Show Discussion: Eternal Glory

eternalgloryTuesdays, 8pm,

New reality sporting competition in a bid to lure people (hopefully advertiser friendly males, by intention) away from the Champions League which has now vacated ITV.

Richard Bacon hosts as eight sporting stars battle it out in various challenges testing all sorts of physical and mental prowess and their will to win. Each episode the two worst performers face a Night Challenge to stay in the competition, the loser goes home. It’s a bit like Superstars but with challenges rather than sports, basically.

It’s actually not a bad idea for a show and the original Belgian show we wrote about a while ago showed a certain promise but felt ultra cheap, although had some interesting ideas – I quite liked that (in the first series at least) the Night Challenge didn’t necessarily send someone home, for example.

As to the chances of this show’s success – it’s a big shame that few of the celebs competing are really relevant these days – Gail Emms is good value on Fighting Talk when she appears, and Matt Le Tissier is currently tearing up Countdown in the afternoons, we’re not backing Fatima Whitbread to win (although best of luck obv.). It all feels rather low key.

This being said though we’re of the belief that a reality competition is probably the best way for ITV to grow out of it’s Tuesday night flop zone – if it fails then it’s no surprise, but if it catches on then you’ve got what increasingly becomes a hit on what is usually a dead night. I’m not sure this is the show that will do it, but I suspect it will be solidly entertaining for anyone who does tune in.

Jackbox Games does The Genius

OK so something quite interesting was revealed this morning and that’s the final line-up for the sequel to Bother’s Bar party favourite The Jackbox Party Pack The Jackbox Party Pack 2. The line-up includes Fibbage 2 and Quiplash XL and new game Bomb Corp (puzzle game where you work as a team to diffuse bombs and shout at each other), Earwax (impress the judge by selecting the sound effects that best fit a given theme), but the one I want to talk about is a new game called Bidiot, the sequel to Drawful.

And the reason you will want to know about it is that it would fit into Bother’s Bar favourite The Genius nigh-on perfectly.

You’re each given the titles of some pictures you have to draw and are then handed $3,000. Before each lot you sent secret information as to what each picture is worth selling it to art buyers after the auction, just by the titles. The lots come up and everyone bids. When a lot goes the money is removed from your account and the person who drew it gets half the money and you find out what it will go for later at the end. You can bid up your own pieces to try and force someone else to pay over the odds and getting you more money, risking that you’re top bidder and doing yourself out of half your bid money. If you know a piece is worthless you can try bidding up to try and make other people believe there’s massive profit to be made. Halfway through you’re each given a screw to FORCE other people to make a bid. Finally if you’re low on cash you can get credit from a loan shark, although you have to pay it back by the end.


I love it. But I also have reservations – I think you have to draw in good faith, mainly because that’s the funny bit but also because with 12 blank canvasses it’d be a complete crapshoot (they have already inbuilt a certain element of this with several titles that are different but on the same theme, you’ll only get the titles on your phone). The bigger caveat is that Drawful was a complete everyman sort of game – everyone gets it pretty much immediately (draw the thing then try and guess what everyone else was drawing). I’m a bit scared of trying to explain this game to my non-gamey chums who enjoyed Drawful. Although I suppose we could always just play Drawful.

But we will see. The Jackbox Party Pack 2 is out on October 13th on all sorts of different devices and that’s worldwide for $24.99, so probably £15-20 here in the UK.

Show Discussion: The Almost Impossible Gameshow

almostimpossibleThursday, 9pm,

Ten contestants given fifty lives each to complete five very difficult challenges, whilst “hilarious commentary from Irish comedy duo The Rubberbandits” is promised.

It looks like a very lo-fi take on the slapstick physical comedy game, and we do have something to compare it to – we wrote a thing about the German show Crash Games here which is the same show but with a slightly different pairs-based format. I quite liked its sense of the absurd.

We’ve had it suggested to us that the commentary is quite similar to Come Dine With Me. Will it work? We shall see.

Show Discussion: Release the Hounds Series 2

releasehoundsWednesdays, 10pm

[The premiere is viewable at time of writing on ITV Player if you can’t be bothered to wait for Wednesday. Involves signing up. It looks like it will go offline at midnight Tuesday and return tomorrow.]

We’re super pleased for the return of horror game Release the Hounds, now Reggie Yates and his van have moved to the woods of Eastern Europe where contestants will be subjected to dogs, the creepy and the horrible whilst Yates tries quite hard not to laugh at them and inevitably fails.

The pilot was very rough, the first series showed a real improvement, we’re very much hoping this second series continues going in that direction. The first series was on Mondays at 9pm (with a repeat after Celebrity Juice on Thursday) and initially did very well until Made in Chelsea started against it, this time it’s been moved out of the way to ITV2’s prime entertainment slot so fingers crossed it shines there.

Which is the best series of The Genius?

OK don’t answer that here, this is an fact a pointing post to point you towards things you might have missed.

Right now in the The Genius Series 4 comments we’re having a discussion on what the official ranking of The Genius series are. We were here right at the start of The Genius and now it’s really popular we have to stop liking it like the hipster rulebook states, not a rule I like but I don’t get to make them. This is where we start, I would ask you to direct all comments there.

As a sort of fun sidenote, here are the places where we’ve discussed each series: Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4.

Tonight a big embargo on Eternal Glory lifts, don’t click on this freely viewable link until then and view the press pack otherwise you will go to prison (h/t David).

Finally thanks to Daniel H who points out that the premiere of Season 2 of Release the Hounds is currently viewable on ITV Player. I would politely ask you all *not* to talk about it until the Show Discussion post goes up so everything in the discussion is in the same place, but I’m going to bring that forward to tomorrow evening. If you can’t be bothered to watch online it goes out on Wednesday.

It’s ITV2 week on Bother’s Bar, apparently

This week we have TWO new shows to look forward to, the return of Release the Hounds on Wednesday and The Almost Impossible Gameshow on Thursday. Show Discussion posts have been set up for them to go up automatically on the days.


Edit: This is too funny, Buzzerblog reports on Twitter that China has bought the genre-redefining Million Second Quiz and RTL in Germany has bought the next big worldwide sensation 500 Questions. We laughed at both of them, but look who’s laughing now!