Wie is De Mol 2020

Starts January 11th

Ten Dutch celebrities go on an adventure in China, completing tasks that will earn money for a pot which only one of them will take home. Unfortunately for the group one of them is a secret saboteur. To stay in the game and win the money, the remaining nine contestants but try to work out Who Is… The Mole?

Who are this year’s contestants? From left to right (not counting moody looking host Rik van de Westelaken in the middle):

  • Buddy Vedder (presenter and actor)
  • Johan Goosens (comedian)
  • Miljuschka Witzenhausen (presenter)
  • Anita Witzier (presenter)
  • Nathan Rutjes (Footballer)
  • Leonie ter Braak (presenter, actress and model)
  • Jaike Belfor (actress)
  • Tina de Bruin (comedian and actress)
  • Rob Dekay (musician)
  • Claes Iversen (fashion designer)

Here are quick links to where we start discussing each episode. For our Dutch and International friends: please don’t spoil an episode until the English subtitled videos come out.

Good luck!

181 thoughts on “Wie is De Mol 2020

  1. Kim

    Its important to know that the livefinale is cancelled and it will be pre-recorded due to new measures taken in The Netherlands against Corona.

          1. TVs Michael Harmstone

            They’re still listed on the websites but I think the govt have banned any gatherings of 100+ people, so wouldn’t be surprised if they’re cancelled too.

    1. Matt Clemson

      A shame, but entirely understandable.

      The pre-record strikes me as interesting – partially because I can’t help but wonder if there’s a chance of a leak (wonder how far in advance it’ll be recorded?), and partially because I wonder if that means it’ll already have the .nl subs that Marieke works from.

  2. Kim

    They just revealed these new measures and not all information about the finale has been published yet, I think. Especially concerning the Dutch cinemas which I assume, we will hear later from. As long as the corona measures doesn’t affect Dutch cinema’s it won’t be cancelled.

    AVROTROS says: “The final of Wie is de Mol? will be recorded in a private studio and broadcasted live at 8:30 pm on NPO1. It is no longer possible for the press to be present.” Also, apparently the Dutch WIDM fan day, where you get to meet the contestants etc. is cancelled too.

    More info here in Dutch, but you should translate it with Google.
    1: https://www.ad.nl/dossier-coronavirus/finale-wie-is-de-mol-zonder-publiek~a0ce6eee/
    2: https://www.nu.nl/media/6036990/livefinale-wie-is-de-mol-zonder-publiek-door-nieuwe-coronamaatregelen.html?redirect=1

  3. John R

    Well I just watched the finale from the comfort of my hotel room in Amsterdam and can’t wait to watch it again with English subtitles!

    1. David

      Special 20th Anniversary edition perhaps? It’d be interesting if they could get 10 Moles together and have 9 of them play normally and 1 be a Mole for a 2nd time…No one would trust anyone!

        1. David

          Old as in former contestants, or Old as in “WIDM Senior?” That would be interesting as well…the Junior editions were decent when they aired..

    1. John R

      Note if you haven’t seen the previous seasons but intend to there is a VERY LARGE SPOILER during the reveal sequence of the 20 moles!

    1. Holgermat

      Gosh, I should’ve known. I always found it odd that Rob took his hat off in the laser challenge.

      Well, another season in the Suspect List down the drain 😀

      1. TVs Michael Harmstone

        I’m quietly confident I’ve done well for once!

        Hilariously in our First Suspicions game, nobody put him at #1. I *think* two people had him second, but I’ll double-check before the podcast to be sure.

  4. Sinan Stan

    Moment of silence for Anita, who suspected the mole in Ep 1 but got executed anyway.

  5. Brig Bother Post author

    A very odd series – good cast, great visual direction, excellent Mole, very average tasks by Dutch standards.

    Turns out Rob was an excellent Mole with some pretty ballsy sabotages throughout that actually involved a bit of effort and an element of risk – it’s easy to Mole by not doing things, it’s much more entertaining when it turns out they were being quite overt and nobody realised.

    1. TVs Michael Harmstone

      Yeah, it’s a very curious season on the whole. It’s obviously much better than Colombia, but there were entire episodes where I was bored this season which doesn’t happen often.

  6. Chris M. Dickson

    Maria, the subtitler, has posted a PayPal link in the description of her video if you want to tip. I’ve sent a little something.

  7. Daniel Peake

    It’s time for the results of The Suspect List 2020!

    As ever, thank you to everyone who took part this year. Lots of familiar names and a few new ones too. 36 played in total, and 20 of you whom played for eight or nine weeks, an increase on last year.

    If you managed to put The Mole at the top of your Suspect List every week, and answer all the bonus questions correctly, you can score 130 points (100 for the list, 30 for the bonuses). Let’s start with the points for the LIST only. Each line represents [name], [number of weeks entered], and [points].

    Clicky aka Ben 9 100
    TV’s Michael Harmstone 9 83
    Jack Pitts 9 68
    AVERAGE 9 44
    Zeus 9 38
    Nico W 9 37
    Christina 9 37
    Carl D 8 36
    AprilBride15 6 33
    Andrew, the Yank 9 32
    ImissedWeek1:( 8 30
    Steve L 9 28
    Matt Clemson 9 28
    RANDOM 9 28
    Anastasia 4 26
    Reid W 8 25
    Nick Gates 3 25
    Dan Peake 9 23
    David Haughney 6 18
    Holger Mat 9 17
    Sinan Stan 5 17
    Joseph Bolas 8 14
    Zohra 1 10
    Ethan Adrian 1 10
    SonjaJ 2 9
    Jeffurry312 1 8
    YUboeliMie 1 6
    Gwilym 9 5
    Catriona Murray 1 3
    Scott Rux 9 2
    Liam Davis 1 2
    Henk 1 2
    Shah 1 2
    Charlotte 1 2
    Allan C 2 0
    j 1 0
    David Thompson 1 0

    Based on the lists alone, it’s already basically a two horse race. Michael Harmstone put The Mole at the top of the list seven out of the nine weeks, but Clicky aka Ben maxed out and but The Mole at the top every single week. Will the bonus points change this? We’ll find out soon.

