How can I watch Fort Boyard outside of France?

By | June 22, 2018

The new series of Fort Boyard starts on France 2 on Saturday (unless you’re in Belgium, then you get on Fridays for whatever reason) and as is usual I’ve set up a discussion page for it.

But if you’re reading this you’re probably not French. How can you watch it?

  • Absolutely, if you’re serious about watching foreign free-to-air television, paying for a proper VPN is recommended. I pay for a subscription to Tunnelbear, other paid for VPNs are available. Windscribe has been recommended as a free limited alternative, we can’t be held responsible for what you do to your computer. The advantage of the VPN route is that you can also watch on catch-up if you miss it without too much effort. On the France 2 site, Direct is live, replay is catch-up. Which you probably worked out, but still. You may need to register with a Google account or similar.
  • Dodgy live streams may be available, they’re usually heavy on ads so an ad-blocker is recommended. Try searching for France 2 live stream. Again, on your own heads be it.
  • Somebody usually uploads them to Youtube a day or two after. Obviously these run the risk of getting taken down, so check early and often.

It’s scheduled to start at 7:55 UK time and will finish just after ten, although French TV timings can be pretty flexible so you’ll probably put it on and get five minutes of the hilarious Parents Mode d’Emploi first, probably. Anyway, there you are.

You Don’t Know Jack 2018

By | June 22, 2018

Last night Jackbox Games showed off a live work in progress (underlining that twice) version of YDKJ’18 coming to Jackbox 5 this autu… er fall. I was very interested to see how it would work, now that it’s going to support eight players and audience play, which means there would have to be changes certainly to account for stream lag so things surely can’t be quite as time sensitive. Here are my key takeaways:

  • They’ve gone all-in on being themed around Binjpipe, a parody streaming service.
  • Cookie Masterson is back.
  • Questions are worth a flat amount of money $1/2,000, BUT correct answers also get a bonus dependant on what percentage of the audience gets the question wrong ($10/20 per percentage point). Jack does Pointless!
  • The game is no longer episodic, questions played at random (with allowances for question chains to set up gags or whatever – not unlike the original games). Hopefully it will keep track of which questions you’ve done.
  • Everybody gets to play Dis or Dat, everyone gets ten seconds to respond to each question.
  • The worst performing players at various points are given Screws. These are used to make things harder for their opponents – rather than picking a player out, they now effect all players and have various penalty effects – turning the writing upside down, removing all the vowels and so on. However right now they don’t seem to effect how the question plays out on screen, just on phone, which seems a bit odd. These effect the audience as well!
  • The Gibberish question returns, now instead of buzz and answer it’s answer then buzz. Everyone gets to play, it’s on a money countdown timer, they’re currently playing around with the timings. Right now it’s a minute which feels probably a bit too long.
  • The Jack Attack has seen an overhaul – there are now six possible responses revealed gradually and more than one of them can be right and you earn credit for each one you hit. It looks like the first person to hit a right answer on their phone earns big money for it with everyone else picking up half if they then select it. It does not look like you can spam wrong answers to end on a minus score. This gets round lag by having all the answers – and their timers – appear on your phone.
  • We don’t know how the Audience can play with Dis or Dat, Gibberish or the Jack Attack yet, only that they will be able to.

Only a few months until we can play this for real!

Unusual Timings

By | June 20, 2018

“They” are looking for contestants for a new BBC1 show called The Time It Takes, with Joe Lycett, where contestants aim to answer enough questions to win a dream holiday but must determine which unusual clock to use. “Would it take longer to pack an airbed back into a box, or fill a welly with custard using a turkey baster? This is what we need you to work out in order to get your prize,” says the blurb. The Taskmaster influence seems strong in this one.

Playing against unusual clocks is something that comes up every so often, perhaps the most famous is the show Dollar a Second. Contestants go up on stage and earn a dollar for every second they play, and can quit at any time provided they’re not in the middle of a Truth or Consequences-style penalty for failing at a task. However whilst this is going on they’re playing against an Outside Event, and must quit before the Outside Event happens or lose the money.

More Fabulous Video Content

By | June 18, 2018

I was too busy to “do” the Schlag den Henssler Bonusrunde last week so I’ve done it now. This episode, two games played for charity as money earned was donated to the 24 Hour Gameshow Marathon.

First up, Dan Peake’s interpretation of Tenable:

Secondly I try and earn £200 by getting 21 Questions Wrong with Scott Rux. No pressure!

BBGN: The Finals, Vol 1

By | June 17, 2018

Want to watch the Bother’s Bar Game Night Arbitrary Finals without the two hours of Jackbox build up? Well now you can! From Tipping Point to Strike It Briggy, the first nine (as there wasn’t one in episode one) have all been collected in one amazing video. Watch as the technology sometimes fails! Look at how much fun you can have with microphones and Powerpoint! Incredible stuff.

Bother’s Bar Game Night X: Strike It Briggy #BBGNX

By | June 15, 2018

Saturday 16th June,
9pm UK – Around 11:30pm,
Here and on Youtube


We’re back! It’s been six months since the last one and I’ve got a couple of new tricks up my sleeve. Join me and my seven panellists as we play the best of the Jackbox suite of games LIVE as someone hopes to strike it Briggy and end up the champion of the night, winning a guaranteed invite to the Bother’s Bar Jackbox 5 launch Game Night.

As usual Team Audience are there to ruin everything and win the night for themselves as everyone clocks up points to earn the advantage in the Strike it Briggy Arbitrary Final. Who’ll end up top, who’ll end up middle and who’ll end up bottom? “How is a Hot Spot not DEFINED?”

To play along you will need to be watching the live Youtube stream embedded here or on Youtube, and you’ll need a second screen to log into, follow the onscreen prompts and use the room code to join in. The first person to put the code in will be the Team Audience representative for the game, everyone else will be answering, voting and judging the action. You are very important!

The latency is only a few seconds watching on a computer, bear in mind prompts will come up on your phone a few seconds before they come up on screen. If you’re watching on a Youtube app the delay might be a little bit longer. Nothing here is quickfire so don’t panic, join in as you can.