Bits of business

Right Gang. We’re a month away from Poll of 2016, if you’ve got a minute glance through the UKGameshows new shows list and let us know if there are any glaring omissions – when we did this on Twitter midweek someone pointed out it was missing Robot Wars, which might have been quite embarrassing. It has now been added.

Secondly don’t forget it’s Schlag den Star next Saturday night, the inevitable Christmas non-Christmas special. Furthermore, the following week on the 17th I’m doing Bother’s Bar’s Festive Game Night, more details nearer the time but right now I’m still taking submissions for Drawful and Quiplash prompts, so do submit some if you can think of any.

Baffling decisions of our time

With thanks to Greg Scott, the English language pilot of current France 3 show Trouvez l’intrus (Find the Intruder, called The Exception here), a show which has Air Productions all over it.

But they have made one baffling decision, they’ve made a big visual set piece end game and then, in the pilot, well…

How Quizzing Became Cool

BBC4, 9pm

I’m sorry I’m completely out of the loop right now, there’s a documentary on quizzing tonight (which I thought was on Thursday for some reason).  Blurb:

We all love a good quiz. So here’s a question – when did ordinary contestants turn into the pro-quizzers of today? Giving the answers are Victoria Coren Mitchell, Judith Keppel, Chris Tarrant, Mark Labbett, Nicholas Parsons and many more. Narrated by Ben Miller.

Although I still find it quite hard to square cool with nerds but there we are.

This is followed by the film Starter for Ten. 

Who will be QUIZmas album number one?

Will it be star of the popular kids show Hey Duggee Alexander Armstrong with Upon a Different Shore? Or in an unexpected twist will it be the star of He’s Pasquale, I’m Walsh Bradley Walsh with Chasing Dreams (I would say ‘I see what he’s done, there’ but actually I hadn’t until someone had pointed it out to me)? Links should open in Spotify.

I endeavour to listen to BOTH at the weekend despite probably being about ten years below the target age range. Here’s what we do know though:

  • Armstrong is a classically trained singer. Walsh is a classically trained footballer.
  • Armstrong released an album last year, A Year of Songs, which evidently did well enough to warrant another one this year. In fact it topped the Classical Album Chart, which I always felt was missing from The Chart Show.
  • There is a cover of MacArthur Park on Armstrong’s album which we can’t wait to listen to.
  • Chasing Dreams is temporarily out of stock at time of writing on Amazon, although it’s below Upon a Different Shore on the Amazon charts.
  • It’s an album full of covers but the title track, Chasing Dreams was co-written by Walsh himself.

If you’ve listened to them, do let us know what you thought.

Ideas wanted for Game Night Xmas Special

Phew, well it looks like now Black Friday’s over the site’s speedy again.

Anyway, some dates for your diary. The next Schlag den Star is set for 10th December, join us for that, but more pertinent today is that there’s going to be Bother’s Bar Game Night 5: The Festive Special provisionally in the diary for the following week (that’s the 17th December).

I’m not looking for contestants yet, I will do that nearer the time. However we have plans, and some of those plans involve a little bit of prep. Therefore I’m looking for Christmas and New Year themed Quiplash and Drawful prompts. 

A good Quiplash prompt is something open-ended that gives people scope to respond in an amusing or witty way. For example: “Something it would be bad luck to bite into in an Xmas pudding”.

A good Drawful prompt is something faintly ridiculous, surreal, or open to interpretation that someone will have to make an attempt at drawing. “Santa and a christmas tree having a fight” is something off the top of my head.

Submit as many as you like, I probably won’t use more than a handful from any one person to get a wide range of ideas for the night, and of course I will release the codes afterwards so you can play at home if that is your wont. We are grown ups, you’re not expected to keep it clean but you are expected to have an idea where the line is.

They don’t HAVE to be Christmas and New Year related (and they certainly don’t have to be gameshow related) but it’s more likely to get used if they are. And if you want to be part of the panel you can still submit, it’s your own fault if you end up getting a difficult prompt.


Thanks and good luck!

Dec holding a stopwatch

[Apologies if the site’s a bit slow at the moment, not sure why, hopefully it will sort itself in the fullness of time].

This week I’m a Celeb did its 300th Bushtucker Trial. I’ve often said this, but I genuinely think IAC has one of the best task teams in the business constantly coming up with slightly different ways to dress up the same three tasks over and over (get covered in bugs, put body part in bugs, eat bugs) with the occasional height task for variety. It must be a nightmare, especially when the celebs (completely reasonably) decide they then don’t want to do it. The Dingo Dollar Challenges, which are often inventive and fun, must be a more fun to come up with.

I often wonder if the punchline is always 5,000 cockroaches whether you get immured to it. I’m perfectly happy not to find out.

Anyway they’ve come a long way since they started, the first series trials back in the heady days of 2002 seem so quaint, including as they do “chasing pigs around” and “grabbing stars whilst riding a bucking bronco”, and in the days before earpieces were invented Ant and Dec had to time them using an actual stopwatch.