Show Discussion: Relatively Clever

relativelycleverFridays, 8pm,
Sky 1 (HD)

Also on Sky On Demand.

(The first episode of this is available to watch right now on Sky On Demand, this post will shift up the page again on Friday for a new audience).

Mel Giedroyc is your jovial host as eight families battle it out across the series to be declared Relatively Clever champions. It’s a bit Ask the Family, a bit University Challenge (Pass the Baton era), and a little bit Only Connect, but in honesty quite a bit easier than any of those three shows – the material isn’t really all that challenging but it’s all quite warm which it does make it a quite an easy thing to watch.

Families answer general knowledge questions on the buzzer for ten points each, when a family has given three correct answers (and lit all three of their “pips”) they get an “advanced question” which can’t be thrown across for a twenty point bonus which are a bit more brainteasery – spot what these people have in common, what does this sequence represent, what sport can you make from the initials of these people, that sort of thing. After two races there’s an individual head-to-head round – subject is given, families pick who would be best on that subject, then there’s a 10 question head-to-head buzzer quiz in THE HEAD TO HEAD ZONE at ten points apiece. Rinse and repeat for part two, part three is slightly different, “Four to Score”, each member of the family must give one of four correct answers from a list to score the points and light a pip. The final part is one last head to head with the last remaining family member, and then a three minute (!) quickfire double points round because it’s the 1980s.

I’m not entirely sure who’d be watching this on a Friday night but I can’t say I was bored watching it, there’s not much in the way of padding, family chat gets to the comedy point quite quickly each time and doesn’t feel overlong. Mel’s very “nice”. You’ll be able to answer almost all the questions but they’re quite well pitched so they don’t feel like obvious gimmes. There’s not much to dislike about the show really, but on the other hand there is nothing here that’s going to blow you away. It’d be quite nice if the visual cue for seeing who buzzed in was clearer. Or indeed in any way evident.

If you’re one of the perennial complainers that gameshows are too dark these days and too dramatic and  you don’t watch this then it’s YOUR FAULT the situation is not going to change, this is basically as old-school as you’re going to get.

Perfect Match

Well, we were hoping to have a report for this pilot meant to be filming tonight but it’s been cancelled due to “unforseen circumstances” so sorry about that.

I’ve seen a ton of shows but this would have been the first Nick Knowles one, but he escapes AGAIN.

AND NOW DERMOT’S LEAVING THE X FACTOR. Perhaps Nick Knowles is the new host.

Edit: front page of The Sun tomorrow suggesting Caroline Flack and Olly Murs. I like them both but… I don’t know, not convinced it requires two hosts and I don’t think either carry enough gravitas. We’ll see.

Richard Osman’s curating a thing

In a couple of week’s time (April 15th in fact), Richard Osman’s curating a BBC Four collection on BBC game shows from the archives to view online.

Fingers crossed for Hit the Road. Speaking of Richard Osman, you can apply for the new series of Pointless between now and the end of May, details at the BBC site.

In other news:

It feels a bit odd seeing a Ninja Warrior course indoors, but we will see.

Show Discussion: The Quizeum

quizeumWednesdays, 8:30pm,

Griff Rhys Jones invites experts to do quizzes and play games informed by pieces in a different museum each week in an idea everyone seems to be calling new except Codex did it ten years ago. Whatsmore this appears to be even less sexy than that going by the adverts. Still, let’s not pre-judge.

Runthrough contestants wanted

The lovely Michelle from John Stanley Productions has been in touch, they’re doing a runthough for a major broadcaster in a few weeks and YOU can be a part of it:

‘Contestants wanted for run through of brand new quiz format.  April 10th 3-6pm in central London. Cash prize for the winning team and travel expenses. Please email a short self description to

Do say you saw this here.

JSP is Matt Lucas’ production company, and they are also responsible for the upcoming Relatively Clever with Mel Giedroyc, which looks like an updated Ask the Family, going out on Sky 1 from 3rd April.

Release the Hounds RETURNS

Hurrah! It’s coming back for a second series, and this time instead of six months of “hilarious” adverts trying to get you to apply to a mystery adventure show so they can surprise you on the day, you can just e-mail this time around. Good luck.