De Slimste Mens ter Bother’s Bar 2 – Coming soon

By | February 20, 2018

In lieu of anything worthwhile to report, I have tentatively put April 16th-20th down for the second exciting series of The Smartest Person at Bother’s Bar – LIVE! No need to get applications in yet, I will open up a new page to you can tell me what dates you can and can’t make. The only stipulation, as ever, is that you DEFINITELY need to be able to make The Final on April 20th, everything else I can work around. You also definitely need a webcam. Previous contestants can and should apply but I want to be able to select from lots of new ones (AND ESPECIALLY WOMEN) as well. If there are enough people there is a possibility of four heats and a four person final, but I’ll decide the format when I’ve decided the contestants.

I’m putting this here to force myself to do it but anything can happen between now and then, so consider this pending for now, a proper page will open up in due course.

Barrel scraping for Valentines

By | February 14, 2018

No, not the name of my new hit format, something relevant to post for the day. And this year it’s the opening sequence to Love Me, Love Me Not, an adaptation of a US show with Nino Feretto and Debbie Greenwood.