Wie is De Mol? ’13

To make it easier to follow our favourite Dutch reality show over the next few months I’ve set up a page! This will move into the Specials Board at the end of the series.

The series begins in January. It is set in South Africa.

It’s finally here! Thanks to ThatDarkSpark we should be able to follow the show in English. Click on these links to watch in YouTube and then turn on English captions (CC), although you may find them turned on automatically in the embedded videos in the comments:

You can also play along with Dan Peake’s Suspect List Game! I’ll let him explain:


Basically, order the remaining contestants in order from MOST likely to LEAST likely of being The Mole. If you put The Mole last, you’ll score 0 points. If you put them next to last, you’ll score 1 point. If you put them one above that, you’ll score 2 points… and so on.

There’s also a bonus 2 points available each week if you can correctly guess who you think will be eliminated next week.

The link to the latest week of the game can be found towards the bottom of the comments.

You don’t have to play every week, but it’ll help your score if you do. I’m not sure when I’ll close entries, probably when the next episode airs in The Netherlands (but I might give you a bit longer for this week)


217 thoughts on “Wie is De Mol? ’13

  1. Daniel Peake

    I think that’s my favourite episode of the series so far – dramatic, cinematic, and took out one of my major suspects. I reckon I’ve cracked it now though… we’ll see… (almost certainly haven’t).

  2. Greg

    I still suspect Carolien as my number 1, but this week i had doubts after Zarayda’s actions.

    Maybe it is me over thinking but could it be that Tania did not drop the money and it was taken from her by The Mole and placed for somebody else to find it.

  3. Greg

    One other question is Kees gay? Not that it really matters just picking up on something pone of the contestants said during the episodes

  4. Brig Bother Post author

    I can’t believe people still think it’s Carolien! I think she’s the smartest contestant there and will go on to win it.

    Sad to lose Tania.

  5. Greg

    I agree the show will not be the same without Tania, playing with her heart rather than her head cost her. I think Pauline maybe fall victim to the same thing.

    I am not the only one that is still suspicious of Carolien, one of the contestants was seen selecting her as a mole.

    You guys know better than i do and yes Carolien has been seen adding to the pot, but surely the envelope game could not have been worth more then 1500 Euros. I have spotted other things watch, what she was doing during the puzzle building to me that looked like a Mole in action.

    If i was a mole i would want to be seen contributing and staying quiet, the players and viewers are then busy tracking other people and pointing fingers at others for you to be able to go about your work.

    Zarayda’s reaction to Tania losing the money was a weird one. Searching her own bag, she knew she did not have the money and i thought she was panicing trying to show it was not a mole action.

  6. art begotti

    Just curious, has there ever been a series where the Mole was told to play the game normally and let everyone else do the sabotaging themselves? I mean, it’s against the spirit of the game, but it’d be one heluva twist.

    1. GIzensha

      That may as well have been last year’s lot.

      But not only would it be against the spirit of the game, it would be against the concept of the game, since instead of The Mole being a mole, The Mole would be a spy.

      1. GIzensha

        Bleh, you know what I mean – While it’s called The Mole, specifically in The Mole the concept is that The Mole is specifically a saboteur, rather than just a ‘leak information’ sort of mole.

        Saying that I’ve seen no less than two games of werewolf without wolves (Both ended in village victories, when the village voted to lynch the GM. Actually I was playing in one of them and I lead the lynch mob against the GM.)

  7. ThatDarkSpark

    What better way to spend a lazy sunny spring-like Sunday morning/afternoon with an all fresh brand new episode of the Mole in South Africa?? 😀

    My thoughts exactly.. So here I am to bring you guys just that. 😀 (with many thanx to two friends of mine helping with the subtitles! ;))

    Episode 7 of the Mole in SA.. Enjoy everyone!
    And feel free to share your thoughts and suspicions! 😀

    1. Michael

      That was a brilliantly ironic episode. I agree with the commenters on the video about a massive sight clue, but I’m warming massively to the idea it could be Zarayda.

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        The thing is, now so much is pointing to Zarayda I’m thinking it might be *too* obvious so now I’m doubting myself. Argh!

        1. Michael

          I think they were trying to make us second guess outselves this week with all the Zarayda clues and people speculating it could be Zarayda. Paulien still makes sense to me as a mole.

          1. Brig Bother Post author

            I think Paulien could make a good Mole but… I’m not feeling it. That said, if that T-Shirt has been a massive hint that’s been playing out all series then someone on the production needs congratulating.

