Episode 02: The HSGFSDvG Special

Well looky here, we’re already up to episode 02 (technically the third) of The Line Up.

Once again the questions have been supplied by our very good friends at QuizQuizQuiz.com. Check them out for all your question-based needs.

Here is Episode 02: The Halloween Stroke Guy Fawkes Stroke David vs Goliath SPECIAL. It’s about 27 minutes long.

And now, your show notes (you are advised to listen to the podcast before proceeding):

  • This month’s contestants are Only Connect dungeon master David Bodycombe and host of Fifty 50 Lewis Murphy. Lewis was a last minute stand in guest, I was intending on having him on next month but I bought him forward. The original intention was Mark Labbett aka The Beast, but his internet went down the night previous. I’m very much hoping to have Mark come on in the future. In fact listening to it back, there’s one link where I haven’t changed the name in the script. Why not listen out for that?
  • Lewis very kindly recorded his stuff on Audacity for me and when it came to editing it was a pig trying to overlay his stuff with the MP3 Skype recorder stuff. So I just ended up just using the MP3 Skype Recorder stuff, sorry Lewis.
  • There’s nowhere left to go with the “boring pub quiz machine” references. So I’ve turned The Machine into effectively Dusty Bin. Its official name is QUIZALCOATAL, although I think I made a pretty hamfisted attempt at trying to get the QUIZ element of the pun across. Never mind.
  • David reckons if he was up against Mark the ordering would have been moot as he’d have got 14 of them right anyway. If you’re reading Mark, do let us know how you’d have got on. I think it would be slightly fewer.
  • The creaky door was a last minute addition.
  • I swapped round the music beds for round two and three, and I’m not sure it’s quite as good a change as I originally thought.
  • If there’s a feeling this episode is a bit last minute and rushed that’s because it sort of is, I had a cold and general lethargy end of last month and it was a bit hastily cobbled together. I think it’s a fairly decent edit though, considering.
  • As ever here is the QuizQuizQuiz.com question spreadsheet – see if you agree with the official setters. Shampoo was very undervalued by the contestants – surely if you’ve got all their albums and you don’t recognise it that should set an alarm bell off? Still. Don’t forget that when the contestants receive their questions, they come without the answers.
  • I know the intention is to try and keep the running time to 25-26 minutes, but David and Lewis were coming out with entertaining stuff so it’s a few minutes longer. So what are you going to do?
  • I think that’s it, only to say that I’m always interested in potential contestants, so if you would like a go then please let me know somehow so I can add you to the list. It won’t be first come first served, I’m always going to go for an entertaining angle if I can, but I’ll try not to make you wait forever.

6 thoughts on “Episode 02: The HSGFSDvG Special

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  2. Chris M. Dickson, back to normal levels of grumpiness

    Enjoyed it! You had plenty of good gags, Brig, and slightly more of them than earned laughs. I’m very glad that I didn’t step in at the last minute as opposition; take heart, Lewis 🙂

    Niggles: you’re a wee bit quick through your pre-scripted material, Brig, both the intro and the QQQ plug, though you speak clearly and at a fine speed when you’re ad-libbing. The round 1 bed was a shade loud, but the rest were spot on. Looking forward to the next show already!

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Thanks Chris, appreciated.

      Racing through the script is something I’ve been living with since about forever – you should have heard my Best Man’s speech. I’m very conscious of it, yet I haven’t quite found a way round unfortunately. My brain works faster than my mouth, although you wouldn’t think it with a lot of the pauses.

      1. David Bodycombe

        I think it’s a symptom of knowing there’s a joke coming up and being in a rush to get to the punchline. I didn’t appreciate the QUIZ element of QUIZALCOATAL and you need to say “The Line Up” clearly otherwise it’s a bit unfortunate if you can’t say your own show’s name. You might be better off scripting it a lot less – putting just the framework and bullet points down, because your riffing sections work much better.

        I still think the Round 1 bed is mighty loud, especially if you’re listening on headphones.

        The ten second time limit is just right, especially for the “worky-outy” questions. I think I was lucky getting a couple of answers just within the time (I was helped with the Alabama one thanks to the Alaska chat the question before) and I’d have done particularly worse if I’d had Lewis’s questions.

        ObGameTheory: It would be unsecure or impractical to do it for the podcast, but if you were doing this on TV I’d be tempted to include one extra rule: a kind of “Steal” mechanic where, in the last round, if your opponent gets the question wrong you can opt to answer it and steal the points. This is based on the fact that you don’t previously know the answer. If you leave using this option too long then it might become unused, but equally if you have a question you know but you think your opponent probably doesn’t know it, you could risk putting that in a high point value slot. I can’t prove it, but I think this mechanic would probably increase the variance in the final round (a bit like the “-1 for wrong buzzes” does in Missing Vowels).

        Anyway, none of this should detract from what remains an enjoyable listen. I’d highly encourage anyone to have a go – it’s like having the fun of being on a game show without the stress or hassle.

  3. Andy "Kesh" Sullivan

    I’d like to be added to the list of potential contestants for this quiz. We have quite a good amount of stuff going on with this, 21 Questions Wrong (which I’ve enquired about having a go at as well) and Fifty50 which I’ve done an episode of. Plenty of punter participation stuff, which I like very much.

  4. Weaver

    Again, an Actually Very Good programme there. Well done, everyone. He said, trying not to sound as smarmy as Monkhouse and probably not quite succeeding.

    One technical note. Either my aging MP3 player is going wonky, or the guests were only coming out of the right earphone during the introduction. Didn’t notice this during play, though it could have been the music bed playing tricks.

    I expect there’s a way of having a running joke with Quizal’ giving the scores, and I’m certain that Brig will be able to come up with ten thousand actually funny ideas before bedtime.

    For what it’s worth, I think the three strands of radio game show are the quiz where winning is everything (as in Brain of Britain, specialist knowledge Counterpoint, or dressed up like DLT’s Give Us a Break); the panel game where participation is most important (as in The News Quiz, Just a Minute, and I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue); and teasing shows where success is nice but the fun’s in the journey (Round Britain Quiz, Puzzle Panel and X Marks the Spot).


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