Wie is De Mol? 2016

It’s that time of year again, the time where 10 Dutch celebrities go on a trip and on that trip they will compete in challenges to win money for a group pot. Unfortunately one of them is being paid to surreptitiously disrupt the challenges to keep the pot small. To stay on the journey and ultimately win the pot the contestants must work out who is the mole?

This year’s journey begins in the Dominican Republic and the show will go out on Dutch channel Avro on Saturdays after a record breaking year last year. You can watch on various Dutch TV catch-up services online (here is the official site) but for discussion here we wait a few days for an English subtitled translation to pop up on Youtube thanks to out Dutch friends. We ask that you don’t discuss an episode here until the English subs have gone up, then feel free to discuss away. I will put links here to where the individual episode discussion starts in due course. You can find previous series discussed on the Specials Board.

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Look out also for Daniel Peake’s The Suspect List game after each episode.


Here is a list of this year’s contestants from Squared Eyes (from left to right, that’s host Art Rooijakkers in the middle):

Klaas – host on TV, mainly for the recent years in younger aimed shows. Comparable to Pepijn from a couple of years back (2011)

Airen – upcoming, young host from SBS6. Not fairly well-known nor liked much, mainly hosting an entertainment filled news show late night.

Rop – an actor, also a character in Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden, but more in theatre and musicals.

Tim – a young, upcoming host from the public broadcaster, does a lot of shows, very well known with the ‘millenials’.

Ellie – the spokesperson of the police in Amsterdam and on the TV show “wanted” for many years.

Cecile – the former editor-in-chief from a Dutch fashion magazine like Vogue, fashion expert in magazines and in talkshows.

Annemieke – radio host of the younger aimed station 3FM, fairly well-known, a ‘one of the guys’ kinda girl.

Marjolein – perhaps the biggest name of the bunch, a very well known actress, especially from the soap opera Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden.

Remy – musician, more specific a harp player. I would say completely unknown with the main audience.

Taeke – a former hockey player, has won all the big championships with the national team including the Olympics as a captain.

An eleventh contestant, Rood, was publicly eliminated in an event before the series began proper at a public press conference in Amsterdam.

160 thoughts on “Wie is De Mol? 2016

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      A bit of spoiler space just in case.











      Boo at this week’s eliminee.

      They are totally playing up Tim as the Mole. I reckon he’s actually the winner.

      There are a lot more all or nothing tasks this year than previous. A few years ago they’d be a 2-1 split partial credit/all or nothing, this year it feels like the other way round.

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        Actually another thing I’ve just realised – jokers and exemptions used to be prizes for effectively beating the team and failing a challenge, so the team used to make more of an effort – not just to build the pot but to deny other contestants extra power so there’s a bit less Moleing. That doesn’t really exist any more, which is a pity I think.

        1. Kim

          This is going to be a long post but here are my thoughts on the Mole.

          Honestly I’m going to be so disappointed if the Mole ends up being Klaas. 90% of the Dutch population is absolutely sure it’s him. Even after this episode.

          During one shot in this episode, one makes you think the editors either messed up BIG by forgetting to cut out the part, or are making people want to think Klaas is the Mole because he’s clearly seems to be sabotaging in the beginning.

          Another big hint to Klaas is the episode title “misguided”. In the last assignment, the word written on 2D Klaas was “contestant” but if I have to believe everyone else, it’s because the word on Klaas has to be “Mole” instead of contestant.

          Also another reason why everyone thinks its him is because there’s a screenshot from the first episode with everyone standing in the same spot as how the elimation goes.

          (so Airen stood next to Remy who stood next to Ellie, Marjolein, Cecile, Tim, Taeke, Annemieke, Rop. Klaas isn’t on it because he’s standing next to Art)

          But obviously this is all pure coincidence and yet everyone thinks Tim will leave this Saturday.

          The reason I think Tim is the Mole though is because of the hidden hints. A few for example: (these are just my speculations maybe it’s true.. maybe not)

          In the first episode Art gave the Mole numbers of old-moles. In episode 2, old-mole Margriet says to Tim “Do you remember my face?” hinting that the two have met before.

          In the recent episode. The words they had to translate from Spanish-Dutch almost all correspond to the Mole and/or Tim.

          (tacit, liar, sixteen, conquer, bragger) : The Mole.

