Stool Pigeon Results: October 2019

By | October 21, 2019

Here are the contents of today’s Stool Pigeon. Once again, I will attempt to sort fact from fiction, but the only people who know the truth are the people who wrote the messages and the people it relates to. Without further ado:

  • Japanese News: Toei Animation are trying to develop gameshows around the properties of One Piece & Dragonball. Both properties are celebrating major milestone anniversaries recently. Not sure how these will work due to both properties being close combat but we will soon see. (Could we see… Goku on Roku?)
  • Some MAJOR, jaw dropping news about Taskmaster coming soon. And no, it’s not about the cast. (I’m not going to lie to you, I do find this sort of comment a bit annoying, a preview of something that may or may not happen – shit or get off the pot, please. But keep reading!)
  • Comedy Central under Ben Frow is cancelling all UK shows, all of them. Roast Battle‘s just been announced as recommissioned but they’ve actually already filmed it. The channel is likely to be an imports only channel. (Ah, now this IS interesting if it’s true, and bad news for Jimmy Carr’s and Katherine Ryan’s accountants. Perhaps he’ll commission Comics on A Train. Shame about Your Face or Mine, can’t wait to see who tries Blockbusters again in a few years time. Sky Movies? Actually, hang on…)
  • Strike It Lucky/Rich is being shopped for America using clips from “Epic Gameshow(Given that it’s well recognised that the format for Strike It Lucky isn’t that good (it’s a quiz race! Except with a chicken element you can’t escape!) and that it’s mainly seen as a conduit for Michael Barrymore to entertain, this feels a bit… early.)
  • The Final Throw – anyone know anything about it? Going only by the name and what they’re after (Italians/Americans) looks like it might be some sort of dice based game… at MediacityUK I suspect. It’s an Endemol pilot. (Anyone? Gut feeling they’re using “final throw of the dice” as a metaphor, not literal.)
  • Hearing Rylan has signed up for a reboot of Interceptor in the Annabel Giles role. No word on who will play the Inceptor yet. (He’s playing The Interceptor, they’re already prepping “I got you, babes!” on T-shirts for merch.)
  • The Circle has become such a national phenomenon and ratings hit in the demo that C4 will make 2 series per year from 2020. (Two series a year? Possible. National phenomenon? No. In A16-34 it gets around 400-450k, nothing to be sniffed at, but that’s equal to Taskmaster, less than Hollyoaks, 3/5s of Millionaire, 1/5th of Bake Off. It is quite far away from being the next Love Island. It’s barely doing what Big Brother was doing in its dying days.)
  • A German version of De Mol is shooting right now in Argentina. Lots of people involved that are really really good and some of the original Belgian Mol people as well. Will use some tasks from the Mexico season and probably air on Sat.1. (This is great news! Especially with the Belgians involved.)
  • Been watching some old JSF/It’s a Knockout on YT- Some of the events (especially the 80’s ones) make me wonder why I never heard of anyone being seriously injured doing the shows… (I’ll never forget seeing an episode of IAK where they had to race A-frame stepladders whilst inside them. There’s a lot of inventiveness the really old IAK had that was lost a bit by the costumes (and health and safety), I reckon.)
  • The success of Five Gold Rings apparently booted out a planned Sunday night return of 1000 Heartbeats with an audience and double prize money. (I think this is a bluff I’m afraid.)
  • Alexander Armstrong to appear alongside Stephen Fry in ROHoG, during a special week just after Christmas. (Also needs Sandi Toksvig and Fiona Bruce.)
  • Heard rumblings of a Taskmaster UK Tour a while back, although seems a bit unfounded given the Horne Section are doing a tour at the moment. Might be something to tie-in with the tenth series? (Well here is a thing. I wonder how it would work, with local celebs like when they toured Shooting Stars? Only live tasks? Fun idea but I’m not sure about the logistics – not that this would stop them trying I’m sure.)
  • Rebeckah Vardy has been approached for the next series of Celebrity Hunted, with Colleen Rooney joining the hunters. (No.)
  • New Taskmaster Champion of Champions on the way, with Josh Widdecombe returning to defend his title against the four most recent winners (Tarbuck, Godliman, Sanders and [Series 9 winner]) (Plausable and would neatly into the two series a year scheduling. Would there be a new trophy though?)
  • Danny Dyer and Rylan to star in a reboot of Richard and Judy’s You Say We Pay. (No, they’re rebooting Midday You Mug-gy)
  • Interesting disappearance from Wikipedia: As of last Stool Pigeon, Chris Evans’ page listed him as hosting a show called “Don’t Forget Your Suitcase” in “2019”. But that has since been edited out. It’s likely obvious that that’s not happening by the end of this year, but was it a thing that was supposed to happen at some point? (I think someone was having a giraffe. You mug.)
  • Adding to the German De Mol one: They fly to Argentina today. What a coincidence! (Exciting indeed!)

Phew, well that’s a lot to take in.

Game Night EXTRA

By | October 20, 2019

Game Night 16 last night was really excellent, big thanks to everyone who came along, do check it out if you missed it. However if you didn’t stick around for Game Night Extra, here’s your opportunity to see Role Models.

Bother’s Bar Game Night 16: Jackbox 6 Champion of Champions

By | October 18, 2019

Saturday, 9pm,
Here and on Youtube

That’s right! It’s October which means Jackbox have released another compilation of party games and we’ll be getting in on the action with Bother’s Bar Game Night 16! As ever, first dibs on playing are champions of Game Night, both moral and actual (which this edition includes THE AUDIENCE, although you would have been invited anyway) as well as other champions of Bother’s Bar related things or otherwise. Watch us live on Youtube and on a second screen, go to and enter the room codes to play.

