Show Discussion: 1000 Heartbeats Series 2

1khbs2Weekdays, 3pm,

Vernon’s back with another thirty episodes of mental agility and heart rate control quiz 1000 Heartbeats.

By the sounds of it it’s been taken apart, the bits cleaned up and put back together again with new games and new music from Paul Farrer And His Hat performed by the Heartbeats Strings Quartet (who you can now book to play at your events). Paul’s putting some of his tunes on his Youtube, so go and have a look.

We enjoyed the first series more than we were expecting to in truth so hopefully the second series will continue going in the right direction. This time it’s in an earlier slot – 3pm rather than 4pm, it’s doing well if it gets around a million (at the very least it aims not to lose too many viewers from Judge Rinder before it) so look out for that.


Thanks to everyone who took part and watched last night’s Game Night, if you want to jump to the hilarious Tipping Point electronic game bits they’re about 23 minutes in and ten minutes from the end. Not great quality I’m afraid because we were low latency, which is a shame in retrospect.

Right, thanks to David Bodycombe for the tip off, here’s the second half of fun BBC science quiz Brainstorm with Kenny Everett and Cleo Roccos from 1988, notable mainly for the final round (the Brain Drain) which we thought was a really good format for a quiz that hasn’t really been done since. Also the prospect of the Scrungeatron terrified me as a seven-year-old, in a way that only Cliffhanger off of The Price Is Right did previously.


Finally today the Ring of Fire pilot films at ITV Towers this afternoon – I applied for a ticket but wasn’t successful. Sounds like young upcoming talent Stephen Mulhern is hosting (but that’s unconfirmed), if you go feel free to tell us what it’s like (use a pseudonym if you want).

It’s Bother’s Game Night 2! #bbgn

Live from around 9:30!


Hurrah! Join us live on Youtube tonight from 9:30pm to whenever (it’s open-ended, a bit like After Dark) as we explore the best of what the Jackbox Party Pack 2 (and some of JPP1) can offer as well as roadtesting what will surely be this Christmas’ must-have item, the Tipping Point electronic game. There will be a group of us broadcasting live from a Google Hangout but because of the nature of the games YOU will be able to have some input as well!

Affect our games and playalong live! All you need to do is keep our livestream up (Youtube link will appear here around 9:30) and then on your second screen of choice go to, put in the room code on the screen, add a name et voila. Please be aware that because of the lag you will need to follow prompts on your phone and watch the results on the screen. As a member of the audience you will get the chance to vote on answers, awarding points to the person who came up with the answer. Play along, you might make the difference!

What will we be playing? On the menu tonight in no particular order: Lie Swatter (true/false quiz, audience participation), Drawful (trying to draw unusual things), Fibbage 2 (fill-in-the-blank lying, audience participation), Quiplash XL (being witty to order, audience participation), Bidiot (strategy and perception) and Bomb Corp (speed logic and shouting). We won’t be able to play Earwax because we can’t stream sound in the Hangout right now regrettably, although we may well try a workaround for future events. PLUS! An exciting fil rouge Tipping Point element that may or may not go well!

I’ve got a decent amount joining me in the Hangout this evening but there may yet be room for more, especially if you’re female (as the panel is looking 100% male so far) – if you’ve got a microphone and a Google account hit me up on here or on Twitter and we’ll see what we can do to make it happen.

If you’re watching along you should also tweet us on #bbgn. Please be prepared for adult themes and language.

If this this goes well we’ll do it again in the New Year.

Our WIDM ’16 page is open!

The super-observant of you might have noticed that our annual Wie is De Mol? discussion page is now open for business in the menu bar – there’s not an awful lot there right now (the show doesn’t start until early January), but we will add to it as and when.

Remember to join us for Bother’s Bar’s Rearranged Game Night tomorrow from 9:30pm until whenever, featuring GAMES and INTERACTIVITY and TIPPING POINT. See you then!

Hunted’s coming back

Because everything gets a second series these days regardless of how it’s actually done, and this time there’s a £100,000 prize pot to split between anyone who survives. Which is probably a bit galling for anyone who took part in series one, but as we always say television is made for viewers not participants so tough luck basically.

I wonder how much they’re offering in the upcoming US version. The first series was capable of being very very compelling at it’s best but hugely variable in quality elsewhere.

We’re also hunting (thanks) for people to join our Hangout for Bother’s Bar’s Rearranged Game Night on Saturday, if you’ve got a microphone and a Google + and you want to join us for live reaction then get in touch by Friday. I can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that as well as the usual Jackbox INTERACTIVE fun, we’ll be live roadtesting the Tipping Point electronic game with hilarious consequences. If you can’t join us in the Hangout then watch and join us anyway on Saturday night from 9:30pm.

What have we learnt about the new series of 1000 Heartbeats starting next Monday?

We will have a separate Show Discussion page up for series two of the promising afternoon quiz (here’s our one for series one, for reference), a few things have come to light thanks in part to an interview with Baron Samedi Paul Farrer on Buzzerblog (it’s the hat) and this fun tweet:


  • The elephant in the room, I’m not loving the new font, sorry, although I completely understand the reasoning behind it (it’s clearer to read). The kerning’s all wrong on the figures.
  • There is new music and we are very excited by this, although we’d have been perfectly happy if they just played Round Five from last year for every round.
  • There are new games and we are very excited about this.
  • There’s going to be a Text Santa special with Keith Lemon in it, and if that picture is anything to go by he’s struggling in round two, but decent heart rate.

Can’t wait. The new series starts next Monday at the earlier time of 3pm (unless the first episode turns up accidentally early on the internet like last year), where it’s hoped it will do a bit better than Pick Me! currently in the 550-600k range.