Bother’s Bar Game Night 7 – tonight from 9! #bbgn

By | October 7, 2017

Saturday 7th October,
9pm-11:30pm UK
Here and on Youtube

Tweet us! #bbgn

Yes! We’ve finally had another idea for an Arbitrary Final and a free Saturday evening to try it out so it must be time for another Game Night! Through the power of the internet seven panellists will vie to win the evening playing games of knowledge, comedy and bluff mainly drawn from the Jackbox series of games in order to become the champion.

But it’s not just our seven panellists, YOU the audience are the eighth panellist. As well as playing along and making decisions on your smart devices, one audience member every game will get to play representing the audience and trying to earn the precious BOTHERPOINTS required to give themselves the advantage in the Arbitrary Winner-Take-All Endgame. You can join in the fun by going to on a second screen.

And tonight, for the first time, a member of the audience with a microphone will get to represent the audience in that endgame. WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN?

The stream will show up here and on Youtube and we go live from 9pm, so why not come and join us?

7 thoughts on “Bother’s Bar Game Night 7 – tonight from 9! #bbgn

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Love a farcial endgame, probably the funniest since Tipping Point.

      Congrats to Alex our winner, thanks for everyone for playing panellists and audience!

      The next one *should be* in a fortnight with the release of Jackbox 4. Previous Champions will get automatic berthing, I will be in touch in due course. If there are spaces left I will let people know.

      1. Alex McMillan

        Gonna do my best to stay free for this one incase of available spaces

  1. Aston

    Ayyy, cheers for inviting me on the mic for the endgame! Had a lot of fun the whole night and will see you in two weeks!


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