Your Jedi mind tricks don’t work on me

By | May 28, 2020

Edit: Voting in the semi-finals for The People’s Ben Justice’s Top 100 Gameshows of All Time is now open, voting closes Sunday.

Star Wars Jedi Temple Challenge starts on Youtube next week (June 3rd) after originally being designed as a Disney+ thing, and it looks actually pretty good.

I’m not a Star Wars person and so the lore stuff is likely to grate, but it sounds like it’s been inspired by good shows like The Crystal Maze, Raven and Jungle Run. Nice to see an adventure show that looks like it’s got a budget at any rate.

Incidentally, a new series of Britain’s Brightest Celebrity Family starts tonight on ITV at 8pm.

A fun interactive thing to do on Saturday

By | May 26, 2020

I’ve spent many evenings during lockdown playing along with Ash the Bash (Wednesday and Friday) and Royal Flu$h’s (Tuesday and Saturday) Twitch gameshow streams and this Saturday they’re doing a charidee marathon of sorts, most of which you can interact with in the Twitch chat. Do drop in as and when, it should be a lot of fun – all subs and bits given on the day will be going to charity. Starts midday UK. Can also donate directly here.

The Titan Games comes to Netflix June 1st

By | May 24, 2020

If you missed The Rock’s physical game last year you will be able to watch it on Netflix in the UK from next weekend – the games and set are genuinely impressive looking, but I hope you like inspirational backstory because there’s a looooot of it:

It’s a shame then that it feels like so much of it feels like it’s given over to each contestant’s “inspiring” backstory, over the course of the two hours you’ll see up to 16 video pieces (for whatever reason, one game was just a highlights package in the second of last night’s tournaments). If you add to that the 20% of the show given over to Dwayne Johnson being just a great guy, that means we have a frustrating situation where the key centrepieces, the events, begin to feel a bit like unwelcome guests at their own party.

Me talking about The Titan Games last year

This probably isn’t accidental timing, the second series of the show begins tomorrow (Monday) night on NBC and it appears to have become a pro-am tournament, with the winners of each of the best-of-three match-ups taking on a professional athlete on Mount Olumpus to become the reigning Titan. Here’s a ten minute sneak peek:

Edit: Or at least there was one, The Rock’s made it private.

Pass the Baton

By | May 23, 2020

Here’s something really interesting we were alerted to by gordygeorge88 on Twitter, a full episode of University Challenge‘s Pass the Baton game from the mid-80s, a curio and no mistake. I hadn’t seen this since I was about five or six. In these dying days of the show’s run, games were split across two episodes – the first played by traditional rules, the second by these ones.

So many missed questions – the advantage of the team based quiz is it only requires one of eight people to know the answer as opposed to one in two, and whatsmore many of the questions will be asked outside the expertise of at least one of the contestants. It seems unusual for someone to be able to start halfway through a lap and end the round after just one question. Also, for the effort involved in filling the baton, the team bonus question seems a bit undervalued. Also the highest loser’s scoreboard is “highest average” but seems to just be across the two shows, so what’s the point in that then? And why is one of them a .6?

In the meantime here’s a fun Wikiquiz on gameshow themes open competitively until Monday. 46/50 is your score to beat, although I’m kicking myself on at least one of the ones I missed.