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Lots of people clamouring for a place to talk Aussie Mole so please allow me to provide.

HOWEVER, be aware that with the odd scheduling you will be obliged to keep up – if you fall behind you are advised to keep off the page until you’ve caught up. I will not stop discussion about anything that has happened on episodes that have been broadcast, the world cannot wait for you.

This is fair warning – if you have not watched the latest episode and you don’t want to be spoiled then keep out! Aussie watchers – I *may* ask you to hold off discussion here until the next morning your time, we’ll play it by ear. Feel free to discuss presentation when you want though.

Here is the official page

Good luck Mole Hunters!

122 thoughts on “AUSSIE MOLE 2013

  1. David

    Interesting they changed the rules to the card game- IIRC, the original Dutch version it was whoever had the most sets won (and getting your own set only meant you couldn’t be knocked out, not an instant win)- and just a 30 second bonus on the quiz? Doesn’t seem like a lot- the original was a full exemption..

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      It’s actually a really poor rule, logically the only way you can win is by collecting your own set (because by definition if someone else collects it you’re out) – suggesting you can win by having the most is a bit misleading. And yes they changed it from the Dutch show.

      The maze was quite good fun, one of the few games to be done in real time.

      Also I note that the pot currently stands at $149,500. What odds can I get on the tasks next week being worth $100,000?

      1. David

        Don’t they have a lot to get through though? Even with a 90 minute episode, since they’re not doing a wrapup they have to do the last challenges, the final quiz, the reveal, and show the sabotages…

          1. David

            According to a couple of the tv listings I checked it is the final next week.

  2. David (AU)

    Definitely the final next week. We used to fit two challenges, the last quiz, the reveal, and the sabotages within a single hour in the old version (we axed the separate reveal show after season two because nobody watched and the producers were too stupid to figure out that a cliffhanger would work as a hook), so the pacing probably won’t be an issue. Although to be fair they usually just covered all of the sabotages and clues in a ten-minute highlights package, so.

  3. Michael

    I’ve been pegging Hillal as the winner for weeks (especially after the Silent Auction episode with him talking about financial troubles). Aisha’s the mole, Erin’s the loser. Wonder if the terminated contestants get to find out who the mole is whilst there or whether they find out with us next week.

  4. David (AU)

    153,000 viewers last night. The good news is there’s only seventeen episodes left, so it can’t drop much further.

    1. David

      Bigger number- the viewers for the last episode or the total the winner gets?

  5. David (AU)

    I’d go with winner’s prize, just barely – it’s at $149,500 now, and presumably there’s one or two more cash challenges to come.

  6. David

    Well that went about as I thought- though the margin Hillal won by was larger than I thought it would have been. Never caught on to the background in the credits- and having the colors of the football club Erin used to work for be a big clue was a nice touch. It looked like she was directly involved in losing about $70K or so (so if they were trying for a actual final total of no more than $250K, the actual final total of $180K made sense- though the theoretical max of at least $1,050,000 made Erin’s sabotages seem small in retrospect).

  7. Brig Bother Post author

    Mmm, good winner, OK Mole, really wish hidden clues had a bit more ‘how did I miss THAT!’ oomph (one of the answers in a quiz in a different language is her name!) although the Geelong stuff was quite neat (although rearranging the smoke signal is a kind of might-as-well-be non-hint really).

    The Mole Money didn’t really drive any drama did it? Might as well not bother next revival.

    I would go back through looking for more Erin stuff but I’m not sure I can be bothered and I don’t doubt they elided for time. Shura grew on me but not top tier mole host yet.

    Glad it’s finally over.

  8. Michael

    Was that the most anti-climatic reveal ever? Probably. As is now traditional, I was very wrong, although my suspicion started in the same game Aisha’s did at least.

    That smoke signals clue was a bit rubbish – either make it the same as her postcode, or don’t include it!

    I still don’t know why they didn’t just make it the same (or at least similar) format to the Dutch series – one ep a week, a classic Meet the Mole challenge, and an actual reveal!

  9. David (AU)

    Obvious Mole is obvious.

    That lie detector thing was utterly tedious. It’s well known that they’re fairly easy to beat, so it’s not as though anything of value could have been gotten from it.

    Torn on the clues – blue-and-white is probably the best clue the Australian version has ever had, but “Erin wore green LOL!” was a bit of a joke given Aisha wore the exact same shade of green in the maze challenge just last week. They definitely weren’t the only clues that were there – freeze-framing last week’s family photo shows Erin looking forward while everyone else looks to the side and down for a frame each – or the only sabotages (‘falling’ out of her raft didn’t get a mention?)

  10. Brig Bother Post author

    It was interesting that The Mole turned out to be the one contestant I hadn’t noticed until about halfway through the series.


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