Quiz Night

By | May 11, 2018

Do you remember Bother’s Bar favourite 31 Questions? It was a low budget student comedy quiz for local television in Australia that was sort of a general knowledge quiz with actual real people, but really an excuse for loads of gags and some sketch comedy.

Well some of the staff are back with a show called Quiz Night, which is sort of like 31 Questions if it was played with local comics doing topical improv, but mixed with 31 Questions-esque sketch bits. It appears to have been spun-off from a local topical satire show called The Leak.

Here’s the Youtube channel, take a look.

3 thoughts on “Quiz Night

    1. James

      Also – more details on the format

      “The reboot will supersize the format by adding more players and including physical rounds to be played out against the digital floor.

      Five members of a family are to compete in the show, bringing in their own sofa from home and taking part in games that will take its cues from the digital floor.

      Each of them competes for their own prize to take through to the final round, where they will choose two family members to win the star prize of a family holiday.

      The commission follows a non-TX pilot produced from Belfast. The series will be produced and filmed in Manchester and will air this summer on C5.”

      Sounds a bit like Pressure Pad

    2. David B

      Sounds quite interesting, and happy that a decent format is getting rescued.


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