted 12 days.

    I feel sorry for Alan Carr. He’s a good host, but his last few shows have been really poor.

  4. Brig Bother Post author

    I thought that was OK, some fun ideas, can’t say I laughed much. Doesn’t do much wrong as a light entertainment, but not aggressive enough to hit either.

    If you want a format rundown: three celebs pick numbers off a nine-window giant advent calendar. Behind each door a celebrity (mainly on film but an actual guest behind the door) with some sort of question or challenge. Panellists write answer down, usually a point for each one. The panellists are representing a third of the audience each.

    At various points members of the audience will get to dive into Alan’s festive ball pool, in each race one member from each of the three audience segments will dive in try to be the first to find one of three giftboxes. The panellist with the most points at the time gives their team a three second headstart. One of the giftboxes contains the booby prize – the 12 Stars of Christmas Mug. A second box contains a pleasant gift worth about a tenner (Xander Armstrong’s new album for example). The third box contains about £200’s worth of prizes, usually including an experience (hotel stay, track racing day), some booze and assorted stuff like headphones and board games. The first person to get a box out of the pool wins its contents for everyone in that section of the audience.

    The final prize is a holiday, the winning celeb dives in the pool to find a present, when they do the flashing numbers in the advent calendar windows stop and whoever is in that seat from that celeb’s part of the audience wins. There’s no real point to this other than watching a celebrity writhe about in a ball pool, I certainly didn’t feel any sort of emotion towards the winner.

    I enjoyed the Jessica Ennis Hill self cracker pulling challenge and Bear vs Bear, which was like Banzai if it tried too hard. It was all very convivial, it’s also too light to feel like a must watch.


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