It’s no secret that we believe Foster/Bolam should basically soundtrack all gameshows these days, so last night I was delighted to discover Nick Foster has a Soundcloud with a load of interesting things on it. It’s certainly not exhaustive but there’s some really good stuff on there. I’m particularly taken with his naming convention for The Cube background music and hope to see “mildly intense” make an appearance and more seriously the eggtimer music from 5 Minutes to a Fortune.

In other news Dishonest Friend of the Bar Endemol Joe has popped up with some news for all you old school Bar readers, quoted here a bit like Gerry Adams in the 80s and 90s:

Can I just say if you remember me from a couple of years ago when I said on here I was developing a new show called Ultimate Champion, which involved celebrities mastering different disciplines such as singing, magic, dancing etc. I was telling you how I was pitching these shows to different broadcasters. Well, three months ago I finally got the go ahead with the format which is going to be shown next year. The name has been changed to Get Your Act Together, but it is everything I hoped for and more. Never give up on your dreams!

An inspiration for us all, perhaps there might be hope of a Bar Good Friday agreement yet. I guess we’ll finally find out who he really is (although as was pointed out to me, if it just said “Endemol Joe” in the credits we’d collapse laughing).

OK, let’s all keep our fingers crossed…

So you say if I cut the red wire the site will work and a massive bomb won’t go off?

*cuts red wire*

Oh! Well that’s worked out quite well. Welcome back everybody, I hope you didn’t miss us too much. If you note any problems or issues then please let me know. Many thanks to our very generous host over the past eight years, hopefully now I have total control I might feel a bit more inclined to experiment with the coding a bit. Or not.

News in the last few days is that Fremantle France has optioned Bother’s Bar favourite The Genius for French speaking countries. Before everyone gets overexcited, that means Fremantle have the rights to make the show but nobody has actually commissioned it yet AFAIK. We’re still waiting to see what’s happening to the proposed Dutch version. Looking forward to episode three of the Korean one which should be up soon.


Hello peeps, I’m afraid the Bar is being a bit tempremental at the moment, normal service will hopefully resume shortly.

In the meantime, if you’re in the London area, Avalon are doing quiz runthroughs across the next month. E-mail if you’re interested.

The Chase USA is on Challenge tonight

From 8pm.

Also the new and fully deserved second series of 15-1 starts today at 3pm on Channel 4. Yay. There’s no real quiz competition at that time so it’s got no excuses.


The new episode of The Genius us up this week is about jury service… AND BETRAYAL.

Meanwhile we’ve mentioned the work of FOTB Ch4rlizard before, he makes amazing covers of the music you get on Fort Boyard and his latest work is no exception, a cover of the music from Caserne – the Fire Barracks:


Here’s an example of the original for comparison.

Check out his Youtube channel for other great covers here.

Out of contract

Alright, so this is one of those stories I find quite interesting but will probably bore the average punter to tears – ITV are suing Mediaset for £13m for airing their local Spanish version of Objective’s (now an ITV company) The Alphabet Game (we of course know it as Pasaparabla) for the last five years. Of course when it was on the BBC it wasn’t offering multi-million Euro prizes: