Schlag den Raab – 1st November 2014 #bbsdr

schlagdenraabSaturday 1st November,
7:15pm UK (8:15 on the continent),
ProSieben and naughty internet streaming

It’s 49 up for Raab as he defends a whopping €2.5m jackpot against a member of the public over fifteen mystery games.

And again we will be providing sort-of-live commentary, which doesn’t really work as live commentary because of all sorts of delays. HOWEVER it will likely be fun to listen to, and will likely feature all sorts of fun and games along the way. So why not come and join us? Unfortunately I won’t be around to “commentate” this episode as I am literally moving house, but it’s looking good for TV’s David J Bodycombe, Daniel Peake and Lewis Murphy. And maybe, MAYBE, a mystery fourth special guest.

The musical turns this episode are ZAZ and Bother’s Bar favourites Die Fantastichen Vier.

Here are the deets.

Here are all the links you need:

You will need to check the comments for the live commentary stream which one of the team will post, you can also follow them on Twitter.

This is the primary stream we will be watching live and basing our commentary on. You will need to have both the commentary stream AND the live stream running at once for our sound and their visuals.

That stream will probably go down at some point during the evening, here’s our first back-up one. If it all goes down, once we’ve finished panicking, we’ll put up links to streams we can find on here and on Twitter.

Follow us on Twitter for immediate news if something goes wrong. Or because we’re fun guys!!!! @bothersbar@danielpeake@ogbajoj@davidjbodycombe.

Sitting On A Fortune

So last night I watched new Irish show Brian Dowling’s Sassy Quiz Sitting On A Fortune (made in association with RDF Television) from TV3 and if you can get round the geolocation you can watch it here. In it, three couples try and win as much money as possible by sitting on a sofa as much as they can.

And actually in the main it’s quite good fun – In each round each couple must solve a puzzle on a touch screen about 20ft away from their sofa – in round one picking five pictures from ten which satisfy a category, round two working out a celebrity from clues given, and in round three colouring in a picture from memory. All the time they are solving the puzzle, the other teams are clocking up cash (they get what looks like 90 seconds, and the rate of the money increases the longer they take with a top value of €500, €1000 and €2000 in rounds one two and three). To lock in their answer they have to run back to the sofas to stop the clock. If they’re right the round ends, if not they have to run back and try and change their answers (there’s some Dowling chat between them sitting down and the reveal which I think is a bit energy sapping, it’d be more fun to be quickly back and forth I think, although the graphics and the smoke when the answers are revealed to be wrong are quite good fun). The team with the lowest amount after round three leaves the game.

It loses its way a bit in the semi-final, one player from each team answers multiple choice questions by sitting on one of the three sofas but it’s not very exciting to watch and loses the energy built up from earlier in the show- it feels as though it should be a bit more Runaround-esque. The first team to three correct answers goes through to the final – one more multiple choice question for the combined bank of them and the losing semi-finalists, if they both sit on the correct seat they win the lot, but they can split up and go for half the cash if they want. This at least makes sense.

It’s the Wipeout end game as its own show then basically with a slightly disappointing final third. Brian Dowling’s quite amusing in it. Worth a watch, it’s tonnes better than Crossfire.

Runthrough contestants wanted

From the lovely Ayse Jamieson:

I am currently looking for mature brains to be part of a quiz run through at the BBC in White City.  It will be with a host (the lovely Alex Riley from The  One Show) and a not for broadcast record for the commissioners (no one else will see it). It’s a really big pitch – and it’s my job to cast a group of people who can get to know each other quickly and can make decisions on answering different level of questions based on how well they know the other person…. It will be good fun and it will be me looking after you (I promise fun times!). But the casting is important to help sell the format, just so you know your role is pivotal!

All of the questions will be a mix of general knowledge and there are different levels of intelligence needed for the game.


The rehearsal run through is on the 30th of October with our host from 11.30pm until 2pm (maybe earlier) at BBC Media Centre, White City.

The record is on the 5th of November and you will be needed all day.

Expenses are covered and snacks, bits and bobs and copious amounts of tea and coffee will be provided.


Go for it, punters.

Neil Patrick Harris’ Thursday Night Takeout

So it sounds like ITV have sold Saturday Night Takeaway to the US. For it sounds like a $25m series. Serious stuff, and we’re intrrigued how it’s going to work – how will they work the ads in given that nationally everyone is likely to be playing their own thing? Or will they finally, FINALLY live the dream and have contestants playing for ads actually broadcast during the show? Or will they change that bit completely? We know they’re changing the title.

Of course the last time they tried something along these lines in the US is was Johnny Vaughan non-hit My Kind of Town. NEVER FORGET.

Show Discussion: Keep It In The Family

TV WalshSundays, 7pm,

Well look, we saw an episode being recorded, this is very much the sort of family entertainment show that everyone on the internet says there should be more of on television only for nobody to actually watch it. Except this time they might! Except this one is up against the Strictly results show.

The nation’s sweetheart Bradley Walsh leads as two families of three generations battle it out over a series of games. According to the blurb the kids are making all the decisions, but really that bit is overstated. Expect action! Grandmothers! Giant costumes! Celebrities on trapdoors! 3-2-1! It certainly throws a lot against the wall and much of it sticks, but it does feel a little bit like it peaks too soon (or I thought so at the recording at any rate). Still you can’t suggest this isn’t a show that doesn’t try.

Do let us know what you think in the comments.

Audience Stuff

A couple of badly timed and or badly located shows coming up, if you go and see any of these do let me know:

  • Relatively Clever – New Sky family quiz hosted by Mel Giedroyc. Some puzzles done by Only Connect people so likely worth a watch – I was actually meant to be attending a session tomorrow but real life has got in the way, so we’re super interested to know what you think if you go. Films at Elstree. Tickets: Applause Store.
  • Get Your Act Together – New variety competition where celebs team up with variety acts, and also may or may not be from the mind of Endemol Joe. Pre-recorded heats film at ITV Towers on the 10th and 11th. Tickets: Applause Store.
  • Smart Ask – Pilot where contestants must try and stump experts with their questions for £500,000. Not to be confused with the Canadian quiz of the same name. There’s a lot I don’t like about this from the description, not least the name which fails to be a very good pun or make any sense, but if it is what I think it is (if) there are good The Chase alumni working on it so let’s not write it off just yet. Films 2nd November at ITV Towers. Tickets SRO.
  • Pointless – sounds like a ton of celebrity specials are filming next month at Elstree. Tickets SRO.
  • Cheat – Pilot where contestants can try and get away with cheating if they don’t know the answers. Films Salford on November 5th. Tickets: Lost in TV.