Pointless wins at Rose d’Or

We did basically say this stood the best chance of the three.

Tell me something I don’t know

Boring week really (unless you’re in the US, in which case most of the big syndicated shows have returned) although we might have some interesting stuff for you very soon – if nothing else the new series of Release the Hounds starts on Monday and you can rewatch the disappointing pilot on ITV2 on Thursday night. Here’s the trailer for the series, it looks so much more fun:


So what else should I be getting excited about?

Also I’ve just got a new Playstation 4, if you’re on PSN and want to add me, I’m BrigBother. Go ahead. There is a hilarious cheapass rip-off of Buzz! on it called That Trivia Game which I had a go at last night, if nothing else I quite like the way the pad lights up green when you get a question right.

Edit: And then ITV cancels Rising Star before it even airs. Amazing.

Avanti un Altro 2014/15

Oooh yes! Bonolis and Laurenti return to Italian TV tonight for another seven-night-a-week run of Avanti un Altro, one of our favourite foreign shows of the last five years. In an alternate universe Michael Barrymore’s presenting a daily UK version at 5pm on ITV and it would be massive, but seeing as that’s an alternate universe fraught with danger, and that in most other alternate universes the UK version is rubbish, perhaps it going a bit quiet in actual reality might be for the best.

We’re hoping for new characters and lots of new hilarious question types and mucking about – really having no knowledge of Italian is only a small barrier to enjoyment.

Hopefully as in the last few years the full episodes will be online and ungeoblocked. Here is the link, you will need to click on “Puntate Intere” to get to them. The shorter videos *may* be geoblocked.

In the meantime, we might have mentioned this last year, but there’s a new Youtube series of Russian fan-made show Against the Flow (let’s see how this copes with cyrillic: Против Течения ooh not bad) just started based on the AuA end game, check it out:

Schlag den Raab 13/9/14 #bbsdr

schlagdenraabSaturday 13th September,
7:15pm UK (8:15 on the continent),
ProSieben and naughty internet streaming

The Summer is OFFICIALLY over as Stefan Raab returns for the 48th time to defend his jackpot from a member of the public across fifteen unusual physical and mental challenges LIVE on German television, having won the last three editions this episode the prize stands at €2m.

And again we will be providing sort-of-live commentary, which doesn’t really work as live commentary because of all sorts of delays. HOWEVER it will likely be fun to listen to, and will likely feature all sorts of fun and games along the way. So why not come and join us? It’s likely the full gang will be here – me, Daniel Peake, Lewis Murphy and TV’s David J Bodycombe. Join us for the whole five-ish hours or just dip in and out as you please.

The musical turns this episode are Maroon 5 and Kiesza. I know! THE Maroon 5!

Here are the deets. They’ll be updated live on the evening:

Here are all the links you need:

Our live commentary stream link will be linked to here! Join us!

This is the primary stream we will be watching live and basing our commentary on.

That stream will probably go down at some point during the evening, here’s our first back-up one. If it all goes down, once we’ve finished panicking, we’ll put up links to streams we can find on here and on Twitter.

Follow us on Twitter for immediate news if something goes wrong. Or because we’re fun guys!!!! @bothersbar@danielpeake@ogbajoj@davidjbodycombe.

Show Discussion: Celebrity Squares

CelebSquaresLARGEWednesdays, 8pm

Warwick Davies is the unusual choice to front a revival of Bobby’s Big Box Game, this time round with a £20,000 jackpot prize and with Tim Vine and 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown favourite Joe Wilkinson as regulars. And an extended 60 minute running time, so expect more arsing about from the guests than ever before. Maybe it will work in its favour, maybe it will not. Who knows?

Friend of the Bar Lewis Murphy went to see a pilot of this being filmed last November, he didn’t think much of it.

Of course Wednesday at eight is a traditional ITV light entertainment slot and Big Star’s Little Star and Mr and Mrs have had some success there. However it’s found itself up against the UK’s hottest show in The Great British Bakeoff on BBC1 – if it does 3.5m then it’s not doing too badly, certainly comparable to what’s been in the slot previous that isn’t football.

Challenge buys Chase USA

Now this sounds like a canny buy, Challenge have bought the rights to The Chase US with Mark Labbett and Brooke Burns, and they’ll start broadcasting them from October 14th. So if you’ve not watched it yet you can see what they’ve done to it enjoy them legally for yourselves.