          (knife, flag, sixteen, sister, month, saintly) : Tim. His name means “To honor God” which corresponds to saintly. And he’s written an article about himself of when he was sixteen, in which he’s been threatened by a knife. A few months back from when he’d written the article, he’d been threatened again because he took a flag from a shop front. Sister stands for his twitter “@debroervanroos” which means “The brother of Roos”. If you play around with the Spanish word “Mentiroso” which means “Liar” you get Tim en Roos.

          I only can’t place the others (propagation, sugar, left, spoon, key, right, down, fleeting and tip)

          And about the last assignment written in the episode 6 – Diary of the Mole: “Of course that’s why I’m not the one looking for myself; the Mole.” Tim and I think Cecile are the only ones who hadn’t found themselves.

          I can point out more but I know I should keep this short haha.

          Of course I could be wrong and Tim still leaves this week. If that’s true I really want it to be anyone but Klaas. I’m really annoyed with everyone telling me it’s Klaas, haha!

          I recon they’re doing the all or nothing tasks so the picture on the back of the money wouldn’t be solved easily though.

  1. Jared

    Really surprised and disappointed about Cecile being the eliminee. I thought she’d make it to the final 3. On a different note, the music choices on this show are always great. Loved the Broadchurch theme playing over her goodbyes.

  2. Nico W.

    To me the Mol is Rop. There are so many little things that meka me believe it’s him. And whenever everything went wrong, but no one obviously looked like a Mol (Tim was so obvious this time, he will be a finalist), Rop was playing a big part in failing the task.
    Klaas used to be a suspect for me, but he seems to be playing it so safely and nice, I can’t find many evidences. Although I’m too dumb to find clues as clever as the ones Kim gave us.

    And I’m really sad to see Cecile go. She was by far my favourite contestant, probably my favourite contestant ever. Imagine a season where 10 Ceciles would compete. It would be the slowest but funniest season of any TV show I could imagine.
    I also think that the last six (so including Cecile) would be great in The Dutch Genius. Although Taeke is a bit boring imho.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Cecile was my favourite as well, I was hoping she was The Mole so she’d still be there at the end, blaming all her failings on accidentally wearing inappropriate shoes throughout.

    2. Steve

      Usually I’ll fall into tunnelvision by episode 2 or 3, but this year, I haven’t had an inkling as to who’s the Mole until this episode. After the cable car challenge, I thought Rop sorta stood out in that one as Molish. I was all ready to pick Rop for my Suspect List until he showed up as the final cardboard cut-out on top of the building… Isn’t that the sort of trick the producers use to highlight someone who never ends up being the mole? Maybe I should just return to clueless bliss…

  3. Aiden Henry

    So sad to see Cecile go to , I pegged her to be in the finale at least.

    I also have been leaning towards Rop as a mole, I’ve noticed he’s done subtle sabotages throughout, but I truly believe Tim is the mole

    I’ve always looked at body language to find the mole & Tim through all eliminations has been very calm and also seems to show no surprise when Art tells the team what they the task entails

    He is the mole I’m sure of it

    Also I don’t understand why everyone thinks klaas is the mole? I just don’t see it and like others have said will be disappointed if it turns out to be him. I just feel like we don’t know him enough for him to have any impact, he doesn’t get much air time

  4. Daniel Peake

    The Suspect List Week 6’s results are:

    Top Suspect: Rop

    The Mole’s role in the “Learn Spanish” challenge:
    Use the phone, 39%
    Learn words, 28%
    Look up words in dictionary, 33%

  5. Aiden Henry

    Klaas does seem more molish this episode and I did notice klaas was over the top guarding the computer screen in the first challenge, maybe so the others did not see the word clues for each camera?

    It will be an annemieke, klaas , Tim finale

    Cant believe the elimination came down to time too , what a bummer for the eliminee

    I’ve always wondered whilst watching these mole seasons as to how the actual mole chooses which candidate to say there targeting as their ‘pretend’ mole when their taking their pretend test at the end of each episode. Do they choose whoever is on to them the most? Or the general mole within the group?

    But as you know guys , Tim for mole 😉

    Is everyone enjoying this one compared to others?

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I’m enjoying the challenges and the scenery but it’s not been my favourite cast, although they’ve been fine.

    2. Nico W.

      I could imagine (though it would me molish by the productio team) that they record the interviews with the mole in the end, when they already know the finalists. This way they could act like a regular contestant is accusing another one up until the finale, although it’s been the mole accusing others. At least that’s how it seemed to me in the last twee season iirc.