          2. Michael

            Weirdly enough, if it is a huge clue, I spotted a t-shirt clue on here in the first two episodes, so it’ll be impressive if I was right!

          3. GIzensha

            If she is the Mole, the t-shirt is basically a more cryptic (and for Dutch viewers in a foreign language), but requiring less general knowledge, version of the UK S1 Mole T-shirt clues, where David kept wearing a t-shirt with a disguised picture of William of Orange on it (Actually it might be as cryptic as the one with the 4 26 843 6653 phone number, also worn by David.)

        2. GIzensha

          While Zarayda was out very quickly in the game of Interceptor they played, she was sort of trying to evade when she was shot. Well, she was moving anyway. Paulien, on the other hand… Basically stopped moving and made her target as large as possible. For me, that’s more compelling evidence than the t-shirt.

          Kees and Carolien are pretty much out of contention for me at this point. Actually Carolien has been out of contention, although not who I’ve been least suspicious of each week, to various degrees since around week 2. Paulien and Zarayda, on the other hand, are both being very suspicious almost constantly (And yet… Not nearly as suspicious as Tim tended towards being, even with more weeks to become suspicious.)

      2. ThatDarkSpark

        Sorry, maybe I missed something but: What massive sight clue? 🙂

        1. Michael

          The shirt she was wearing most of the episode said THE MOTH, or THE MOle THirteen.

          1. ThatDarkSpark

            Oh that. Yes I wrote that comment. It’s been discussed on the forums so I thought I’d share. 😉

  8. art begotti

    Yikes. Absolutely not how I wanted that episode to end up. I might as well throw it out here, this image sums up the system I based my predictions on. (SPOILERS for this week’s victim) http://pedxingproductions.com/images/moleproveout1-3.jpg (I’m regretting that choice of filename now.)

    I’m pretty sure there was another fairly huge clue in this episode, but I’m too lazy to look into it right now, and I’m even wondering if it’s another red herring.

  9. Daniel Peake

    Right, here are the results for Week 5:

    On a scale of 0 to 5, with 5 being the most Moley, here are the average Moleynesses from The Suspect List:

    Tania – 1.86
    Kees – 2.14
    Carolien – 2.36
    Daniel – 2.43
    Paulien – 2.93
    Zarayda – 3.14

    How certain are we? The higher the number, the less certain we are. (It’s the standard deviation in Moleyness)

    Kees – 1.51
    Carolien – 1.55
    Daniel – 1.60
    Zarayda – 1.61
    Paulien – 1.82
    Tania – 2.03

    So we are least sure about Tania, and most sure about Kees. So, we really don’t think it’s Kees.

  10. Daniel Peake

    Here are the results for Week 6:

    On a scale of 0 to 4, with 4 being most Moley, here are the average Moleyness responses from The Suspect List:

    Carolien – 1.33
    Kees – 1.44
    Daniel – 1.78
    Paulien – 2.44
    Zarayda – 3.00

    How certain are we? Here are the standard deviations (higher numbers = less certain)

    Paulien – 1.13
    Kees – 1.13
    Zarayda – 1.32
    Daniel – 1.48
    Carolien – 1.58

    So, we’re really starting to zone in on Zarayda, we really don’t think it’s Kees. Carolien, we haven’t a clue. She’s the “least Moley” according to the group, but she has the greatest uncertainty.

    I’ll update each persons Suspect List charts online soon – for now there is pretty graphs at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvH9W6C-9XHRdEJZcVNWckxGN0F1YVlGWV9pNURXVFE#gid=3 which shows that Zarayda has been getting bigger on our radar for some time.

  11. ThatDarkSpark

    We’re working hard on the translations as per usual. I’m hoping to get it to you tomorrow at the latest. 🙂

    Just want to give you a heads up: This episode does contain potential spoilers about previous Mole series.
    There’s a challenge in a drive-in cinema (cool challenge I thought by the way ;-)). In the background on the big screen you can see images of previous series and previous moles (of the celeb series i.e. the most recent ones).
    Those images aren’t (as far as I can tell) really relevant to the challenge. So if you don’t want to be spoilt (potentially) and still want to watch the challenge (it’s the last, i.e. the third one – I will specify the minutes when I post the new episode for those of you who want to avoid it altogether), just don’t pay attention to that screen, What’s important is what happens in the parking lot and the few highlighted bits regarding this series that you will be evident. 🙂

