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  1. Gordon Donaldson

    This is just technical testing at the moment to remove bugs from the site

    so barring any hiccups IQTV should be officially ready to launch on all other platforms within the next two weeks

    Just set my account up to be ready

  2. David

    In an aside- here in the US it seems like we’re playing a real-life game of WIDM with this anonymous letter about the White House goings-on…

  3. Gwilym

    Speaking of quiz shows and Internet-based ventures, which we were, Quiz the Nation, the “high-tech pub quiz the whole nation can play” is, according to the countdown clock on http://www.quizthenation.co.uk/, set to relaunch on Tuesday 25 September “on a free-to-air satellite TV channel at 8pm”.

    The website is under construction though, so I can’t see it actually happening. But there it is.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Oh interestimg, it looks like they’re dropping the fee to enter through the app and leaving it up to the pubs in question.

      1. Chris M. Dickson

        So I get the impression that it’s being posed as a pub quiz for pubs that don’t have their own quiz and want to have one without getting their own quiz master in – the pubs presumably pay for the scorekeeping and put up their own prizes, because the people behind the app don’t pay out themselves. That sounds like a workable business model though I don’t know off the top of my head if there’ll be much demand for it in practice. If the gameplay material is no better than last time it won’t be a particularly interesting pub quiz, but better than nothing…

        Over the years I’ve read passing mention of a NTN trivia system in some US bars which we’ve never had. I wonder how similar this is in practice.

        1. James W

          The NTN Buzztime system was a data stream where the bar received quizzes that ran either locally or interlinked – there’s no video or true live broadcasting, just some glorified Flash type stuff.

          As I recall, they ran prediction games based on NFL matchups being shown on cable, but network delays because of encoding and the like were so heavily exploited to gain an advantage they had to bin it.
          There’s a local place near me that regularly uses Mark Labett and friends to do electronically linked pubquizzes just using an in club server – I imagine that as long as you have the tech, it runs itself, and this is just a franchised version of that.


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