The £100k Drop

Broadcast reporting that The Million Pound Drop is set for a sensational reduced-stakes daytime comeback where players will try to keep hold of £100,000. I hope the money is still in £25k bundles.

Davina’s back but no word on timing (60×60 eps sometime in 2018) or whether it will still use the Million Pound Drapp. Still though.

No reason this couldn’t work, there have been several fairly successful daily versions in Europe.


  1. Jason says:

    Already a video from Davina on Facebook:

    The contestant call is also open:

  2. Alex says:

    Are we keeping the “double or nothing Q8 that nobody takes” format?

    • Brig Bother says:

      Given they got rid of that pretty quickly I’d presume not.

      • Setsunael says:

        Spanish version had a rule that you could double/treble your money on Q8 if you wanted to go with three or four options for that final question (played weirdly, the two additional stacks of money were put in play , question was presented then the team could knock up to two wrong answers for each of the extra money bundles)

        Quite surprised that they left the “100K” in the title, not going back just as “Money Drop” like many other international versions. It feels quite out of place.

  3. Callum J says:

    I really liked this show, I’m very happy to see it back in a similar form.

  4. John R says:

    Bit of a a random but welcome decision for me, I went to see it as part of the audience when it was LIVE and had a really good time. Glad Davina is returning otherwise it probably wouldn’t work.

    Biggest (theoretical!) daytime prize fund since Deal Or No Deal?

  5. Little Timmy says:

    I would have kept the money the same – for branding; for playing up that it’s the largest ever prize offered on daytime TV – but added 4 more questions to bring the average payout well down.

    I had always felt I would prefer them to subdivide the last bundle into smaller £1000 bundles once they got down to one in the original version. I fully understand why they did not, but now I think they should, and in fact once they’re down to the last £1000 bundle they should subdivide it again into bundles of £25. Primary reason: guaranteeing the whole run of questions gets used and making the episodes self-contained. You can still mandate all-or-nothing on the last question, but at least there is the guarantee of a climactic finish every episode, even with peanuts (which we let DoND get away with for years).

    I know this changes the direction of the show quite drastically, but I don’t care: I feel entitled to comment as I (thought I had anyway) invented this exact format in 2003 with a billion quid on the line and an infinite sequence of multiple choice questions only stopping when the contestant had correctly nailed down a 5 digit safe combination with higher/lower. But hey I can’t be bitter as (a) I’m fairly sure it was already a borrowed mechanic from a preexisting European format and (b) I’ve never had the gonads to send these ideas to anyone anyway.

    • George F says:

      Splitting the money even further once they got to £1000 would just lessen the tension as it just gives them more chance the spread their answers, making the jeopardy even less.

      Besides, there’s no guarantee of a self contained episode, as they could put all their money on one drop and lose it all – as we’ve seen in the show countless times.

      It makes complete sense to make the prize fund smaller due to daytime constraints, but I would have changed the title to something like ‘The Drop’

      • Little Timmy says:

        It’s all too common for them to get down to one bundle… then you’re watching a straight knockout quiz, which I’ve always thought is a disappointing abandonment of the actual concept of the show: weighting answers by confidence.

        Yes, stopping at £25K forces low-stakes strugglers to leave the show a bit sooner, but my argument is that you don’t need (or necessarily even want) a constant revolving door so much in daytime. It’s cheaper contestant coordination if nothing else.

        The jeopardy already drains out as their money does anyway – that’s always been a given. It’s about “the journey” though, innit?

        I would be surprised if offering £1m in daytime was out of the question with a long enough run to average out any aberrations. Or my personal favourite: custom insurance policy *wink wink*

  6. Brekkie says:

    Prize money really has collapsed hasn’t it – even the £250k drop with 25 bundles of £10k (so fewer options to split) would at least be on a par with the Deal or No Deal jackpot.

    • Jon says:

      The 250k Drop doesn’t have the same ring to it though. I think it’s an easier sell to with a rounder figure too.

      • Thomas Sales says:

        I don’t see how “quarter million pound drop” is any less catchy than “hundred thousand pound drop”.

        • Jon says:

          It’s called ‘The 100k Drop’, I think it’s a simipler proposition, than any other amount between that and a million. Obvoiusly the amount theyre prepared to give away is a factor.

          I guess anything in the 10k region is probably going to be a decent win on this.

      • Brekkie says:

        I’d say £250k is rounded than £100k but each to their own. Personally I think The 163 Thousand 276 Pound and 78 Pence Drop has a nice ring to it.

    • David says:

      The French version (which just ended in February after five and a half years and over 800 eps according to French Wikipedia) had 250k possible in 5k bundles- later in the run, they also were given a gold bar with the money and had to play it for the first four questions. If it survived, it meant if they could get to the 8th and final question whatever money they had left would be doubled- so 500k was possible (though the most ever won was 260k).

      • Brig Bother says:

        I know the French show also had a thing where if you bet all the money on one answer and you were right you skipped the next question.

      • Brekkie says:

        Of course no reason why the money has to be bundled in the same amount. Would add another layer of strategy to have some smaller amount bundles to try and take through to the final stages so towards the end rather than say one bundle of £5k you might have 5 bundles of £1k if you’d gambled correctly.

  7. Brig Bother says:

    Cash Trapped back Monday 31st July in the The Chase slot, it looks like:

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