Show Discussion: Taskmaster S7

By | September 4, 2018

Wednesdays, 9pm,
Dave and UKTV Play

I think Taskmaster‘s the only show we’ve bothered to give a show discussion post to seven different series now and here we are again as Rhod Gilbert, Kerry Godliman, Phil Wang, James Acaster and Jessica Knappett compete in ridiculous tasks over the next ten weeks.

In related news, Alex Horne did a very interesting Ask Me Anything on Reddit on Tuesday, including the revelation that We Need Answers might be due a comeback.

The Taskmaster book is out on Thursday 6th, £7.99 on Kindle and (right now) £9.35 hardback on Amazon.

21 thoughts on “Show Discussion: Taskmaster S7

  1. Stephen

    Oh Dave have just tweeted the episode will be up on uktvplay at 9am tommorrow

  2. Chris M. Dickson

    I am currently suffering from severe esprit de l’escalier as I realised that I’ve missed out on asking Alex about my crazy theory about Greg Rutherford, as previously discussed. Fingers crossed that Alex does do another AMA and I remember to ask him next time.

    Unconnected thought: the next time I have some tedious work that I want to get other people to do for me, I will dress it up as a game show RUN-THROUGH and claim it to be a FUN TASK AND/OR CHALLENGE for which I will pay travel expenses. It’s almost surprising that nobody has tried to scam cheap labour that way yet…

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I used to have a maths teacher that asked if we wanted to have a “quiz” or a “test”. They were the same thing, obviously.

      1. Chris M. Dickson

        That’d be me, obviously. I’m WELL-KNOWN.

        First episode was easily good enough, much in a similar way to series six. No spoilers; the attempts at the tasks weren’t inspired but the humour was definitely there.

  3. Brandon

    I’m quite annoyed with myself for missing the AMA, let’s hope he or Greg does another one some time soon.

  4. Chris B

    Lots of interesting comments on the AMA – particularly that Alex seems to think that extending to 10 episodes improves the show, or words to that effect. Given that Dave is keeping him in work, you might guess he was unlikely to say anything to the contrary, but his answer did seem genuine. Personally Season 6 dragged, and the number of episodes may be a factor in that, and I never really wavered from my opinion that it was by far the weakest lineup so far. That said, there are a couple of series I could have easily watched more of, so swings and roundabouts. This series does look stronger though, Acaster alone assures me of that.

    Wish I had seen the AMA too, I’ve always wanted to know more about the tiebreakers, given they aren’t that likely to be shown so I guess can’t be too interesting, but also need to have enough in the bank. I got tickets to one of the Taskmaster Book nights in Manchester next month, so hopefully a Q&A chance then.

    1. David

      Maybe he thinks 10 eps gives the show time to breathe. I’d personally would rather have 8 eps where you get 2 really good ones, 5 decent ones, and one clunker rather than 10 eps with no real bad eps but no really good eps either.

      1. Brekkie

        I thought it suffered when it went from 5 to 8, but actually the last series of 10 didn’t seem to drag as much. Guess it depends on who is in it.

        I get the impression they film far more tasks than we see anyway so probably a case of less content making the cutting room floor.

  5. Brig Bother Post author

    I thought this was a pretty fine opener all things considered, tasks were average to good but I’m really pleased the panel are pulling their weight in the studio – they all seem very competitive, and I like the fact they’re willing to answer back and argue amongst themselves – for me this is the essence of a good Taskmaster line-up. And everyone is bringing something to the table.

    Good stuff!

  6. Matt Clemson

    Box tower thoughts, I wonder if this would be allowed (the location suggests to me it may well have been intended):

    Take two boxes, don’t assemble them. Instead, fold each in half and tape them together on one side.
    Go over to the nearby tree that seemed to be suspiciously bare of branches on the lower side, wrap them around, tape on the near side.
    Repeat, adding in each new layer at the *bottom* (so push the old stack up the tree, then fold the new one in).

  7. Steve Williams

    Liked seeing the house when it was snowing in episode two, felt a bit like a Christmas special (and in fact a proper Christmas special would be really good).

    I found it greatly pleasing that the points for the prize task were awarded in ascending order from left to right, and then in the first round proper in descending order from right to left, leading to surely the first ever five-way tie in the scores.

    1. Will Stephen

      Been watching the older series as I was a fool for not seeing them sooner and there was a five way tie after task 2 in series 3 or 2.


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