Society Game

We picked up some details on this a few months ago but it looks like a press release has dropped for Society Game, a new show from South Korea that looks like it shares DNA with Bother’s Bar favourite The Genius (series three discussion linked, others on the Specials Board) – from what we gather same director, same production company (CJ E & M, although interestingly a co-prod with Endemol) and it sounds like Bandage Man might be involved.

But if you’re looking for a show built around clever games my gut feeling suggests you may be a bit disappointed. It looks like contestants are split into two camps, one camp has a leader who will be authoritarian, the other will be democratic. Camps are given physical and mental challenges and it sounds like someone from the losing camp will get kicked off.

So it’s not The Genius, although there’s no reason it won’t be entertaining in more [extreme] ways. the set-up sounds quite interesting at least and will finally answer the age old question as to whether a dictatorship or democracy is OFFICIALLY better I’m sure.

They seem to have gone all-out on the set:


As usual we heartily recommend following Bumdidlyumptious’ Twitter for latest news (and their page). Whether we cover the show with its own page will depend on if it’s going to be subtitled and if it looks like it might be any good or not. The first episode is on October 16th, so allowing some time to sub we only have about a month to wait.

I’m afraid we have no news regarding The Genius Game UK, although we were all aware that it would be a hard sell. Still, TV is a glacial process at the best of times so you never know.

Show Discussion: Hunted Series 2

huntedThursdays, 9pm,
Channel 4

Last year’s apparent megahit (provided you don’t look at the numbers past episode one too carefully) Hunted returns and ten more people go on the run, hoping to evade capture from professional trackers for 28 days only this time they’re playing for a share of £100,000.

Last series felt like a curious mix of faintly ridiculous and utterly compelling and didn’t feel like it told the stories of the runners enough.

Given that this second series seems to have gone full on gameshow, it will be interesting to see how the changes measure up. Let us know what you think in the comments.

It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, apparently!

I used to find it a tedious piece of wackoonery but now I’m out of the Demo I’ve come to accept it. Like, whatever.

However I have nephews now and that means CBeebies when I’m visiting family on a weekend. And that means awesome kids show Swashbuckle! Here is the first episode Youtube came up with.


Schlag den Star 17/09/2016 #bbsds

7:15pm UK/8:15pm Germany,

Pro Sieben or naughty internet streaming

Tweet us! #bbsds

It’s back for another three episodes (at least) ergo so are we.

Join Dan, David, myself and special guest commentator Scott (who did a great job filling in last time) (*) as we watch two German celebrities battle it out over fifteen games both spectacular and mundane for Elton’s €100,000 case – LIVE.

During the boring bits we’ll have our own games and gossip (David seems very excited about a game involving a spreadsheet amongst other fun on offer), and we’ll try and remember to read out your tweets on the #bbsds hashtag.

But who are our two gladiators battling it out on Saturday night? NONE OTHER THAN professional dancer Massimo Sinató and national German handball goalkeeper Andreas Wolff. One’s got a hat, the other looks intense. Who will win? Music will be provided by hip-hop artists den Absoluten Beginnern and Felix Jaehn feat. Alma. My favourites!

Here are all the details you need:

Here is a link to our commentary stream (LIVE! from 7:15pm)
This stream is commentary only. You will need to have a naughty stream running at the same time for the visuals. We are likely to be about 15-20 seconds behind the visual stream (and about a full minute behind if you’re watching an actual satellite feed), sorry.

This is the stream we will be viewing. (this now requires a username and password – get one from here) Put the name and password in where it says “jetzt kostenlos anmelden”.

Alternative stream (seems to work alright)

You can also try looking up “Pro 7 Onlive Live” although we can’t guarantee dodginess of links.

Follow us on Twitter for immediate news if something goes wrong. Or because we’re fun guys!!!!

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(*) Don’t panic legendary legacy commentator Lewis fans, he’s hoping to be available for the next one.


5 Gold Rings casting

New visi-quiz looking for teams of two, a Possessed and Talpa co-production so it will probably be quite smart then John De Mol will sell it to a billion countries despite only ever airing six episodes here, or something. You can click for larger, lines close Sunday week so get a move on.


I wouldn’t have put an apostrophe in “tens” but never mind.

Beat the Teacher

Some (late) back to school fun, here’s an episode of Beat the Teacher that was uploaded yesterday (Neil Miles’ channel very much worth a subscribe if you like your TV archivery).

I used to really like this as a six year-old. It gives away a surprising amount of cash for an afternoon kids TV show, albeit as schools equipment vouchers (one of the teachers on the leaderboard has earned over two grand, incredibly). Fun questions. I had forgotten how powerful the Joker could be – effectively levelling the game for the child (I wonder how many times the teachers used theirs?).

We may never know the thinking behind getting the lead singer of Manfred Mann to front a TV schools quiz.