Wie is De Mol ’17

Starts January 7th of Avro.

It’s a new year and that means a new series of Wie is De Mol. Ten Dutch celebrities go to Oregon in America to try and complete a number of tasks worth varying amounts of money. But hoping to put the spanner in the works is The Mole, one of the contestants recruited to sabotage the tasks without detection. Every episode the contestants take a test on who they think The Mole is and what they think The Mole has been up to and the person who’s furthest from the truth is eliminated. The last one standing wins all the money.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for English subtitles to go up somewhere. We’re a site with a mainly UK audience, we ask our international friends to please not discuss an episode here until English subs have gone up.

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They are, and I’m sort of having to use guesswork and deduction to get this correct from left to right so these may not be in quite the correct order (there’s a fair chance I’ve got the blondes mixed up):

  • Flemish actor Thomas Cammaert
  • Presenter Jochem van Gelder
  • Actress and writer Sanne Wallis de Vries
  • Dancer Vincent Vianen
  • Science journalist Diederik Jekel
  • That’s the host Art Rooijakers
  • Vlogster (that’s a female vlogger, I’ve discovered) Yvonne Coldeweijer
  • Voiceover artiste and radio DJ Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte
  • Actress Sigrid ten Napel
  • Writer and journalist Roos Schlikker
  • Actress Imanuelle Grives

Good luck Mole hunters!

128 thoughts on “Wie is De Mol ’17

  1. Qusion

    Darn it, I was hoping to have a candidate eliminated this week, I’m losing faith that I have the right person tagged as the mole. Especially since they were a bit obvious with some of their moleing this week. Unless of course they have genuinely made it to week 8 with noone pegging them as the mole at all, and they feel they can get away with it.

    The alphabet game was surely impossible, even without all the screwing up involved in it. I enjoyed the proverbs game; that would work really well as a British game, should we ever get a series 3.

    As for that final game, would a mole go all out and get caught, or hang back and ensure they won it. Surely only the last person to move was ever going to win there?

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Catchphrase in an junk shop is surely a proper format waiting to happen. Diedriek and Jochem exploring ‘coming out of the closet’ was one of the funniest Mole moments I can remember, particularly Jochem’s attempt at ‘being more feminine’.

      Also can’t decide if that third game was really good or really bad.

      Whatever the outcome over the next fortnight, this has been one of my favourite series. Great cast, actually gamier challenges than we’ve had for a while, and I agree with the earlier comment that the lack of metagamage hasn’t really hurt.

  2. Nico W.

    Is anyone else wondering why the last two standing in the exemption task didn’t guess the other ones colour? It seemed pretty obvious to me, that when two people are eliminated with the colours red and yellow and you wore blue, the other person would have to be green? Obviously it’s very risky but the game was hard enough to think that it would be worth it.
    I am also completely clueless about the moles. Unfortunately I could watch it with subtitles for various reasons and couldn’t spot any word clues. My main mole is suddenly one of the least likely to me. But I will stick with that person in our little guessing game, otherwise I couldn’t win anyway.

  3. Brig Bother Post author

    It looks like whoever was sibbing the Belgian Mole has now moved on to the current season.

    I will probably wait until this Dutch series finishes in a fortnight then binge watch it.

    1. Dale

      I was just about to post something here about it! The current one only is on its 2nd episode it appears. I watched the first few minutes of the first episode and it is definitely interesting. I am trying to hold off as well, but the mole is such a addicting program haha!

  4. Greg

    Well i can safely say this year i have done rubbish. I was convinced it was Imanuelle from early on.

  5. Daniel Peake

    The final week of The Suspect List 2017 is now available here:


    This is a DOUBLE POINTS WEEK – the list is worth 20 and bonus question is worth 6 points.

    Last week, I asked – Who was the Mole’s partner in the Polaroid Phrase challenge?
    A – Diederik – 23%
    B – Jochem – 15%
    C – Sanne – 15%
    D – Thomas – 47%

    1. Daniel Peake

      Also, I’ve not been looking at any stats of the Suspect List so far, but I hope to take a trawl through them this week and hopefully find some interesting tidbits…

  6. Steve

    WELP. I’m dead in the water. I’ve had all my money riding on the last execution victim since episode two. Now, I’m looking at ~40 points at best if my number two suspect is the Mole, or barely a dozen if it’s one of the others. Best of luck, all!

    Side note, I can’t remember, has there ever been a final in which all three candidates suspected someone different? Usually two will converge on the other one, but I don’t recall a perfect loop of suspicion like this happening before.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Some spoiler space:









      What a great ending to a great series, and really Thomas was a great Mole, using his image against them. I think I said a while ago that I was suspicious of him but couldn’t quite pin down much on him, but really he was quite responsible for a lot of stuff, and I really enjoyed his glee in the confessionals. I also enjoyed how Jochem, the Mole’s most hilarious player, managed to make the final on basically pure chance.

      The hidden clues were largely rubbish but they always are, although I quite liked the two-faced one.

      And well done Sanne, one of my favourite players, I think I switched to Thomas about the same time she did.

      This felt like a really great series, lots of fun tasks, great location, my favourite group of players for years. Well done everyone.

