We’d totally back this

By | May 17, 2018

Look! FOTB Little Timmy Halbert has done a thing:

We’d absolutely watch a show scored by Tim.

5 thoughts on “We’d totally back this

  1. Little Timmy

    Very kind! This had been very high up my to-do list. I had idly wondered about making this with a (nine hour) videocast of the process – if there’d be sufficient interest, maybe next time.

    Other requests welcome (the weirder the better)!

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I think importantly you’ve nailed the intensity and key changes out of the pitstops, which were always my favourite bit.

      I always thought it was a shame Nick Foster put up all the 5 Minutes to a Fortune beds apart from the best one, the eggtimer draining. You should have a go at that.

    2. Alex

      The weirder the better?

      The Maze theme from 4 Square, but done in the style of early 2000s DDR-esque Eurodance.

  2. David

    The Wonderwall is one of the best endgames ever…it’s just too bad the main game is so meh. Figure out a decent first part and this would be great now, especially with the larger screens (you could put the entire wall on one monitor nowadays)..

  3. Christopher McB

    I used Tim’s version of the Countdown theme in my A Level project many moons ago. Probably still have a copy of it somewhere.

    One suggestion I’d make is a version of the music used during the Assault Course of The Krypton Factor’s final original series in 1995, I really enjoyed that, in addition to the remixed version of the theme tune. Although the less said about the Superround in the game itself, the better.


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