Mel and Sue’s Gen Game?

By | May 12, 2017

File this under “speculation” but The Sun reporting this morning that Mel and Sue are being lined up as hosts of a Generation Game reboot.

This would be quite interesting. Bake Off is the only vehicle in recent times that’s been a success for Mel and Sue. However what is The Great British Bake Off if not The Generation Game in long form?

7 thoughts on “Mel and Sue’s Gen Game?

  1. Callum J

    The Sun were right about Walliams hosting Blankety Blank last year, before it was officially announced. Speaking of which, do we know if it is coming back?

    Anyway, I think Mel & Sue are good choices to host a Generation Game reboot. They did pilot one with Miranda Hart a while back, I’m not sure what she would be like, but she doesn’t seem like the sort of person that work for the Generation Game.

  2. Danny Kerner

    But don’t forget they got David Tennant totally wrong in regards to the crystal maze. So don’t take the press fully truthful yet

  3. Brig Bother Post author

    In other news I’ve been informed that DONDer (and occasional commenter at The Bar back in the day) and Krypton Factor winner Aaron Bell is standing for the Conservatives at Don Valley in next month’s general election.

    1. Thomas Sales

      I know DONDer and just about everything-else-er Andy Kelly is standing for the Lib Dems in Rochdale, Simon Danczuk’s old constituency.

  4. Callum J

    CBBC have hinted at the Raven reboot on their Facebook page.

    Someone asked if CBBC could bring back some of their old shows.

    CBBC replied saying: “How about Raven?”

  5. Danny Kerner

    In other news we are guaranteed a new house robot this season as pictures on Twitter have confirmed a fifth house robot under a plastic sheeting. Speculation are stirring that it is the return of Sgt. Bash but my gut is telling me it is a new bot.

  6. Brekkie

    C5 dedicating 3 hours tomorrow to When Game Shows Go Horribly Wrong. Probably best record and save yourself two and a half hours.


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