    For those of you who prefer not to watch the last challenge for reasons of wishing to avoid potential spoilers, please let me know in this thread I can post a quick summary of what happened for you guys if you would like me to.:)

    1. ThatDarkSpark

      Sorry about my mistakes (you will be evident?? lmao.. changed and then didn’t check) it’s early after a late night and I have a busy day today 😀

  12. ThatDarkSpark

    Here we are episode 8!! 😀

    As mentioned before: the last challenge contains potential spoilers about previous Dutch Mole series and Moles. So I’ve uploaded an extra video with the relevant part in it for this year’s Mole for those of you who choose to not watch this episode. In case someone wants me to I can give a quick recap of said challenge. 🙂

    Enjoy everyone!! 😀

  13. Michael

    The eliminee (I won’t spoil it for you guys yet) is possibly *the* most moley contestant I’ve ever seen! At least I know who my final pick will be!

    1. Michael

      The episode was fantastic though – the last two challenges were brilliantly devious and the mole’s speeches certainly helped narrow it down for me!

  14. Brig Bother Post author

    SHOCKER, and an absolutely TREMENDOUS episode, really strong challenges – Guess Who meets Atmosfear being my favourite.

    The clues would certainly suggest one contestant over all the others – Paulien, but I’m wondering if Art’s “the mole had the longest straw” comment might have been a big hint as well, but I think that points to Carolien who was controlling the longest rope, and it surely can’t be her.

    1. ThatDarkSpark

      There was another contestant pulling that ‘tallest rope’ behind her at some point though.. 😉

      Just saying..

    2. Michael

      I’m not sure it was meant entirely literally though – if we take it as who was pulling the “longest string”, the person really pulling the strings in that challenge was Paulien, and I’m saying this as someone who wholeheartedly suspected Carolien for about 4 weeks!

      1. ThatDarkSpark

        That was the point yes, it was a pun so it can be interpreted both literally and figuratively. 😉

    3. GIzensha

      …One thing that’s really thrown me for a loop is why the heck did Carolien tell Zarayda a huge clue that Zarayda had missed? I just can’t see that being in the interest of either a contestant or the Mole (Unless Carolien thought telling Zarayda that information would firmly point the suspician on her and that Zarayda suspected the person the information was pointing to, I guess?)

  15. Brig Bother Post author

    It should probably be pointed out (especially if this is your first time watching Wie is De Mol?) that in the final next week they will *probably* reveal the winner, but won’t reveal the Mole until the following week, in the reunion and here’s-what-they-did episode.

    1. ThatDarkSpark

      In the past couple of series either the winner or the loser was revealed. More often the winner than the loser, but it might well be the loser too. 🙂

  16. Greg

    I think this has been my favorite series so far.

    Logic says it will be Kees as i have not suspected him at all along the way. My main target Carolien

    Somehow i just can’t see it being Paulien *gets ready to eat his words come next week*

    1. Michael

      I’m 99% sure I know who it is now. If it’s Kees, I’ll be so unbelievably surprised!

      1. ThatDarkSpark

        So you no longer think it’s Carolien now? 😉
        Who then..?

  17. ThatDarkSpark

    So you no longer think it’s Carolien now? 😉
    Who then..

  18. ThatDarkSpark

    Time flies when you’re having fun.. 😉

    It’s time for episode 9, the Season Finale.. 😀

    Make sure you dress up to look the part guys! 😀

    1. Dale

      That was an amazing episode, without reveling too much the final challenge on the train was amazing. If they ever reboot the US version id love to see that implemented some how

  19. Greg

    What a great episode and series.

    I think it is safe to say that we all know the result based on the answers given at the end of the train game.

    Roll on the Australian series now…

  20. Brig Bother Post author

    I think it’s written in the the Mole production bible that every series must end on a train journey.

    Or if it isn’t it should be!

    1. ThatDarkSpark

      I agree brig bother! 😀
      I absolutely love challenges on trains anyway but this one was so scenic and epic.. Definitely a worthy end to what (imho) has been an amazing series so far..