  6. Lukachkinas

    It looks like if Annemieke passed the test, Klaas should be The Mole. Maybe Rop made so many mistakes, that Annemieke survived the test even on a wrong mole.

    I can’t believe that Taeke survived 8th episode. He doesn’t look like a person who observes a lot. Don’t know how he still answers questions of the test correctly. Could be the mole as well.

    Annemieke… I can’t leave suspicion for her since episode 1. Well, she won an exemption and 6 jokers in “4 in a row”, and mole doesn’t care about those, but… I don’t know.

    “Molina” challenge was really good fun.

    My Suspect List is:
    1. Annemieke
    2. Tim
    3. Klaas
    4. Taeke

    And with elimination of Rop, there is no contestant I’m 100% sure of NOT being the mole.

    1. Lukachkinas

      And, by the way, where is it possible to find S14 in English, since YouTube blocked it?

      1. Kim

        It’s deleted from ThatDarkSpark. Which means it’s nowhere to be found. Maybe Marieke might do it? I don’t know.

    2. Greg

      Shame to see Rop go.

      My money has been on Klaas since week 1 (apart from the week i voted Remy)with each episode i doubt myself more that it is Klaas. Why would you give a joker away so close to the final? Is that perhaps because you do not need it and why she did not need to make a deal? Also keeps the jokers out of play by having them with The Mole.

  7. Jared

    I’ve been voting Taeke as my number one suspect all season, with Klaas slowly rising to my number two. At this point, they’re virtually tied for me. If it’s Tim or Annemieke I’ll honestly be pretty surprised.

    I liked the challenges this week a lot. The first one ended up not being too fun watch, but that’s because it was a complete and utter disaster on the part of the contestants. The restaurant was one of the most entertaining things all season.

  8. Kim

    Still hesitantly putting my bets on Tim.

    Diary of the Mole – Episode 7

    Being the mole is amazing. And that one question; what are you gonna do? I ask myself that.
    Locations, assignments, contestants.. all announced. But it’s time to push back the frontiers of the game. Time for a test.

    “All eyes are on me. What is Rop doing? What is Taeke doing? What is Klaas doing? What is Tim doing? And, what is Annemieke doing?”

    Rop is night-blind. We all know that now. And whether his eyes are well trained enough to see blocks and floors under The Shining-like situations…? Who knows?

    Betting on the question whether there are more who can’t see, and see who takes the bait, I really like to play that game. In the end, there’s only one who takes the benefit out of that; the Mole. Sure, everyone is allowed to pack their bags. No matter what, I remain in the game. And the others? Long may they live. Right, Cécile? In de Gloria!

  9. SquaredEyes

    Completely out of place, but fun detail! Airen and Taeke are a couple in real life! Being on as much as two episodes together sparked a romance that started after the recordings…

  10. Daniel Peake

    The Suspect List – Week 7 – results!

    Top Suspect: Klaas
    What did the Mole win in the 4 in a row challenge:
    1 Joker: 19%
    6 Jokers & Exemption: 19%
    4 Jokers: 31%
    Black Exemption: 31%

    Fun fact, we have so far had 6 different candidates as the Top Suspect!

    1. Michael

      Quick thoughts:

      * They love a factory this week.
      * Surprised at the elimination, but they were my third suspect, so not surprised that they weren’t The Mole.
      * Cash clocks should be a recurring game, cause that was a great idea.

  11. Jared

    Some extra spoiler space

    Well… RIP my Suspect List ranking lol. I knew it was dead and buried as soon as Taeke singlehandedly earned them like 2000 in the clocks challenge. I’m now certain the mole is Klaas and I expect Tim to win. If Tim is the mole then I just give up. 😛

    1. Nico W.

      I almost feel the same. Although Taeke wasn’t actually my #1 mole, I was voting for him last week, because I really couldn’t decide throughout the season. I ruled out Annemieke and if she is the mole, I will probably be last, but I just can’t see how Tim could be the mole. From now on it’s definitely Klaas for me, although I have no clues at all. This year is great and really difficult imho.

  12. Kim

    I’m still gonna ignore the strong hints for Klaas and say it’s Tim. Guess this is what tunnel vision is all about haha.

    Diary of the Mole – Episode 8

    We started with 6.670 Euro. Even so, now it’s 12.370.

