What was the show Katy Brand worked on?

By | January 21, 2018

So Twitter was all abuzz last night (read: my Notifications tab) with the exciting news that writer and comedian Katy Brand revealed on Pointless Celebrities (incredibly a first-run episode with a 2016 date on it) that she used to be a production assistant on quizzes and had an instance where a wrong answer to a question she wrote slipped through and a contestant mistakenly thought they won thousands of pounds. IMDB suggests she worked on Challenge TV’s Stake Out but this incident was mentioned on Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast where she suggested it wasn’t Stake Out, it was a show filmed immediately after with the same production team. She intimates that it was for Challenge, Eamonn Holmes hosted, and the final seemed to involve a question with four multiple choice answers and a five grand prize. Also that she couldn’t remember what it was. And also I’m frankly not bothered enough to enquire futher.

The problem is there are no shows that fit that criteria. Eamonn Homes did do TV Scrabble for Challenge, but that was about it. No, likely she’s embellishing the story for comic effect and people have heard of Challenge and Eamonn Holmes and it’s funnier to use those cultural touchpoints. In that sense there’s no real point trying to figure it out.

But if I was going to make a best guess, and it is a guess, there was a show on UTV around the same time called All Mixed Up, it was hosted by Holmes, it had a five grand top prize, like Stake Out it had connections to The Chatterbox Partnership. Although possibly it might be Pass the Buck for the BBC as well.

2 thoughts on “What was the show Katy Brand worked on?

  1. David Peasgood

    Perhaps it’s a real event, but embellished with detail that she didn’t remember, or wasn’t interesting enough. It’s a much more boring anecdote if it’s Anthony Davis with a contestant in Round 1 of Stake Out.

  2. Des Elmes

    Brian Belo is a Pointless jackpot winner. He can’t be *that* much of a dunce, then…

    Anyway, getting back on topic, the top prize in the first series of Pass the Buck with Fred Dinenage was only £1,000 (along with a weekly winner trophy à la Going for Gold). Can’t say if this changed when Eamonn took over, as I haven’t come across any footage on YouTube and the like of him hosting the show – though I’m sure at least one person out there knows.


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