There are UK-centric games of HQ now.

By | January 9, 2018

Many of you will probably be familiar with HQ, the live trivia app game, where if you get through 12 questions and it doesn’t bug out on you you get to share in a jackpot with loads of Americans. It’s Massively Multiplayer Everybody’s Equal, effectively.

I can’t get excited about it, but it sounds like there are now UK-centric games at UK-centric times.

In other news the Poll of the Year 2017 closes on Thursday night. Get your votes in!

We’ll have a discussion post for Britain’s Brightest Family tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “There are UK-centric games of HQ now.

  1. Chris M. Dickson

    I’ve only played two games of HQ but am quite taken with it, by virtue of their ambition if nothing else. (Tales of how buggy and unreliable it is are legion.) It’s remarkable that they can get hundreds of thousands of players when the likes of Come and Have a Go If You Think You’re Smart Enough only purportedly got tens of thousands, and that had a TV show with millions of viewers behind it. Perhaps CaHaGIYTYSE was just years ahead of its time; I had to look up that it was back as far as 2004. Perhaps the 10-minute nature of HQ suits people’s lives better. Perhaps people are more used to playing games through apps these days. Perhaps the fact that people found out about it through the Internet, rather than over TV, makes a difference; TV slowly has to explain how to play, via a number of different routes, whereas an app can have the (remarkably light) barriers to entry before you download the app and start playing.

    Let me take you back a quarter of a century to 1993. ORACLE had just given way to Teletext Ltd.’s service and we were starting to enjoy Bamboozle! on 4. Had you told me that 25 years later, there would be a properly interactive, reasonably high production value, massively multiplayer version of what is essentially the same game, I wouldn’t have been surprised in the least by how the future would turn out.

  2. David B

    My issue with this is that the USP – the live video feed – is going to become ever-more demanding on the servers, and I think growing pains in the US have shown that as their player numbers go up.


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