    But at the beginning of the episode it could’ve been 3 times more; 32.500 euro…

    You might say we made a mess out of it. Or that Taeke’s credo: “money is not important. Humans are more important than money.” took stand until today. But what I think is very epic, is that it went combined with the departure of Taeke on that very same day.

    “However it goes… I suffer from a loss of face. While not everyone first noticed the mosaic in front of them, a code was cracked.”

    Time is money. And we all seem to speak a good word Spanish.

    Suddenly, the money is important.

    For both Annemieke, Klaas and Tim. Winner, runner-up, and Mole. Winner, the Mole, runner-up. Runner-up, winner and the Mole. Runner-up, the Mole and the winner. The Mole, the winner and runner-up. The Mole, runner-up and the winner…

  13. spp138

    My predictions for the finale…

    -Taeke knew who the Mole is, but was outperformed on the test.

    -Annemieke was the one who bested Rop on time and will be the runner-up.

    LOVED the factory challenges this week!

    1. spp138

      That is to say…Annemieke will be the runner-up IF she is not the Mole. In other words, she is not winning this thing.

  14. Brig Bother Post author

    I thought the cash clocks game was going to be like a large scale version of that Crystal Maze 3D Maze game. It’d have been quite funny if someone could have gone round unfreezing them.

    It’s fair to say my Suspect List ranking is going to be well down this year.

  15. xr

    I’m beginning to be genuinely annoyed by the tasks this season. The million versions of chinese whispers, or how a lucky trifle of a game essentially guaranteed one person a spot in the finals two full episodes ahead of time. This episode, the pretty clear nerfing of the somewhat original tiles challenge made for a game more suitable for their junior version, while the clocks challenge a) tried to obfuscate how all clocks were, in fact, identical in game effect b) was crammed in a space too small and open to allow for sabotage.

    Just for fun, let me propose an alternative clock countdown game: You snooze, you win!
    More alarm clocks than contestants are spread about, and they are all ringing. Pressing the snooze button while alarm’s ringing will quiet it for time specific to that clock. Pressing the snooze button while it’s quiet will set off the alarm. Contestants score for the time all’s quiet.
    Good contestants may notice roving patterns that allow them to keep everything quiet. A brash mole may break these patterns, if they don’t mind alerting everyone to their location.

  16. Daniel Peake

    The Suspect List Week 8 results are in, and it’s interesting!

    Top Suspect: Klaas and Tim are joint top

    Value at which Mole stopped a cash clock:
    -13: 41%
    18: 29%
    568: 6%
    Didn’t stop a cash clock: 24%

    The interesting thing is I thought there’d be a stand-out favourite in the candidates at this stage, but it’s actually REALLY close. So even if you’re utterly convinced about who it is, there’s someone equally convinced it’s someone else. Annemieke is very close behind Klaas and Tim.

  17. Daniel Peake

    The results of The Suspect List, Week 9 are:

    Top Suspect: Klaas
    (Tim second, Annemieke third)

    How many cash clocks did The Mole stop:
    0: 38%
    1: 56%
    2: 6%

    In the coming few days, I’ll reveal how suspected each person for each week, and we’ll find out who wins The Suspect List 2016. Good luck everyone!

  18. Jared

    Whoops, didn’t watch the new episode in time to vote in the suspect list. Ah well, I was probably somewhere in the middle/lower half of the rankings anyway lol

    1. Michael

      I think this will go down as a good year, but not a great year.

      I don't know whether it was because I heard about the monastery clue in Week 2, but I don't think Klaas was a superb mole – a lot of the clues were a bit tenuous and there were a heap of clues that got spotted this year, which is rare. Tim is a great winner though.

      Now please can we have a non-beach season again?

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        Agreed not an especially classic year and not an especially classic Mole, although I did think nicking some of the money from the chests was highly entertaining.

        I’ve done really badly on the Suspect List, although if you look up a bit did wonder if Tim was being edited as the Mole as a sort of winner’s edit.

      2. Nico W.

        I didn’t vote for Klaas because I thought everybody would and this way I would either win or lose. It’s fair to say I definitely didn’t win.

  19. Greg

    I had Klaas pegged as De Mol early on, apart from the week i forgot to vote and the week i voted for Remy i should be within a shout for doing quite well in the suspect list for once.

    1. Michael

      Same here! I think I had him 4th in Week 1 and then #1 every week after. I hope I did, at least.

