Show Discussion: Len Goodman’s Partners in Rhyme

By | August 19, 2017

Saturday, 6:45pm

Modern day Noel Edmonds Matt Edmondson brings his funny party game Obama Llama to Saturday night primetime, fronted by the UNDISPUTED KING OF RHYMES Len Goodman. Contestants are charged with taking part in rhyming challenges, describing and acting rhyming things, with celebrity team mates. Contestants can win a holiday or a pen from Len.

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19 thoughts on “Show Discussion: Len Goodman’s Partners in Rhyme

  1. Callum J

    I’m quite looking forward to this, Len seems like he will be a great host and the game looks a lot of fun.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the Obama Llama game was rebranded to Partners in Rhyme at some point if this is successful.

    1. David B

      There may be licencing issues with this c.f. Linkee/The Link. Certainly commercial rivals would raise eyebrows at the BBC doing this even if their own guidelines don’t ban it.

      Didn’t used to be an issue re: Trivial Pursuit etc. in the past, of course.

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    Good old-fashioned family entertainment that everyone says they want but won’t actually set the ratings alight, very much a category three of the Six Visceral Reactions, the Catchphrase bit was the strongest (weird pre-qualifying seems less odd in the context of playing up your strongest suit), the mime element the weakest (shame you couldn’t really play along as the answers were always on screen). I think I got one of the Mr Motivator ones out of six.

    It’s fine, and I suspect I won’t watch any more of it.

  3. Callum J

    It was weird watching Catchphrase afterwards, I was half expecting them to rhyme!

  4. Mart With A Y Not An I

    The legs of the swan under the lake can be seen pre-production here.

    Len’s quitting Strictly – we need to keep him on BBC One.
    Got a great title for a show, but no format.

    Maybe i’m out of demographic, but I watched it for five minutes (in the same way people look at a car crash. You know it’s totally wrong, but you want to see what happens if someone asks about the car smash in the High Street).

    Well, I guess it was never trapped in development hell unlike some shows. Idea for a round with a punny title? Straight into the show.

    Samey, over edited, audience laughter track enhanced.

    Any chance we can extend out the Top 5 Hall Of Shame in the 2017 poll to the Top 10 Hall Of Shame, this year?

    This, Letterbox, Cheap Cheap Cheap.

    Here’s a completed rhyme for the next series.

    Saturday night? Pile of Sh*te.

  5. jon

    Off topic question (sorry)…

    Was Millionaire the first show to use multiple choice answers on screen?

    1. Gyroscope

      Strike it Lucky had contestants choose from a list of possibles.

    1. Andrew Sullivan

      Yep, that’s her 8th now. Keep it under your hat, but I heard from a friend that she’s going to be on ITV’s Cannonball as well…

  6. Chris M. Dickson


    Pretty impressive production values and I have a strong suspicion that the BBC are trying hard to cast Len as the new all-singing all-dancing all-gagging Brucie. Better than I was expecting, mostly through effort.


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