It’s time to incentivize being entertaining on Big Brother properly

Because let’s face it, this year’s been a bit of a mess hasn’t it? This year’s housemates have basically been extras to all the older housemates that have come in. Still I said Joel or Nick would win at the beginning of the series and that’s looking quite good, so.

So if it’s entertainment BB wants then surely it’s time to incentivize it properly:

  • All weeks are vote to save.
  • Housemates have an individual prize fund starting at £25k (for example), but they earn 20p (say) for each vote they receive across the series. This shouldn’t be too hard, Endemol would get to keep the revenue from all the losers.
  • They get fined £500 every time they use the phrase “up for nomination.” A siren will go off when this happens.
  • The winner gets to take their bank home with an exciting Pointless tower-esque graphic before the fireworks go off.
  • And bring back the shopping list.

So you can bland your way through the series and go home with the minimum, or risk getting nominated and being fun and winning something lifechanging.

Call it Big Brother: Stake Holder, get Emma and Rylan in power suits, 20 million viewers.


Things to apply for this weekend

Although just to begin with, Only Connect is back on July 13th, which feels surprisingly early. Edit: It’s all go! Hive Minds with Fiona Bruce starts on BBC 4 on July 14th.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, it’s looking very good for a second series of Sky 1’s hilarious Wild Things and people who want to muck around in the Wild Wood are positively encouraged to email as soon as possible. There might be an exciting flyer to put up at some point.

Finally in surprise news Decimate are looking for contestants despite the fact the first series was a bit dull really and nobody watched it:



Also sounds like there some changes on the cards if they’re after individual contestants.

In other news French Pointless seems to be coming back with the original host. I wonder why? I wasn’t a big fan of the format changes they made when it was on in 2011 so hopefully they’ve changed it back.

Edit: Wowsers, The Edge is returning as well. Great news for fans of watching people fail to win mid-three figure cash sums. You can apply here.

Apps Upside Your Head: Eggheads

To be honest we'd pay for a download pack with more Egghead reaction faces.

To be honest we’d pay for a download pack with more Egghead reaction faces.

Out on iOSAndroid and Windows Phone.
iPad version tested.

£1.49, Offers in-app purchases.

Official site.

We’re big fans of Barnstorm Games’ apps here at the bar, they’ve been responsible for brilliant versions of The Chase, Tipping Point and most recently Perfection.

Key to their success is not only looking and sounding like the shows but playing pretty much exactly like it with interfaces that feel intuitive. It’s all about the feel. So with this in mind how does Eggheads stack up?

Well happily it’s another winner. Play with up to five players working together as a team to take on the Eggheads in head to head battles, players who win their matches play in the general knowledge finale to play for a rolling jackpot (like Perfection, the jackpot is determined by how many games have been lost recently by players worldwide). If there are fewer than five of you everyone gets at least one round, some may get two and anyone who won a head-to-head goes through to the final.

It plays exactly like the show does in most key ways (the main point of difference is that the sudden death questions are multiple choice as well), you’re not obliged to spend half an hour explaining your choice of answer but there’s nothing stopping you if you want. As it works like the show you’ll have to watch the Egghead take their turn – it is suggested that the real life statistics for each of the Eggheads represents the chance the correct answer will be given, so it should feel like a true reflection of taking them on for real, but it does also mean that occasionally an easy question will come up and a sillier answer is given that you probably wouldn’t expect in real life.

Each of the Eggheads is represented in a lenticular style a bit like in Perfection and they’ve captured some hilarious faces to represent the reactions.

You can if you like play a specialist game with each round the same category but these needs to be unlocked as an in-app purchase. Over 3,500 questions (from the show, so be aware if you’re an avid viewer) are promised, I don’t know if unlocking a pack means you get more questions or you can just play through the ones you’ve got. There’s also a quick play option, a one round shootout against a random Egghead and a random category and it will keep track of streaks. It also keeps a significant amount of statistics not just for you but also the computer Eggheads.

It’s a shame there’s no two (or more) player versus option when the head-to-head duels ought to lend itself well to this sort of thing – how you’d work it for a full show I don’t know as you’d need both players in the final. Also for some reason the theme tune slows down when you’re in a menu.

In summary it’s another Barnstorm app that does pretty much what you’d want it to if you’re a fan of the show. If you don’t like Eggheads it might be a harder sell, but if you like fairly difficult multiple-choice questions in the main then you’re covered.

Honk if you like The Genius

It’s back! And the first episode is up now. Join the discussion, as they say on BBC News 24.

Also of note: Que est la Taupe? began on M6 tonight, it’s the first French version of The Mole, and Endemol are producing it – fingers crossed they do a better version than Fremantle.

Stay tuned, we’ve got something cracking lined-up just after midnight.

Let’s “do” a round-up

Look it’s hot alright?

  • Boom! started in the US last week (you can always tell when someone can’t remember the exact date) on Fox and did pretty badly. If it was a straight port of the Israeli show this would be to be expected (I think it’s a bit boring despite the premise) but it’s been localised by game show supremo Bob Boden and chums and the result is… a bit better – questions don’t go on for ages, the money works differently (I would suggest there’s something not *quite* right with the mega money bomb, gambling half to make four times as much is a no brainer – gambling makes for exciting television but there’s no real decision here), host Tom Papa is pretty good… it’s just like Benchmark in that it’s clever and I can see what it’s doing but I’m ultimately not that bothered by what happens. Still though, get on a VPN and check it out on the Fox site (or indeed other dark magicks you might use). Perhaps the problem is me.
  • Family Feud under Steve Harvey is now basically the biggest show on television.
  • Battlebots is on as well. It’s doing alright. Perhaps someone will try a Robot Wars revival one day what with it being the ORIGINAL and BEST yeah?
  • US Millionaire is reverting to a modified money tree and Chris Harrison from The Bachelor is going to host and oh God Millionaire is so boring and probably should have been cancelled by now.
  • We might get English subs for episode one of The Genius on Wednesday.

Here’s The Desert Forges in German because nothing represents the heat of the desert better than a remix of Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight:

Rebound – new quiz looking for contestants

I wonder what physical/skill based thing Talkback Thames are mixing with a quiz *this* time? Perhaps nothing at all. Anyway it sounds like fun so go for it:

Rebound Flyer