It’s Schlag den Star tomorrow

By | July 25, 2018

I know! A Thursday! Quite early as well, 6:15 UK start [Edit: No it’s 7:15, P7 shows local times now, thanks Thomas Preece] on Prosieben. Two celebs battle it out for €50,000.

We won’t be covering this mini-series (I won’t be home for most of it, for a start), normal service returns when Schlag den Henssler returns from its Summerpause.

13 thoughts on “It’s Schlag den Star tomorrow

    1. Dale

      Nice! THanks I have been wanting to watch the society game and they have that up too whoop!

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      This feels a little bit like an enlarged version of that thing BBC3 did where two groups in booths tried to entertain people, with whoever winning staying on for another day, the name of which I forget.

  1. David

    If you can catch it, BBUS had a bit of a Crystal Maze-like challenge tonight though instead of an ALIS it was an ALOS (if you see it, you’ll get it

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Good spot, we were aware they were filming four episodes, and that it would be team vs fort, but not when they were going out.

  2. gyroscope

    Schlag Den Star
    Prerecorded and only 9 challenges (of which they needed 8) – edited to almost 3 hours long.
    Some of the challenges seen before made reappearances.
    Tweaked funkier music theme and stings – wonder if these will make it to SdH?
    Game 1 – Schrauben (getting 10 different screws out of wood using the choice of different screwdrivers / allen keys etc)
    Game 2 – Tchoukball (throwing a ball against a small angled trampoline and catching it when it bounces back. Repeat from different distances away)
    Game 3 – Tierstimmen (Guessing the animal noise when listening to the noises)
    Game 4 – Die Kugel (guiding a ball bearing along 2 metal bars and dropping it into holes worth different points)
    Game 5 – Rowkart (go karting on little karts powered by pulling a rope using a gym rowing machine action)
    Game 6 – Nachbauen (remembering a figure built out of Duplo and then having to build a copy of it after it is covered up)
    Game 7 – Karussellball (throwing your coloured ball at 5 baskets from a rotating platform)
    Game 8 – Hürdenlauf (walking over about 20 hurdles placed very close together without knocking them down)
    Game 9 wasn’t seen as Gil won after Game 8.

    Next Thursday at 19:15 UK time on ProSieben a gameshow called Teamwork – Schlag Den Star is back in 2 weeks.

    1. Matt Clemson

      The Duplo-building game was, I feel, almost as remarkable as the last time we saw it played. I found it pretty amazing how far the contestant’s recollection was from what the target was!


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