Party like it’s your birthday

By | July 9, 2018

That’s right, it’s July 9th which means it’s my birthday! And one step even further away from the desired demographic. Hold your applause. To celebrate here’s a video of someone winning the birthday jackpot on Quiz Call about ten years ago. Which seems to be squashed for no discernable reason.

5 thoughts on “Party like it’s your birthday

  1. Barney Sausage

    Happy birthday Brig! I suggest you celebrate with a selection of hosts holding questions cards, and start a poll to find the greatest gameshow moment EVER…have people nominate the best thing they have ever seen on a game or quiz show, regardless of where int he world it was or when it’s from…might throw up a few interesting nuggets? Anyway, hope you’ve had a top day!

  2. CeleTheRef

    On the subject of “unusual timers”, a few days ago I mentioned the contestant-eating DRAGON and… this is a playing of it from the 2002 revival! For this version, they used a stack of 25 quick-fire questions (in this episode it’s “given a city, say its region”) instead of the original’s “sort this list” kind.


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