      1. Steve

        I think I only settled onto Klaas after the money clock game (I thought, “He was the only one to touch a negative number, so why not him?”), so I know I’m nowhere close to winning, but I’m happy I actually got a Mole right in the end for a change!

  20. Dave S

    Firstly, thanks so much for Marieke translating this series. Massive props for spending so much of your spare time making this little corner of the internet happy 🙂

    Re; the Mole, I was on Annemieke for a long time. The biggest clue was that she seemed to lose and gain the ability to speak Spanish depending on if it was helpful and if anyone was around her. (See: could speak spanish on subway and in the photo run challenge, but not in the match-the-photo challenge when borrowing suspenders.)

    In all honesty, I think the show is becoming a bit by-the-numbers. I was a little disappointed by some of the mole-y moves this year. The big secret in how Klaas moled was… He didn’t do very well. He made a trivial mistake. Nyeh. The mole actions in the British version were awesome and creative and made you go ‘Wow, that’s a great idea’ (see the perfume on the wild dog chase, and the sun tan lotion on the banana boat swap.) I’m not saying that’s always the case, but it’d be good to have at least one or two moments per series that make you go “Wow!”

  21. Kim

    Well I can almost comfirm the production won’t do it like they did this year because in The Netherlands, the Mole was basically already found out in Episode 2. I read that Klaas was mad at first (obviously) because the hint was way too obvious.

    The one with: Mole cf Klaas. It was all over the internet.

    So most of the Netherlands already suspected him. It was even widespread on television and articles. He even said so himself the production will have to do better next year. So who knows.

    1. Kim

      Oh yea, lots of people critized this season so I’m sure they will take care of it next year (at least I hope so)

      Some thought it was because it moved from Thursday to Saturday so younger children can watch the series as well. But obviously they need to change a few things and I’m sure they are aware of that after all that happened.

  22. Daniel Peake

    It’s time for the results of The Suspect List 2016!

    First of all – THANK YOU to the 28 of you who took part this year, of which about 20 took part each week.

    If you managed to put The Mole at the top of your Suspect List every week, and answer all the bonus questions correctly, you would score 130 points (100 for the List, 30 for the bonuses). No-one did that though.

    I now going to do a “Eurovision” with the results and present all the points award from the List part first, then add on bonus points. So, list points only:

    Dale M 0
    Gwilym 0
    Richard Frans 1
    Scott John Harmison 1
    Dan Peake 3
    Lukachinas 4
    SPP138 6
    Tom F 8
    Kizzy 10
    Ian D 10
    Aiden Henry 11
    Zeus 12
    Jack Pitts 15
    Anthony Williams 18
    PMcC 22
    Scott Rux 24
    Nick Gates 25
    Chris A 26
    Deo 27
    Jospeh Bolas 31
    Aprilbride15 35
    Jared 40
    Nico W 56
    Steve 59

    AND THE TOP THREE, currently way out in the lead:

    3rd: Greg Lowe 87
    2nd: Marie 91
    1st: Michael Harmstone 92

    So, lots of people didn’t put Klaas very highly on their list, myself included. But the great thing this year is that you can spread with bonus questions! Some of you did, and some of you did not. Let’s reveal all but the top three (Greg, Marie, Michael) now.

    (Name, BONUS points, TOTAL points)

    Dale M 0 0
    Scott John Harmison 0 1
    Richard Frans 3 4
    Lukachinas 3 7
    Kizzy 0 10
    Ian D 0 10
    SPP138 6 12
    Tom F 6 14
    Gwilym 15 15
    Zeus 6 18
    Aiden Henry 9 20
    PMcC 0 22
    Dan Peake 21 24
    Anthony Williams 6 24
    Jack Pitts 18 33
    Scott Rux 12 36
    Deo 9 36
    Nick Gates 12 37
    Jospeh Bolas 9 40
    Chris A 15 41
    Aprilbride15 12 47
    Nico W 0 56
    Jared 21 61
    Steve 24 83

    By and large, if you did well in the list stage, y ou did will in the bonus questions. But not necessarily, Nico W is a notable exception, not getting any bonus points despite doing well with the lists, and I (Dan Peake) did very well with the bonuses despite performing “less than brilliantly” in the lists.


    In third place: Greg Lowe, 15 bonus points taking him to 102 in total.
    In second place…… despite placing first in the lists, it’s Michael Harmstone! He scores 27 in the bonuses to get to 119 in total.
    FIRST PLACE: MARIE! She scores a perfect 30 in bonuses to take her to 121 in total and steal first place right at the end.