    BUT FIRST – I should point out that once again I’ve done a random entry and an average entry to see how they do. The random entry is so far placing just above halfway in the pack, but the average is doing stonkingly well. The Mole was quite well suspected, it seems. The crowds at the Bar are indeed wise.

    Let’s now add the bonus points and find out the final standings. TV’s Michael Harmstone got a whopping 27 bonus points…. But so did Clicky aka Ben! So he wins The Suspect List 2020!

    [Name] [Bonus points] [Total points]

    Clicky aka Ben 27 127
    TV’s Michael Harmstone 27 110
    Jack Pitts 18 86
    AVERAGE 18 62
    Zeus 18 56
    Nico W 15 52
    Carl D 9 45
    AprilBride15 12 45
    Andrew, the Yank 9 41
    Christina 0 37
    ImissedWeek1:( 6 36
    Nick Gates 9 34
    Steve L 6 34
    Matt Clemson 6 34
    RANDOM 6 34
    Reid W 6 31
    Dan Peake 6 29
    Anastasia 3 29
    David Haughney 9 27
    Sinan Stan 9 26
    Holger Mat 3 20
    Joseph Bolas 3 17
    Gwilym 12 17
    Zohra 3 13
    Ethan Adrian 3 13
    SonjaJ 3 12
    YUboeliMie 3 9
    Jeffurry312 0 8
    j 6 6
    Catriona Murray 3 6
    Scott Rux 3 5
    Liam Davis 0 2
    Henk 0 2
    Shah 0 2
    Charlotte 0 2
    Allan C 0 0
    David Thompson 0 0

    Commiserations to TV’s Michael Harmstone… at least you didn’t finish in your usual fifth place!
    The average entry also performed extremely well this year, with only Clicky, Harmstone and Jack Pitts finishing above it. There is a steep drop off in points after the top five, with a shoulder of many people on or around 35 points. Special mention must go to Owner Of The Bar, Nick, who placed 12th playing just three weeks, whilst everyone else who did vaguely well needed many more weeks to do get that may points. The sod.

    The random entry scored 34 points and came 15th, which is pretty near the middle. It didn’t do very well at the bonus questions which allowed quite a few people to overtake it by hedging their bets.

    One interesting this year is how volatile and spread out people’s suspects were. The graph of how much people are suspected each week can be found on the “Week by Week graph” tab of this google doc spreadsheet:


    Claes became hugely less suspected in Week 4, the same happened to Buddy in Week 8. Leonie generally went from being very suspected one week to hardly suspected the next. As for Rob – he starts of being in the middle of the pack, becomes easily the most suspected person for Weeks 5 and 6, before going back in the middle.

    I’m wondering why this could be – the answer I’d like it to be is it’s just the natural variability of contestant’s performances during the challenges and how we react to that. However, I have a suspicion that the show is edited to influence us into who to think is the Mole, rather than letting us see all the facts and make up our own minds. Could it be partly that?

    Either way, there were wild swings in people’s Suspect Lists this year that seemed a bit bigger than normal. What happened last year was “this person is the most suspected person” swiftly followed the next week by “this person is now eliminated” – that didn’t happen this year, eliminations to the most suspected people never really happened this year, if anything the least suspected people were eliminated.

    In the other tabs of the spreadsheet you can see what everyone put each week, see the averages, see some nice pretty graphs and see the final league tables with all the scores. Please do geek out over it.

    Once again, huge congratulations to Clicky aka Ben for winning this year! Thank you to everyone who took part, and I look forward to seeing you all again for The Suspect List 2021.


      1. Daniel Peake

        Absolutely incredible – I should have pointed out that the only thing Clicky didn’t get was the bonus question in Week 2, what colour team was The Mole in for the day-firework challenge. Other than that, 100% perfect.

    1. Scott Rux

      9 weeks, and I score a total of 5 points.
      That’s got to be a new record.

      For what it’s worth, I used random.org to rank the nine candidates after episode 1.
      I agreed to submit my suspect list with that same order week after week (skipping eliminated contestants)

      The RNG put Mil in first. So if she was the mol, I would have had a perfect score.
      Going into the finale, I joked that I had a 1-in-4 chance of ruining this game.

      But it put Rob second-last in the initial list, and welp. 🙂
      Good game all

  8. Carl D

    Didn’t realize that I didn’t submit for Week 5!

    But Dan is right about editing swaying viewers away into suspecting certain people especially the mole.

    I swear that I suspected Rob so heavily during that porcelain task but I kept doubting myself that he was just unfortunately put in that position of never even getting to remove his accessories and loose clothes.

    And also, Rob was indeed an undercover mole – though I also felt that with Miljuschka. Towards the end though I just felt she wasn’t really getting the Sleutelpositie as much as the mole would want to.

    1. Brandon

      It’s interesting that they’re doing it as a second chance for losing contestants rather than a champions special, at some point they should do series where all the contestants are former Moles to make it harder.


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