      1. gamehelp16

        It’s a shame that the official website doesn’t contain additional hidden clues, iirc on previous seasons they always do that.

      2. David

        I was right that the books were a clue, but had the wrong book….

        And I’m a bit surprised that that only the winner got the WIDM question right and only twice (out of 55 tests between everyone- you’d think it would be a little higher just because there are fewer choices as they go along and if someone’s mole suspect is eliminated the answers can shift)

  7. Daniel Peake

    It’s time for the results of The Suspect List 2017!

    Thank you to everyone who took part this year, there were 22 of you and two thirds of you played most weeks.

    Something interesting in the live broadcast was that the percentages of the public who thought each candidate of the Mole were revealed. 46% said Thomas, 34% said Jochem and 20% said Sanne. In the last week of the Suspect List, 47% of us put Thomas at the top of their Suspect List, 33% put Jochem at the top and 20% Sanne at the top – how incredibly close is that?! It goes to show that the Great Dutch Public are in tune with our superior Mole hunting skills. Or that no-one had a clue. One of those two.

    So, without further ado, let’s reveal the results of the Suspect List! If you managed to put The Mole at the top of your Suspect List every week, and answer all the bonus questions correctly, you would score 130 points (100 for the List, 30 for the bonuses). No-one did that though.

    Like last year, I’m going to do a “Eurovision” and all the points award from the List part first, then add on bonus points later. So, list points only:

    Jack Pitts 79
    Marie 77
    Nick Gates 65
    Will Chadwick 45
    Dan Peake 42
    Michael Harmstone 39
    Alaina 30
    Lukachina 28
    Gwilym 23
    Joseph Bolas 22
    Aprilbride15 14
    Steve 14
    Aiden H 12
    Nico W 12
    David Cooper 11
    David S 11
    Hans 10
    Scott Rux 9
    Greg Lowe 6
    Jared 4
    Chris A 3
    Joseph Bolas 3

    Overall, Thomas was a difficult Mole to find, he was consistently low down on many lists. When everyone’s lists were averaged together, Thomas was actually least suspected in weeks 5 and 6, and second bottom in the weeks either side (weeks 4 and 7).

    We have a clear top 3, Jack Pitts is currently in the lead, Marie (last year’s winner) is just behind and Nick Gates could have a chance if bonus questions fall his way and not the others.

    Here are the points for the bonus question for everyone except the top 3 (I can do suspense!):

    (Name, BONUS points, TOTAL points)

    Will Chadwick 15 60
    Dan Peake 15 57
    Michael Harmstone 9 48
    Alaina 9 39
    Lukachina 3 31
    Joseph Bolas 6 28
    Greg Lowe 21 27
    Gwilym 3 26
    Steve 9 23
    David Cooper 12 23
    Aiden H 9 21
    Nico W 9 21
    Aprilbride15 6 20
    Scott Rux 9 18
    David S 3 14
    Hans 3 13
    Jared 6 10
    Joseph Bolas 3 6
    Chris A 0 3

    Mostly if you did well in the Suspect List, you tended to do well with the bonus questions – but there was definite hedging going on this year between Thomas and Jochem. There are a few standouts, well done in particular to Greg Lowe who put Thomas well down on his suspect list but spread with his bonus questions effectly.


    In third place… it’s Nick Gates! He wasn’t able to catch up, he got 15 bonus points taking him to 80 in total.

    In second place…..drum roll please….. it’s JACK PITTS! He scored 18 bonus points taking him to 97 in total.

    That means that in first place, scoring 27 bonus points and winning the Suspect List for the second year in a row, with 104 points in total, it’s MARIE! And even more amazingly, last year she won on bonus points too! It’s almost like that internship she did at WiDM is helping her…

    David Bodycombe kindly provided a random entry this year under the name “Ivor Cosahedron”. How did the random entry fare?
    Ivor Cosahedron: 25 Suspect List points, 6 bonus points, 31 points in total
    This places the random entry at 9th out of 22 players.

    I also calculated the average suspect list, and here’s how that would have done:
    Average: 25 Suspect List points, 18 bonus points, 43 bonus points in total.
    This places the average entry at 7th place out of 22 players.

    So, the random method generated the same number of Suspect List points as humans, but humans did better at the bonus questions. Hurrah, humans aren’t quite useless!

    Finally, here’s a link for you to a google doc spreadsheet:

    There you’ll be able to see everybody’s Suspect Lists, and also a summary of how suspected each candidate was each week of the series via a lovely graph. It makes for interesting viewing!

    Thank you once again for playing, I look forward to seeing you in 2018!

    1. Daniel Peake

      I also forgot to give credit to Alaina, who only played the first three weeks, but got the full 39 points from those weeks. She was bang on the money with her Mole instincts, well done Alaina, if only you’d continued….!

  8. David

    Love that Miss Mole actually wound up basically being “You’re missing the Mole”. Hilarious.

  9. spp138

    Anyone catch the reveal of the Belgian Mole? Whereas I wasn’t totally wrong in the Netherlands this year, I was dead wrong on all counts in Belgium. Great season there, too.


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