Schlag den Raab-cast 25th April 2015 #bbsdr

schlagdenraabSaturday, 7:15pm UK / 8:15pm Europe
ProSieben or naughty internet streaming

[Before we begin a little bit of business, I’ve done a little bit of rationalizing with the new WordPress update. You won’t notice much day-to-day but you might notice we now have a boringly functional mobile version now, so you can slag off criticise constructively shows on the bus. New comments (and the link to see the desktop version) can be found down the bottom, although I will see if there’s a better solution in due course. If you notice issues please hit me up.]

This year we’ve already had a postponement and a cancellation (which happened to coincide with a Saturday I couldn’t do and Lewis Murphy moving country. Coincidence? It seems unlikely.) but THIS SATURDAY Raab IS BACK and there’s €1.5m on the line if a member of the public can best him over fifteen mystery challenges. German Eurovision hopeful Ann Sophie and Stefanie Heinzmann provide the musical entertainment.

And again Bother’s Bar will be providing a live English commentary service throughout the evening, and during the boring bits there will be quizzes by TV legends David Bodycombe and Daniel Peake.

We’re likely to be around for five or six hours so do listen in and tweet us.

The link to the commentary will appear here. This stream is commentary only. You will need to have a naughty stream running at the same time for the visuals. We are likely to be about 15-20 seconds behind the visual stream (and about a full minute behind if you’re watching an actual satellite feed), sorry.

This is the primary stream we will be watching live and basing our commentary on. HOWEVER! It is recommended you watch the back-up stream whilst listening to our commentary as that is 10-15 seconds behind our primary stream and so the commentary syncing should work out much better. If we have to switch to the back-up I’m afraid we will be about twenty seconds ahead of what you’re watching.

Follow us on Twitter for immediate news if something goes wrong. Or because we’re fun guys!!!! @bothersbar@danielpeake@ogbajoj@davidjbodycombe.


What if…?

So you might have seen Buzzerblog tweet and write about this yesterday (all our stories stem from Buzzerblog these days, apparently), ITV are sending out casting notices for a new daytime show called Pick Me!

Edit: Updated casting details. Stephen Mulhern hosting pilot, it films on May 6th in Manchester. Hilarious yet challenging battles of wits promised. E-mail if you’re interested – good luck.

Edit Edit: Off camera audience tickets are also available for people who just want to watch, tickets SRO. Let us know what it’s like if you go, hmm?

In Pick Me! everyone in the audience is a potential winner but if you want to play for a prize, you have to get picked. So make sure you stand out from the crowd; don your best fancy dress costume, wear your most OTT t-shirt, or bring along a brightly coloured homemade sign. The more outrageous the better.

The interest here is that it’s from Possessed TV, run by the most interesting man in daytime Glenn Hugill. My gut’s not big on that description, although I’m sure it will be brilliant, but what if it isn’t? Who becomes the most interesting man in daytime then? Hugh Rycroft? Judge Rinder? Who?

In other news JOIN US for the live Bother’s Bar Schlag den Raab-cast on Saturday night from 7:15pm where we commentate over the LIVE edition of Schlag den Raab (this month with €1.5m on the line) until the boring bits when David Bodycombe and Daniel Peake have quizzes of their own lined up. It’s sure to be a laugh riot, with some tense bits as we go full armchair producer and criticise German live production decisions, inevitably.

Show Discussion: Decimate

decimate_coverWeekdays, 3:00pm,

Shane Richie challenges teams of three to keep a golden wall of cash intact across three rounds with the hope of the team taking away whatever’s left in a nailbiting race against the clock in the final round.

Unfortunately each wrong answer costs 10% of their bank at the beginning of the round – hence decimate – but perfect play could see the team walk away with £20,000.

Main point of interest for us is that it’s from the brain of Hugh Rycroft who did Tipping Point, so doubtless everyone will slag it off then decide several years later it was good after all etc.

Show Discussion: 7 Envelopes

7envelopesMonday, 8pm,

There only appear to be two episodes of this on the schedule right now, and they’re both half hour eps on Monday night.

Seven people pick an envelope containing a mystery amount of money between 1p and £10,000 and are filmed throughout the day. During the day they will be offered the chance to trade envelopes for experiences, and at the end two players get to play the end game for £20,000.

Literally no clue if it’s going to be worthwhile or not, but the last time Watch did a game show it was Scream if You Know The Answer which punched above its weight I thought, so we’ll see.

Things Recording Variously

  • C4 afternoon quiz Benchmark with Paddy McGuinness films on weekdays up in Salford for the next fortnight, details SRO Audiences.
  • A pilot for a show called The Money Box with John Thomson films in Salford on 1st May. The blurb makes it sound a little bit like Bother’s Bar favourite 19 Keys, although I’m sure it’s very different. Details SRO.
  • Name That Tune is filming again on Thursday 30th April in London. Details Applause Store.

500 Questions

Buzzerblog has the skinny on this Summer’s BIG NEW WORLDWIDE QUIZ SENSATION.

We’ll go into more detail when we’ve got time, but right now it sounds eerily like Big Money Quizzlestick.

I just think it’s got Big Hyped Flop written all over it. I’m not quite sure it has mass market appeal, and I’m struggling to see how they’re going to keep a fast pace given a ten-second limit per (apparently tough) question and modern production choices. Are they aiming to fire off 500 questions over the course of the nine nights or what?

If you have to get 50 questions right to win anything is it going to feel like a lot of effort for not much reward, not only as a player but as a viewer? This can be mitigated if the game is fun but the jury’s out on that right now.