      All we have left now is the final reveal and the clues. 😀
      Kind of sad about that but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it all! 😀

    2. Dale

      the whole train thing definitely adds to the espionage feel to the show absolutely amazing challenge

    3. GIzensha

      Certainly the best season end I think I’ve seen since British S1’s prison reveal, and nice for this version not to dedicate half the final to the final test for a change. Much more engaging than the past couple of years as a result. (And what a challenge it was too)

      Still not keen on revealing the Mole’s identity at the same time as revealing the methods of sabotage rather than in the finale, mind, but that might just be me, and I can certainly see the marketing value in putting the final reveal in the reunion.

  21. Michael

    Echoing everything said above – amazing episode, amazing final challenge and brilliant series.

    Assuming the numbers given to Paulien are letters, here they are:

    Just in case anyone knows what they’d spell!

    1. ThatDarkSpark

      Michael, it’s most likely that isn’t what this hint is about.
      However the explanation found by some on the mole-forums could be considered quite a spoiler by some.

      So I hesitate to post that here, not everyone wants to know. 😉

      For those of you that do, you can send me a pm via youtube, I will tell you the potential solution. 🙂

      1. ThatDarkSpark

        Hmmm it says I can’t send you a message because you’ve locked your account for that? I’ve added you to my contacts but I still can’t send it it seems. 🙁

  22. ThatDarkSpark

    Here we go guys.. 🙂

    The Final Reveal of The Mole Series 13 in South Africa. 😀

    Who is.. the Mole? And what have they sabotaged?

    Have fun!! 😀 😀

    1. Michael

      Thanks to our YouTube chat last week, I was fully prepared for the result! Brilliant series.

    2. Brig Bother Post author

      Thanks for this, and indeed to all your other contributors, an enjoyable series.

      I think Kees is a good Mole (and a great character) but it’s a shame it seemed to be mainly fairly low level stuff, without a great deal that came across as being too audacious (although I also accept that because so few challenges are all or nothing these days, it is a rather more subtle game) – although saying that I very much enjoyed his non-helping in the pulley challenge.

      This page will remain here linked up top until next weekend, where it will be archived in the Specials Board.

      1. Tom Scott

        And another series goes by with me being completely and utterly wrong… but enjoying every single show. See you again next year — and many, many thanks to all the translation team who made it possible for me to watch my favourite show again 🙂

      2. ThatDarkSpark

        @Brig Bother.
        He’s been my main suspect ever since episode 2. I’ve seen him do many (also smaller) things that have not been mentioned here but you can see them to if you watch closely. He’s been active all the time trying to make people make mistakes, putting suspicion on others etc. Including putting everyone off the scent by planting the seed (via Joep) that Ewout voted for someone else.. (see episode 2) 😉

        One of the most active and sly Moles I have ever seen, which is why he is one of my favourites so far – also because of how he played it. 😀

        Apart from that I think we shouldn’t forget that there weren’t that many opportunities to earn money in the first place this season.. A lot less than in former ones. If he had struck big there people would have certainly noticed. I think he was active in almost one of them. The claiming of the pot being definitely a very good sabotage imho. 😉

        Just my two cents as I’ve been watching him from day one basically. 🙂

        1. ThatDarkSpark

          Active in almost all of them, I meant obviously 😀

          I think you should also look at things he did that weren’t shown:

          1. He prevented a potential €2000 into the pot at the bungee jump.
          2. At the citation challenge he actively prompted for them to go for the lowest amount.
          3. He didn’t earn any money at cliff-jump (some others didn’t either by not jumping but some actively did)Those were all low amounts too.
          4. Stole the tube at the Big Five (some clarity still wanted on that one though). (€500 or more).
          5. At the waterfall all they could do was earn or lose small amounts because that was the way the challenge was done. But there too he made the minimal amount.
          6. Completely sabotaged the campfire game (€1500).
          7. He tried to sabotage the goldmining challenge even more by trying to fan the suggestion of keeping the safe locked (‘A safe of which we don’t even know the contents..?’) but the group voted against it.
          8. Managed to lobby for the pot and obtain it by vote thus minimizing the money being earned there.
          9. Stealing another tube from the store. (€500 or more)
          10. He opted to photograph the harder words in Zulu (has been checked on the forums), but Paulien’s very very good at learning languages.. 😉
          11. Sabotaging the pulley game like you mentioned (500/1000 or 1500).
          12. At the carpark he did nothing constructive. The two ladies were active enough to seek out the right car in the end, but none of it was his merit.
          13. He psyched out the ladies about the mole diaries thus ensuring they would look for those first instead of books that made them money and making sure they didn’t earn the maximum amounts as those were worth most.

