It’s time for the Annual Bother’s Bar Gameshow Category Rose D’or Predictathon

By | July 12, 2018

Can I make it five on the trot? I find it much harder to get excited by the genre these days so I’m increasingly unconfident. BUT. I’m certainly not too scared to put my money where my mouth is, so here is my prediction.

The full list of nominees can be found here.

  • What Would Your Child Do? I’m going to admit something: I never got to watch this. And it’s just basically Bet On Your Baby in slightly different wrapping. Can’t see it personally. 5% chance.
  • Big Bounce Battle – For all everyone was getting excited by physical games recently, the hype (and viewers) seems to have died down around them rather, certainly in Europe. Are trampolines too limiting? Also Bigheads won last year and I can’t see them picking two physical shows in a row. 10% chance.
  • Sorry About That (Sorry Voor Alles) – comedy hidden camera gameshow that’s been a hit in Belgium, and, most interestingly, has won lots of awards in the last year. People are filmed having weird stuff happen to them across 30 days and then discover they’re in a quiz and have to answer questions on things that happened. Hidden camera stuff hasn’t traditionally done brilliantly in this category (you have to go back all the way back to My New Best Friend in 2004, maybe Relentless in 2009) and it’s not like this sort of thing hasn’t been done before (Oblivious, Make My Day) and the Rose D’or judges tend to go for innovation. 30% chance.
  • 5 Gold Rings – not a perfect format by any means (although I think series two coming in October corrects many of the issues of the first one) but the visi-quiz did genuinely bring something new and interesting to the table, as well as pointless app playalong (when going by Philip Schofield’s Twitter, everyone was more than happy to just point at the screen). On the basis that nobody had really done Spot the Ball on TV before and that Rose d’Or judges don’t tend to worry if a show wasn’t that successful, my prediction is Possessed might be getting a second award here. 55% chance.

Christ, pressure. Results revealed in September.

5 thoughts on “It’s time for the Annual Bother’s Bar Gameshow Category Rose D’or Predictathon

    1. Danny Kerner

      Good it was BBC’s best gameshow in a few years. What tweaks are not obvious but maybe could relate to amount of families taking part or episode length. The money tree may also get an adjustment or the amount of episodes each family may appear as there were cases of 3 families being on for the whole series. Maybe a pointless contestant approach may work for the show.

  1. John R

    Following on from that…I’ve just read rumours that the BBC are ‘tweaking’ their revival of The Generation Game and giving that another go, still with Mel and Sue!

    Also in sadder news Mr 19 Keys himself Richard Bacon is currently in a coma apparently.

    1. Matt Clemson

      In significantly less sad news, he has tweeted that he is out of the coma and very much still in the land of the living.


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