Bother’s Bar Plays Badly: Supermarket Shriek

By | June 18, 2019

Bother’s Bar Plays Badly IS BACK! And what a game to come back with, the recently released Supermarket Shriek on XBox One and Windows PC.

As you can probably guess it’s a take-off of Supermarket Sweep. However it plays more like Total Wipeout. This fifteen minute vid will show you me aceing the first set of levels and then messing up the outro but in a way that was probably better than the original intention.

Check it out! Check it out!

Show Discussion: The Family Brain Games

By | June 16, 2019
It’s science, it’s Dara!

Monday to Thursday, 8pm, for two weeks,
(Except for viewers in Wales in which case eps 1-4 are Tuesday-Friday 6:30pm),

Join Dara O’Briain and eight families across the two weeks as they battle it out to be called Britain’s Brightest Family win The Family Brain Games.

Still don’t think the title shouts mass appeal. However it’s got the ever popular Dara and the games look quite good in the adverts.

It’s also quite interestingly scheduled, almost weekdaily across the next two weeks, heats in the first week, three-semis (with the four winners and two best runners up) and three-way final in week two. That’s quite brave, especially for a show like this, although if it does look like taking off that’d give BBC2 a decent annual returning strand alongside the likes of Springwatch.

Of course we can’t not mention that Friend of the Bar David Bodycombe is a consultant and commentator on this. This will not stop us being FEARLESS in taking it apart if it’s rubbish though.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Schlag den Star Watchalong 15/6/19

By | June 14, 2019

Saturday, 7:15pm (UK)/8:15pm (Germany)
ProSieben or your naughty alternative of choice.

Join us for another exciting edition of Schlag den Star where once again two celebs will be battling it out over 15 mystery events for €100,000.

If you’ve got a microphone you’ll be welcome to join us and hangout in the Hangout – link will appear here soon after the show starts.

This episode, two WORLD CHAMPIONS take each other on for Elton’s suitcase, Felix Neureuther (skiing) against Christoph Kramer (footballer). And Bryan Adams is one of the musical acts! And German pop singer Sarah Connor, fresh from The Terminator.

This episode features extra jeopardy as the Bother’s Bar Megacomputer has been playing up all week. Anything could happen!

The link to the commentary stream will be live here from 7:15 until end of broadcast.

This stream is commentary only. You will need to have a naughty stream running at the same time for the visuals. We are likely to be about 15-20 seconds behind the visual stream (and about a full minute behind if you’re watching an actual satellite feed), sorry.

The Opera VPN has apparently stopped being useful for SdS. Bother’s Bar recommends shelling out for a proper VPN service. Bother’s Bar uses Tunnelbear, other VPN services are available. Matt Clemson recommends Windscribe as a free alternative. We cannot take responsibility for anything you do to your system, so be careful and use some common sense.

To watch it would be useful to sign up for ProSieben’s catch-up service – it’s pretty simple to work out, don’t click the box if you don’t want e-mail messages. You will need to put in a proper e-mail because it will send you a confirmation. 

If anyone knows of any relatively safe livestreams, do feel free to share.

It’s quite a big ol’ week this week

By | June 10, 2019

Unfortunately it’s also the final week of my crunch period, so I don’t know when I’m going to get to process it all. Still, though.

  • Loads of new gameshow revivals start in the US this week, we’re probably most interested in seeing how Press Your Luck and Card Sharks turn out, both of those go out Wednesday. Wipeout-meets-crazy-golf Holey Moley starts next week.
  • It’s Schlag den Star this Saturday! Just what I want at the end of eight weeks of 13-hour days, Still, we’ll be doing it so keep your eye out for more info later.

Gameshow Marathon 8

By | June 6, 2019

Thrills! Spills! Crossbows at 5am! Inevitably disappointing Deal or No Deal finale!

This has rather crept up on us somewhat, but 24 Hr Gameshow Marathon 8 is *this* Saturday and Sunday from 5pm UK time raising money for Child’s Play.

All the details, and a link to the live Twitch stream, can be found on the official site.