Playing Detective

Well this looks as though it might be fun, Tiger Aspect looking for people to play detective. Click for slightly larger, but send an e-mail to if you’re intrigued.

Someone mentioned The Murder Game and Whodunnit? on here quite recently, both deeply flawed but both mildly entertaining, hope this is better.

Brig Bother’s Bit On The Side #bbpoll

Miss the stream? Watch it now.


And now read the report if you haven’t done so already!

The statistics we will hide under a cut as as to not spoil.

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Crystal Maze taking applications

Looking for teams of five plus a reserve, apply online. Do it before the beginning of March or you’ll be locked in out.

Pointless 1000

Pointless broadcasts its 1,000th repeat new episode on Monday! To celebrate four remarkable teams are being bought back to participate again – David and Christo, the show’s first ever jackpot winners from 2009 (quite a different game back then even if it was also basically the same), David and Jon who won the show’s highest ever jackpot of £24,750, Patrick and Sarah who managed to give three Pointless answers in the final round and finally swing your pants as Saturday morning superstars Trevor and Simon return as one of the show’s first celebrity jackpot winners.

As you’ve doubtlessly noticed from the official press shot there, Richard and Xander have swapped places for the episode. I wonder if they’ve turned the computer on for Xander.

You can find out how Pointless fared in the’s Bar Poll of 2016 with our live poll results broadcast right here and on Youtube from 9pm on Tuesday.

The Poll is now closed.

Do not vote now, they will not be counted and you may still be charged.

There may well be some surprises in store, especially in the Golden Five on the basis of totting up the first week’s votes last weekend. We shall see.

Join us on Tuesday at 9pm for THE RESULTS.

The Crystal Maze returns

Alright, we gave the one-off a sort of free pass when we realised they were filming it at The Experience, no such luck with this though, Channel 4 have revealed that The Crystal Maze is indeed coming back, and as suggested a few weeks ago will indeed be filming in Bristol. In fact it’ll be at The Bottleyard, where Deal or No Deal lived.

Digital Spy reporting that twenty hour-long episodes have been commissioned (that’s a lot!) and that Richard Ayoade is set to host. we’ll be very interested to see what sort of tone this sets for the show, we enjoyed Stephen Merchant hosting but there’s no way the style would have sustained a full series. Also we’re hoping for more than ten games an episode. And how many different games will they have across the series?

Anyway, don’t stuff it up.

Edit: Good start, James Dillon who designed the original set is doing this one as well. And it looks like it’ll be teams of five.

Here’s the Channel 4 press release.