Extended Knightmare

Having come top of the recent Radio Times poll, the extended version of the Geek Week Knightmare from last year has been released to the public. For some reason I had it in my head it would be 45-60 minutes when in fact it’s only a few rooms and five minutes longer than the original edit. Still, though:

More Pointless

In a surprise move, two more series (110 episodes) of Rose d’Or winning quiz show Pointless and 38 episodes of Pointless Celebs have been ordered for next year, taking the total to almost 1000. They should stop at 999 for comedy reasons. The concept of Pointless in series form seems a bit silly really these days.

Trial trials

So we’re almost a week into I’m a Celebrity Get Me out Of Here and it’s usually around here I decide an hour a night is too much to give up on a nightly basis, record it and just fast forward through to the various tasks – as I’ve been saying for years, the I’m a Celeb task designers must be the hardest working people in television having to find yet another way to dress up enduring being covered in things/putting your hand in boxes of things/eating things tasks. And I think the set ups are largely great (see The Catacombs of Doom tonight), except that the viewers have latched onto one particular contestant who does badly and they just keep refusing to do the tasks. I don’t blame the celebrity in these cases, but after one refusal it becomes lousy television (so goodness knows why viewers keep doing it). The effort and expense gone to must feel like a bit of a waste.

However Sunday night according to our chums at Tellymix the live trial should be immense. It’s called The Critter Cube and is based on the popular-ish ITV1 show and is even going to have Colin McFarlane and a version of The Body. This sounds like it might be tremendous, I hope the viewers don’t stuff it up by voting someone in who woun’t give it a go.

Wie is De Mol 2015

I will probably start a page for this in a few weeks. Thanks to Squared Eyes for the heads up, the cast for WIDM ’15 has been released, and this time it’s set in Sri Lanka.

We still have no idea what happened to ThatDarkSpark who went to the trouble of marshalling English language translations of the previous series and then mysteriously went dark, but fingers crossed other Dutch friends will continue the good work and that she is OK.

Meanwhile it’s the Wie is De Mol boardgame!

Edit: And! it’s the Pointless Not Going Out episode Friday night at 9:30 on BBC1!

Beat the Beast

So here’s fun, I was watching The Chase US on Challenge last night, and then looked at my Twitter feed this morning and it looks like not only have Challenge got day and date on US first run episodes, they’re actually airing them hours before they go out on GSN. So spoil away!

In other news reports are saying that Gemma Collins has quit I’m a Celebrity, which is a shame as she’s been entertaining (although almost certainly would have been voted into the Bushtucker Trials when she became eligible).

I wonder which of the Chasers will crack and do the jungle first? I can’t believe it’s not been offered.

Fifty50 Show IS BACK!

Lewis Murphy has returned with a new run of Fifty50 podcasts, this week he’s joined by Dave Mattingly to chat about what’s going on and what’s happened since the last episode.

In other news, here’s The Golden Shot from German channel Sat 1 in the eighties: