It’s Celeb Big Brother day!

Celebrity-Big-Brother-CBB-2015-EyeLaunch show tonight, 9pm,

(and basically the rest of the night for Bit on the Side and some live streaming variously)

The nights are starting to draw in a bit and what better way to celebrate than with a new Celebrity Big Brother! The theme is US vs UK and who knows how it will manifest itself – perhaps they will combine rich and poor house with all manner of tasks based on what people have said behind other people’s backs?

We don’t know, but apparently there’s five weeks of it to come so that’s something to look forward to.

Erm actually I’m out tonight watching a production of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None (which is a bit like Big Brother but with murder) but I’m sure the launch night twist will be EXPLOSIVE and I look forward to reading all about it.

Bank Holiday Smash Sunday

smash bros

What are you up to this Bank Holiday weekend? That’s right, nothing! So why not join us on Sunday night for the very second Bother’s Bar Smash Bros tourney on the Wii U?

To play you will need v1.1.0 which has introduced Tourney mode. If you have not booted your copy up for a while, you’d do well to do it in advance to make the patch download happen.

To join, click on the Nintendo Network icon top right of the menu, then click the Events > Tournaments tabs. You can search for us, here are the details:

Date: Sun 30th August, 9:00pm – 10pm UK – drop in and out as you please.
 Bother’s Bar
Tournament ID: 51531042063538
Password: tarrant [all lower case]

Or if you’re friends with me on Wii U (Brig Bother) there’s an option to join friends, come find me. There is a limit of 100 players, although it’s unlikely that will get hit.

60 minutes of fighting fun – rounds are two minutes, stages are random, all items on, you can play with Mii Fighters but customisations are off. Most points at the end of the 60 minutes wins!

Join us! You can watch Partners in Crime on catch-up I’m sure. You cvan register now, but do remember to turn up!

Inevitable disappointment

So this came up in Broadcast today – head of SyFy in the US Dave Howe is keen to remake The Krypton Factor for SyFy. This would normally fill people with terror but SyFy have done some quite good shows in the past so we will see. Here are the relevant quotes:

The Krypton Factor set for US reboot.

US cable network Syfy is developing an American version of The Krypton Factor.

Last week, Syfy president Dave Howe, a Brit who previously spent 15 years working at the BBC in London, revealed The Krypton Factor was the one show that he would like to revive.

So: not necessarily happening yet then. Anyway here’s the first episode of the US one, and you can read more about the show here:

Give Us A Who

To keep the place ticking over, here’s an episode of Give Us A Clue from 1981 from a link I was sent yesterday. It features a theme that is neither Alan Hawkshaw’s Chicken Man or the one with all the lyrics. It features both Tom Baker AND Peter Davison, Time Lord fans:


And don’t forget Fort Boyard is on tonight this week, reverting back to Saturdays for its final episodes this year in due course.

I’ve written a self-aggrandizing FAQ

It’s the boring middle of Summer and it’s boring midweek so for some reason I decided to update the site’s FAQ. The questions aren’t actually frequently asked, in truth.

Show Discussion: Rebound

reboundWeekdays, 5pm,

Sports journalist Sean Fletcher hosts a new quiz for everybody to moan about in the The Chase slot for the next fortnight and here is is holding a question card, if I’m responsible for the resurgence of hosts holding question cards in promo shots then I am a happy man.

Apparently it’s a quiz inspired by the bleep test, although it sounds more like that tennis-esque game from Pressure Pad writ large – six contestants face off answering questions whilst the virtual Rebound Bar travels back and forth across the studio, answering correctly reverses it back towards your opponent faster. If it reaches your end you lose.

It sounds like a no-nonsense quickfire format from the blurb, but people don’t watch formats they watch shows and will this one be the first since Tipping Point in that slot that a respectable amount will want to watch? It’s starting from a low base of about a million that Freeze Out bequeathed it, it should only need a modest rise from that to be considered worth bothering with again I’d have thought.