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By | September 11, 2017

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I’m not even sure this needs a follow-up discussion post (the first series one’s here) but this is BB 4.0 now and today that’s how we roll. It sounds like the opening speed round to determine the first Boss has gone to be replaced by someone picked at random. Hopefully that loss of content will reappear elsewhere.

It’s probably no coincidence this begins this week. Last year when Judge Rinder was shown off on the Strictly launch and came across well, ITV used this promotional opportunity to, er, not show Judge Rinder’s daily afternoon show for a few weeks. Taking this opportunity to promote Susan Calman after the Strictly launch show therefore seems quite smart.

12 thoughts on “Show Discussion: The Boss S2

  1. Andrew Sullivan

    Might as well list what other changes there are for this series:

    – The Boss’s Questions have a different money ladder structure now, with the lowest value still being £10 a question. This time, however, a wrong answer doesn’t move you down a rung, you just stay where you are. The money ladders are:
    Round 1 – £10 > £20 > £40 > £60 > £80 > £100
    Round 2 – £10 > £50 > £100 > £150 > £200 > £250
    Round 3 – £10 > £100 > £200 > £300 > £400 > £500
    I can get behind this as a lot of rounds in series 1 ended up at £10 a question, even if some questions were answered correctly, thus not having much money in the pot to win. This change alleviates this outcome.

    – Whenever someone challenges The Boss, it’s now first to 3 instead of 2.
    I can get behind this change too, as it means we get to see more of the minigames.

    1. Andrew Sullivan

      One change I forgot, but it’s only aesthetic. There’s a city backdrop behind the Boss’s Office as well.

  2. Thomas Sales

    Grrr! Why did they do away with the 2 minute quickfire at the start in favour of meeting the contestants? It was far better interspersed throughout. A shame actually, it’s the only change I could fault.

    1. Mathew Palmieri

      Plus, it takes away the strategy of whether you want to be the first boss to the winner, because you keep that position for the entire show until you get eliminated. it kinda makes it hard for the first boss, since they could face up to 3 showdown’s (excluding the final) and you never know who could you face.

      How about that each boss gets the choice to Resign after each elimination they survive, taking half of the bank with them and promoting something else to be in their place? that way, there IS some strategy of “Do i take X amount of money with me and walk away, or stay for 1 more round with the chance of someone throwing a showdown with me, and i lose and leave with nothing?” It kinda makes the game more….”Millionarey” i guess, but what do you think?

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        It wouldn’t happen because it would mean upping the prize budget considerably – anything earnt in the maingame has to be re-earnt in the final round as it stands, which reduces the overhead.

        1. Mathew Palmieri

          well its that or have the quickfire round back, because it really hard (not impossible, mind you) for the first boss to get to the final. it should be that all players have equal difficulty in the game because as is, you got the short straw in being the boss, then no matter how you do in the questions, you could get eliminated because all the other players are better than you in the elimination rounds.

  3. Scousegirl

    Susan is one of the best presenters around! I’m glad to see someone’s stopped her nervous armwaving, but why does she say “See you soon” to all the contestants? They’re never going to appear again!

  4. Danny Kerner

    I presume they have a meeting after the recording so i think that what might be implied by that comment.

  5. Andrew Sullivan

    There was something about today’s show that I felt was worth talking about. In one of the mini-games (Common Word, I think it was), one of the puzzles was ‘Quick _ _ _ _ Stone’. Now, the answer given was Sand, which made sense (Quicksand and Sandstone), but Lime would have worked as well (Quicklime and Limestone). I can’t help but wonder if Lime would have been accepted as an answer.

    1. Thomas Sales

      There was a similar thing in Only Connect recently, I think it was the episode before last, where they offered “PeaRS” as a “Purple thing” instead of the “PRoSe” the question editor had thought of. They accepted “pears” as an alternative correct answer. I can’t imagine they’d do differently here.

    2. Adam Lewis

      As one of the contestants on that show – the one who got that question wrong but ultimately walked away with the cash – that’s a good point! Two answers I could have had and didn’t, to the same question…


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