Here are our predicted times for games tomorrow, Drawful 2 and/or Quiplash might be dropped if we’re overrunning:

  • 9pm: Opening Ceremony
  • 9:05pm: Dictionarium
  • 9:25pm: Joke Boat
  • 9:55pm: Push the Button
  • 10:20pm: Trivia Murder Party 2
  • 10:45pm: Drawful 2
  • 11:05pm: Quiplash
  • 11:25pm: Arbitrary Final

We’re guessing a bit here. However if you’re wondering about Role Models, don’t panic. Five minutes after the show ends I’ll be starting a Game Night Extra stream for it (as it doesn’t fit into the traditional Game Night format), and we’ll be hoping to show off things in Game Night Extra in the future going forward.

Save The Wall for iPlayer. I hope you can join us!

Gameshow Christmas Cash-in Bonanza 2019

By | October 16, 2019

With Christmas only (checks) two-and-a-bit months away, it’s time to take stock of all the new cash-in stuff out and coming out for the gameshow fan in YOUR life looking for a gift.

Links are to Amazon unless otherwise stated and I get a small cut if you order through them, although feel free to buy elsewhere. We’re concentrating on new stuff released this year. Prices are correct at time of writing. If we’re missing anything let us know in the comments and we’ll add it in later. So without further ado…


£20 at John Lewis

Let’s start as we mean to go on with the Taskmaster board game not actually available at Amazon for the moment, which could be very good but also possibly a lot of effort for after Xmas dinner shenanigans.

Video tasks from Alex Horne promised!

£24.95 at Amazon

Warwick Davies’ game of Top Ten lists, now in board game form. Amazon are also selling this from another supplier for £40. Don’t buy that one, would be my advice.

The Crystal Maze Eastern Expansion
£15.65 from Amazon

Smart addition to the The Crystal Maze board game that you can also play it in its own right. We don’t know how many challenges it comes with and can’t find any info either – could be four, could be eight (would hope it’s the latter).

Interesting to see if they attempt others/refreshes if this sells well.


Richard Osman’s House of Games
£10.99 Hardback, £7.99 Kindle

Featuring 101 “classic and brand new” games from the hit TV show. I’d like to write more but it’s not coming out until tomorrow.

Only Connect’s Difficult Second Quiz Book
£10.11 Hardback, £7.99 Kindle

That’s a clever title isn’t it? Because it references the idea of the difficult second album, and that the questions contained therein are difficult. I bet Victoria mentions that in her foreword.

Anyway here are 200 more questions, “including many never-before-broadcast and all-new ones exclusive to the book.”

Taskmaster: 200 220 Extraordinary Tasks for Ordinary People
£7.19 Paperback, £6.49 Kindle

Why’s this here? Because the new paperback printing has twenty more tasks in it, and presumably no/newer/fewer references to things like the Taskmaster picnic that happened earlier this year.

The Chase 10th Anniversary Quiz Book
£10.49 Hardback, £9.99 Kindle

Celebrate 10 years of The Chase with a quiz book with over 2000 questions and lots of behind the scenes trivia and info.


Now you too can pretend to be the Taskmaster (and Taskmaster’s assistant) with these terrifying face masks! Each one is £2.97 (click to be taken through) and I’ve hidden them behind a cut in case they scare you.

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“Adventure Island”

By | October 14, 2019

Banijay show spotted on SRO:

Have you triumphed against the odds?

Or stared hardship in the face and won?

Then this is the challenge for you! We’re making an epic game show for the toughest competitors that have ever lived…the survivors of modern life.

Whatever your story, we want to hear it and send you to an exotic location to compete for a life changing amount of money, that isn’t for sharing.

All you have to do now is have a game plan!

Contact us now for more information. More details on the programme will be provided on application but please think along the lines of Castaway meets Last Man Standing.

We can’t be 100% as there’s been no announcement or anything, but this couldn’t sound more like Survivor if it tried, could it? Banijay have the rights and everything.

In other news, remember to join us on Saturday night for Bother’s Bar’s Jackbox 6 Game Night, where previous champions will battle it out across ALL NEW games!

Show Discussion: The Wall

By | October 11, 2019
You mug.

Saturday, 8:35pm,

We may never officially know which came first – Endemol buying the The Wall format or hiring hardman cockney actor Danny Dyer to be a gameshow host, and let’s be clear – it’s stunt casting that’s either going to look ingenious or fall very flat, and that’s just Angela Rippon reading the questions.

It’s the BBC’s very own version of International Moderatehit The Wall, where pairs of contestants try and win thousands of pounds (although not, in all likelihood, anywhere close to the US top prize potential of $12m) from the titular wall, gambling on their partner’s ability to answer general knowledge questions. For every correct answer they can drop green balls into the wall, adding wherever they land (and there’s actually a little bit of strategy to this, the bigger amounts are further to the right so they can drop further to the right if they’re comfortable) but wrong answers will take money away. The person answering the questions won’t know if they’re right or wrong or not, leading to a possibly interesting, possibly not buy-out decision at the end of the show depending on how they’ve pitched it.

The US original is basically fine, it remains to be seen if the much smaller stakes (and slightly longer ad-less runtime) still make it worthwhile. Let us know what you think in the comments, Tweacle.