    Congratulations to Marie for winning! An additional fun fact about Marie, she was an intern during a former series of Wie Is De Mol (the 2014 series I think) so has worked on the show proper. I’m sure that didn’t help her here. Or did it….?? (No, it didn’t!)



    This year, David Bodycombe decided he wanted to take part, but didn’t want to watch all through the series. So he’s used a D10 called Deva Hedron to randomly make his entries for him. How did he do?

    Deva Hedron: 37 points in the list, 6 in the bonuses, 43 total.
    Via a random entry, he would have placed 8th and beaten 21 others!

    For fun, I’ve also calculated our average entry – if you took the mean of all of the suspect lists each week, how would we have scored (mode entry for the bonus question):
    Average: 59 points in the list, 21 in the bonuses, 80 total.
    The average would have placed FOURTH. I think this means there’s something to the wisdom of crowds. (It should be noted that people down the list tended to enter for fewer weeks)

    Finally, here’s a link for you to a google doc spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XgYa2pXhNu5oEQECGrGpm1LxrDYKDjrnXwaik4ju3zk/edit?usp=sharing

    There you’ll be able to see everybody’s Suspect Lists, and also a summary of how suspected each candidate was each week of the series via a lovely graph. It makes for interesting viewing!

    Thank you once again for playing, I look forward to seeing you in 2017!

    1. Marie

      Woohoo! Man that was close! Thank you so much for organising this Dan, it added a lot of extra fun to the show. Thanks for making all the data available too, it does make interesting reading.

      P.S. No, working on the show didn’t help at all – I probably would’ve remained fully on Remy if he hadn’t left so early!

      Until next year!

    2. Brig Bother Post author

      I do think it takes more skill to finish EXACTLY *counts* 10th than it does to win the thing, which was my aim, so well done me. But especially well done Marie for winning the thing and joining an esteemed list of winners (me and Dan IIRC) and thank you Dan for running it – record numbers by the looks of things.

      It’s quite interesting to look at tactics, ultimately if you go big on a contestant at the start and stay throughout you’ll win or do very badly. This is a bit like on television, except if you do very badly you go home.

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        What I love is that if I hadn’t put Klaas as Mole in the final week I’d have got about 10 points total – had him as least likely to be the Mole most of the way through.

        I was convinced there was going to be hints in Art’s initial briefing, and I was right, but I picked up on the wrong things sadly.

    3. David B

      So, why did I do this experiment? Maybe it wasn’t the best series to try out this hypothesis, but I wanted to see how something with no emotional investment would do in the competition. And it turns out… quite well! Therefore, the producers must be doing a decent job of pulling us towards the wrong people throughout the series.

      The methodology of my rolls was that every answer was randomised for every week. So each week, Deva’s guess could be completely different between weeks (with rerolls being taken for any invalid or already taken options). As such, it was highly unlikely this spreading tactic was ever going to beat a “back one horse heavily” gambit that the winners probably did. But nevertheless, I’m quite pleased with the result.

      So remember, this proves that Nick is as wise as a £1 geodesic piece of plastic.

  23. Aprilbride15

    Hi All- It was fun watching the season with you all. The final episode has been removed from YouTube. Any suggestions on where else I might find the episode?

  24. Nico W.

    Wohoo, I knew my total (I had it all calculated already, but without the bonus points) and thought you guys were doing better. Obviously I don’t like the bonus questions, it was just a random guess all the time, because I don’t remember these details. I always have a list with the names and whenever someone is suspicious or not suspicious at all, I note that and try to combine it with my list from the week before. That’s why I just can’t remember those tiny details. I just note feelings throughout each episode 😀

  25. Jared

    I didn’t think I’d rank so high given Taeke was my #1 all the way through week 7 and I didn’t submit a form for week 9. I had forgotten that Klaas rose to my #2 as early as week 3 lol. I generally went with a bonus question answer that included as many of my #2-6 suspects as possible, and it just so happened to include Klaas almost every time so that helped.

    I was tempted to lean towards Tim a few times in the back half of the season, but my big “There’s no way it’s Tim” moment was during the kayak challenge when he hit one of the scuba divers in the face with his paddle. I just couldn’t buy a mole getting that competitively overexcited lol.


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