Win Your Wish List is back tonight

At 8:30pm on BBC1, and this time there’s a new entry into the Host Holding a Question Card in a promo shot stakes:


This is clearly the Bother’s Bar legacy, and what a legacy to have. We will get round to doing that feature on classic Host Holding The Question Card promo shots we’ve been promising for about a year now. Thanks to John R for finding this one.

Anyway here was our discussion post for series one. The show’s had two series on TF1 in France in the intervening year.


Taskmaster Tickets

Great news for fans of 2015’s OFFICIAL second best new show Taskmaster, TVRecordings have tickets for a recording on the evening of 14th March (presumably there are more to come) at the Fountain in Wembley.

The contestants will be revealed in due course. My understanding is that series two and three will be being filmed at the same time, although whether that’s just one task filming block and two different studio filming blocks I don’t know.

In other news I chanced across an episode of Sticky Moments On Tour on Youtube last night. Sticky Moments was a show where Julian Clary set quizzes and challenges to people plucked from the audience queue in the hope of being the grand champion and winning a rubbish prize, kind of like The Generation Game for late night, and being any good took second place to being game. Rude but never quite vulgar (JC always went big on innuendo) it feels a bit tame by 2016 standards but is still capable of providing some big laughs, I hope more turns up at some point. This was one of Julian’s many collaborations with Paul Merton. On Tour was basically an excuse to dress the studio up and pretend they were somewhere else on a weekly basis, a bit like The Noel Edmonds Saturday Roadshow but more camp.

This vid has the first couple of minutes cut off unfortunately.


In other news I’m on a bit of a US Remote Control kick at the moment, but I would probably kill a man if there was a promise of an upload of a UK edition with the legendary Tony Wilson, Frank Sidebottom, Phil Cornwell and basically most of the stars of The Fast Show before they were famous.

It’s science (sort of)! It’s entertainment! It’s Dara!

Johnny Ball for the new millennium Dara O’Briain will be hosting the new Robot Wars alongside Philippa Forrester for the new millennium Angela Scanlon. Jonathan Pearce is back!

An intriguing choice and one I can’t quite picture, but we’ll see.

You will be able to get tickets from Lost in TV, the show films in Glasgow.

The big question is how far is production prepared to make destruction of robots go? It’s quite the big dichotomy between what viewers want and what the people who make the robots want.


So last night I started playing popular hipster puzzle game The Witness on my PS4. Do you remember The Witness? Everyone was banging on about it last week. Anyway it’s a game built around mazes, some on panels, others cleverly built into the environment.

So here is an episode of early 90s US kids show Masters of The Maze, with – who else? The X Factor‘s Mario Lopez.


Of possibly more interest to quiz nerds, albeit in Serbian, we were chatting about a quiz called Lavirint in a comments box not so long ago. I can’t work out if it’s a version of All3Media’s 1001 Rooms – Beat the Matrix or not, but looks like a similar idea.

Terry Wogan

We were very sad to hear of the passing of interviewer, DJ, gameshow host, Eurovision commentator and sometime holder of the world’s longest televised golf putt Terry Wogan when we got up this morning. He was 77.

It is a bit obvious but here is the first episode of Blankety Blank in tribute.


And here he is on Would I Lie To You.


Pint of Guinness

So this turned up in a forum I was reading this morning, a show from the US 1979/80 called The Guinness Game, where people bet on records that may or may not be broken. The game element is basically lousy but the record breaking elements are quite good.


What’s really interesting is that lousy as the game is, the central conceit actually predates Wetten Dass? by a year or more.

Whatsmore as much as I love You Bet, one of the issues I had with it is that people wrote in saying they could do a thing, they come on, and 80%+ of the time they successfully do the thing and eventually I find myself wanting them to fail to add a bit of spice and because the celebrity forfeit element was quite amusing. World records are inherently a bit more challenging to break.

In other news do you remember Come On Down – The Game Show Story? One of the contributors to that and old-TV talking head, Louis Barfe, wants to write a book on the genre and is looking for crowdfunding. I’m sure this will be very entertaining, so if you’re interested put your name down for a copy here.