          Apart from that as said he’s been very active in putting blame on others and creating chaos in general.

          I think it;s hard to judge in this respect because relatively few challenges involved money anyway, and there were only so many ways to sabotage them – or they involved little money.

          At least he managed to take out some more by claiming and holding on to the pot. 😉

          I think within those parameters he maximized the opportunities to take money away and only bring in very little in terms of putting people off the scent. 🙂

    3. GIzensha

      Out of curiosity, what clues does the website document (And/or ‘do that easily translate via automated translation services or are they too badly mangled to be understandable’?), and is there any indication on what the heck the Big Five Safari challenge is about?

        1. ThatDarkSpark

          They don’t show everything on tv (not enough time).
          Some of the clues are explained on their website, this was one of them. 🙂

      1. ThatDarkSpark


        ‘The Mole is Case’ and ‘Tol is de Mol’ were the biggest ones.

        His answers on the train were a clue. Together it formed the phrase ‘The Mole, the One on the Mountain).

        There were also the references to Lion (‘Who’s the King?’) being linked to the Mole (via the part on the train but this wasn’t explained in any detail on the site).

        The organ in the ‘Meet the Mole’ challenge was shown from his perspective (being behind the organ) in the footage when he was up.

        On the Mole train one of the characters was reading the Mole diary of Ewout. On that page it clearly showed he answered his last question with ‘Paulien’ meaning Paulien couldn’t be the Mole because Ewout voted for her.

        Those were the main ones I think. 🙂

        As for the Big Five challenge, hoping to still get an answer on that one via the Mole Fanday which was held today. Hopefully someone will post something about it on the forum. 🙂

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  24. Qusion

    Just a quick post to say thank you for all the hard work in translating these. I’ve just caught up today and have enjoyed every minute of the series. I particularly thought the final challenges; library and train were really interesting. A definite change of pace and as noted by one of the contestants; it was all very murder-mystery.

    1. GIzensha

      Agreed entirely, I think I forgot to thank DarkSpark for the overall translation job, so – Thanks for that 🙂

  25. Michael

    I concur with what everyone else has said – thanks TDS for the translations.

    Anyone got a list of the other off-TV clues?

  26. Qusion

    Rather than revive a year-old-post… I’ve just finished watching last years series, having accidentally spoilered myself as to who the mole was. It’s only the second time I’ve known who the mole was pre-reveal; the other time was in an online game where I’d recruited the mole so I doubt that counts – I’ve never actually correctly identified a mole yet (and I’ve only ever picked one reality tv show winner in 50 or so series {Stella English – Apprentice}). If you’re prepared to ‘give up’ a series, watching while knowing who the mole is was a really interesting experience.

    I saw some real sabotage that I might otherwise have missed, I saw several things that I was sure were sabotage that turned out to be non-existant and at one point I was convinced I’d actually read the name of the winner, rather than the mole because it seemed so obvious that the person I was was watching couldn’t be the mole. It was interesting that the other contestants picked out the mole based on personality and interactions rather than clues and sabotage.

    Also, I really liked the ‘physical’ elimination quiz, it reminded me a bit of the walk of honour bits they do at the end of Survivor US. Also loved the final clue they revealed when they counted up the money in the pot.

    Thanks again TDS

  27. ThatDarkSpark

    Sorry for the late response Qusion, but I’m glad you enjoyed the series!! 😀
    It’s definitely true that you look with different eyes once you know, and watch a series or episode for a second time over. Some things seem so clear then. I was onto the right Mole near the end in that series, when my main suspect till then got executed.. Even then a lot of things all of a sudden became clear. I agree with you that Mole S12 had many subtle sabotages but I’m afraid they were never really explained or put in the highlight. There’s little time of course in the end but I do wish they had done a better job at that because like you, I did feel that way too, and I know quite a few people on the forums did as well (though quite a few others were just in sour grape mode after the reveal as sadly happens sometimes.. :P)

  28. ThatDarkSpark

    On another note.. 😀

    It seems that after half a year of tedious ‘coming soon’ trailers the new Australian series will finally be starting soon, hopefully! 😀
    At least they’ve released contestant’s bios recently as well as the basic glossary/concept of the game. Looks like they’ve taken up a few elements of the Dutch series to make the necessary changes to revive the show. 😀

    Will there be a topic here for it because I’d love to watch and discuss it with you guys too! 🙂


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