Monday entertainments

There are a few things on today which may be of interest, but probably not interesting enough for full blown show discussion posts so…:

  • guessthishouseGuess This House – 12:30, ITV. Well someone was determined to pun the title (they were asking for contestants under the name Game of Homes), it’s a 12 Yard Production so I predict it’ll be completely workmanlike and basically fine and their self-aggrandizing Twitter feed will suggest it was 10 years in development or something. Two couples go round houses and try to value them and everything in it, the better they do the more time they get in the final property where one could walk away with £2,000. Saira Khan hosts. Edit: Respect for the holding-a-question-card promo shot!
  • Hello Campers – 4pm, ITV. ITV muscle in on C4 territory with a show that’s a bit Coach Trip and a bit Come Dine With Me (two shows that do well for C4). Each week sees five couples set up camp and perform tasks and challenges based on local customs and keeping the camp running to earn points, the winning couple win £1,000 at the end of the week. It’s a 12 Yard Production so I predict it’ll be completely workmanlike and basically fine and their self-aggrandizing Twitter feed will suggest it was 10 years in development or something. Actually this might be decent fun. Fingers crossed for a sarcastic voiceover!
  • You Can’t Beat A Bit Of Bully – 9pm on Challenge tonight, but repeated on Sky One AND SKY ONE HD tomorrow at 8pm – A documentary celebrating Britain’s love of Bullseye.
  • Pointless starts in The Netherlands tonight! Best of luck to all involved. Hopefully you might be able to watch it on catch-up here.

Show Discussion: The National Lottery 5 Star Family Reunion

famreunSaturdays, 8pm(ish)

I almost forgot about this but DON’T PANIC 12-YARD STAFF, I have remembered.

Families split by geography do a quiz to win cash and hopefully get a lovely reunion.

Nick Knowles hosts.

Race to Escape

racetoescapeOK, I’m out this evening so I’m not going to get to watch until tomorrow, but it looks like the first ep of Science Channel in the US’ Race to Escape is online. Although I’m just getting a black screen at the moment, regardless of using dark magic or not.

I’m hoping it will eventually start working because it’s Very Much The Sort Of Thing We Like – two teams trapped in two identical puzzle rooms and have to solve puzzles to unlock the doors and escape winning up to $25,000 in the process. It’s the sort of thing people thought would make for a good TV show for a while, so I’m excited to see if the reality of the thought matches the fantasy.

You should probably expect spoilers in the discussion in the comments, I would advise posting the “can I get it to work” questions in this post here.

And if this is the sort of thing you’d like to do in real life (without the $25,000 top prize normally), you should give the Exit Games UK blog a look.

The Dutch Pointless Set Is So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

Thanks to FOTB Squared Eyes for the heads-up:



Note also three teams, the set looks a little bit the German one, I wonder how much inspiration has been taken from Null Gewinnt which I thought was a pretty good reversioning to make episodes self-contained although evidently not popular enough to get a second run, hopefully the Dutch one will do a bit better.

The show starts on Monday.

Chase Me

An in-joke.

An in-joke.

TV’s worst kept secret is finally revealed today, top quizzer Jenny Ryan is the new Chaser, The Vixen (and I believe she’s “on” this afternoon). We broke that there was a new Chaser coming FIRST, and Buzzerblog worked out who it was ages ago, so well done us.

In other news other Chaser Paul Sinha has a new book out.


dalew2_1It’s probably slightly too cropped, but this is a great promo-shot-featuring-the-host-holding-a-question-card effort from Dale on the set of In It To Win It.

They’re filming more episodes in August in Glasgow, tickets from Lost in TV.

In other lottery news, 5-Star Family Reunion starts on Saturday at 8:05pm on BBC1 with Nick Knowles.

Edit: You’re Back In The Room has also been recommissioned, Twitter seems a bit surprised by this – I don’t get it, it was doing 3.5-4m most weeks and it’s sold well internationally, complete no-brainer for ITV.