It’s our TENTH birthday today

Here is a picture of a cake I’ve found on Google Images to celebrate:



In other news if you’re between 12 and 18 and want to take part in the next series of Fort Boyard Ultimate Challenge, you can apply here.


Did you watch Schlag den Brig 2 LIVE? Did you watch it on catch-up? Then we’d very much appreciate having a go at this exciting feedback form so we can make it better in future. Thanks!


It sounds very much like there’s a UK version of TBS’ King of the Nerds coming, Objective are currently casting (click for larger):



If this is what this is, the US show was quite good fun – challenges are split to alternate weeks between science-y and creative. I’ve seen series one of it but not seen series two (but Reality Blurred who is usually bang on about this sort of thing suggests it has even better challenges than the first one). is the direct link if you want to mail for an application form.

If it’s something completely different then meh.

Box Clever

Well this is a bit of a turn-up, an entire episode of Box Clever on Youtube. I used to bloody love this when I was about five.


In this show football player and Question of Sport captain Emelyn Hughes spends about twenty minutes explaining the rules of the game (UKGameshows has a good explanation, but it can be boiled down to: answer questions to turn squares your colour, if you don’t complete the set your opponents can nick it, try and box your opponents in on the board – it’s a bit like Blockbusters but you’re trying to claim territory). Hughes frankly not a great host, Dr Sue Kingsman has some quite fun questions (although seems to allow multiple guesses on a whim), aurally and sonically it is very eighties. Also was there a second computer game with a dog that I remember, presumably that’s series two.

Fifty50 53

It’s time for the landmark 53rd edition of Lewis Murphy’s Fifty50 podcast. This week yours truly and him discuss Fifteen to One and Schlag den Brig from my perspective. History truly being written by the winner, there. Truly an epic episode.

Only Connect’s on tonight

And it’s on BBC4 at 8:30 – it transfers to BBC2 in the Autumn to partner University Challenge. It will be interesting to see if the questions have a different sort of feel with a new editor, although many of the old question contributors are still on board.