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By | June 26, 2017

Weekdays, 3pm,

Or David Dickinson’s Name Your Pric£ to give it its proper #hostholdingaquestioncard title. The Duke describes antiques but he’s lying about some of them. Can our three pairs of contestants work out which are the Bobby Dazzlers and which are in fact cheap as chips?

There’s £5,000 up for grabs in an endgame that sounds pretty much exactly like the one from For What It’s Worth, except with a buy-out option.

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8 thoughts on “Show Discussion: Name Your Price

  1. CeleTheRef

    RAI is taping a few pilots of Pointless 😀
    (unfortunately they won’t be aired) 🙁

    the title is Pointless – Zero With Merit

      1. CeleTheRef

        there are four candidates for the job:

        Simone Montedoro: an actor very popular with the RAI audience. Usually plays law enforcers. Never hosted anything before.

        Gabriele Corsi: member of the famous Trio Medusa comedy group, has hosted several entertainment programmes including Ninja Warrior and Take Me Out.

        Flavio Montrucchio: winner of Big Brother 2 in 2001, then learned to be a competent actor. Often seen at celebrity contests.

        Alessandro Greco: the most experienced of the bunch. He’s the host of Furore, a popular music panel show which is currently in its 7th season.

  2. Danny Kerner

    The Format: 3 Teams

    Round’s 1-3 – David shows off three items. 2 of them he will be lieing about the descriptions & one is totaly true and is worth either £1,000, £2,000 & £3,000 depending on the round. The points are 10, 20 & 30 for the correct item.

    At the end of these 3 rounds the lowest scoring team is eliminated.

    Round 4 – (Semi-final) 5 items are placed in the row each have a individual value. David will telling the truth on all the items and just have to match the correct price with each item. Each correct guess scores 20 points which is combined with the previous scores. Highest score goes through to the final.

    Round 5 – Final: Two items are on the stage. One is worth the maximum £5,000 the other is an unspecified amount but is guaranteed to be substantially lower. David will be truthfully describing the details of the item & willthen have to choose between the two.

    David then will tease you with money (similar to D’O’C Take your pick) to encourage you to take the money. If you take the money you cannot come back from that decision.

    The items will then be revealed and the one you went with will be your take home ammount.

  3. CeleTheRef

    More news from Italy:

    Scommettiamo Che…? (Wetten Dass..?) will return in 2018 with Michelle Hunziker…!

    Chi Ha Incastrato Peter Pan? (Who Framed Peter Pan?) is back! It’s a Paolo Bonolis talk show in which children are the guests, then they turn into hosts and they get to interview celebrities.

    Here’s the promo
    “We got old!”
    “You tell me, dad!”

  4. Andrew Sullivan

    I’m half-expecting Carolynne to show up at some point. Well, she’s been on practically everything else over the past year, so I wouldn’t put it past her if she applied for this too. 😀

  5. Scousegirl

    Carolynne has branched out from quiz shows. She and her husband (a pleasant, quiet man!) actually bought a house on ‘Coast v Country’ the other week.


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