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By | October 16, 2017

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I’m not expecting a great deal of discussion for this, this year’s third series, but it helps break the page up.

Of interest, it sounds as though the two recording blocks of fifteen episodes are being split into two separate runs, as is all the rage these days. Sort of makes sense, it makes the fifteen episode contestant limit feel a bit less arbitrary (we’re assuming pre-series it’s two lots of fifteen episodes, based on various bits of conversation, but that may actually be wrong). On the other hand, you do need to hit the ground running rather.

Edit: They’re still on for ten episodes.

21 thoughts on “Show Discussion: !mpossible S3

  1. Daniel H

    It was a 10 episode limit in the second series so it will be interesting to see if that’s changed again.

    Of course, the big question is have they got themselves some new £1 coins?

    1. John R

      Someone at a filming mentioned that indeed they have been to the bank to change their 10,000 quids to the legal tender version so that’s good news for the contestants.

      The £100k Drop has quite a lot of old tenners which will look rather odd considering it is airing in early 2018.

      Thinking about it, was the hourglass on 5MTAF filled with actual pound coins or tokens?

  2. David

    Re: your tweet earlier- This seems to be a revival of Super Toy Club, a show from the early 2000’s, where the teams play large versions of board games to win the chance for a run in a toy store…

    here’s an ep from the original run:

    1. Nico W.

      you’re right and I actually think it’s better than the old version, because the host is hosting and not acting the role “host”, which is my impression of the old version.
      One thing I was wondering about: Super RTL has Lukas Podolski (a footballer) as their testimonial right now and they even put him into the intro of the new Super Toy Club, despite not having any role on the show. Is there any game show that did that ever? To me it seems so weird and confusing for the children…

  3. Brig Bother Post author

    This did 0.98m yesterday apparently, although it had been doggedly sticking to 0.75m-ish previously, so don’t know.

  4. Kniwt

    I’m a few days behind on this series, but here’s a spoiler-free heads-up that Episode 4 (19 October) has a somewhat unusual event.

  5. Cameron

    Good to see Impossible back. Were there trailers for it? Seems to take awhile to build up steam for to the lack of promotion. First series did well following Father Brown. It’s starting to find an audience and has pulled ahead of Dickinson’s Real Deal.

    Some ratings:

    Week 1: 882k, 760k, 740k, 980k, 900k
    Week 2: 976k, 828k, 825k, 880k, 788k

    I’m.sure that’s generally better than The Code and The Boss.

  6. Crimsonshade

    It is nice to see the concessions BBC makes to incorporate hearing-impaired contestants on their shows. While previous episodes of Impossible have had sign-language interpreters to assist such players where necessary, the episode aired 2nd November actually had one such contestant reach the head-to-head. Rick Edwards revealed that the questions would be displayed on a screen this time around, so that the contestants could read them as well as hear them, to ensure that there was no disadvantage. This was also shown at home, so all the final round questions were shown on-screen for the first time.

    1. Danny Kerner

      I was wondering how the disadvantages of an impairment would be covered in the final head to head. Although it levels the playing field, all you need is a quick reader and that becomes an advantage to the non impaired players.

        1. Danny Kerner

          My name who is dead takes about a minute to read an A5 slip of paper. I’m just going off my nans pace. And no she isn’t old only 47.

  7. Daniel H

    Yesterday’s (8th Nov) show had a notable event – the remaining two players both knocked themselves out on the last question of the last round meaning everyone came back in for one fastest finger first tiebreak question.


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