Weekend Warriors

By | September 15, 2018

Lots to tell you about. Or at least there was if I hadn’t forgotten most of it.

On Friday Fingers on Buzzers, the quiz-chat podcast starring Jenny Ryan off of The Chase and comic Lucy Porter began but already there’s an exciting upstart rival (that was actually planned ages ago so the timing is coincidental), Hey, I Was On That! is meant to start on Monday where Friends of the Bar and Game Night vetrans Alex McMillan and Laura Conlon have a chat to contestants about their experiences. The first one features Stephanie Merritt who featured on University Challenge recently.

Follow their Twitter @heyIwasonthat for more details.

Ah, that was something! Our friends at RTV Warriors were meant to be doing their own Game Night, based heavily on the pioneering Game Night format tonight but it’s been pushed back a week for “good reason” apparently so you might want to put that in your diaries. I’m about a month behind with podcasts generally but I’ve been enjoying their interviewing reality stars season (and if you haven’t listened to their interview with Gilles de Costa off of Belgian Mole, you should) so go and have a listen. Bother’s Bar’s Game Night will return on the 29th September.

Also next Saturday it’s Schlag den Henssler! But this episode is going to be different for us, because basically most of the commentary team is going to be running around London solving puzzles for a thing called DASH. However it sounds like Scott is willing to commentate with or without special guests so we’ll see what happens.

In other news, since between them seven or eight different people have made comments, a) Chase the Case starts on BBC1 on Monday afternoon – we’ll have a Show Discussion post, b) Millionaire is being renewed for a ten episode run (21st anniversary specials, presumably) and you can apply.

Edit: Now on iTunes.

9 thoughts on “Weekend Warriors

    1. David B

      That’s all very well, but you’d have thought they’d have brought back Clarkson for some more Millionaire shows by now.

  1. Chris M. Dickson

    DASH this year is probably going to be the closest thing to an in-person Bar meetup. If you’re #TeamDan then you’ll be supporting his team DASHing Expectations. On the other hand, if #you’rebackingbrig then you’ll be a fan of the team he’s on, Five Alive, along with DJB, Michelle and Mike of this parish plus some star power as well. For some reason if you want to root for my team, it’s DeepInPuzzlesSolvingOurClues, for I shall be solving with teammates from a university society almost a quarter-century ago. I have a strong suspicion that there may be other Bar patrons who have their own teams – and, if so, please share your details so that we might exchange high fives. Frankly if you have no reason to care, you would probably be shouting for team Tactical Yutnori because they have by far the best name, and I want to meet them and tell them so.

    In truth, none of us is likely to win – there are at least two world-class teams, Misremembered Apple and The Magpie – but we should all do pretty well.

  2. Chris M. Dickson

    Here’s something a bit unusual (*): Cowbellpedia, a Nigerian secondary school maths quiz, dominated commercially by a single product to an extent we haven’t seen for perhaps sixty years: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgypNICLHEQ

    Fun bonus: spot the questions where the quizmaster wrongly declares something correct but the scoreboard operator is on the case, then the questions where I disagree with the given answer altogether.

    (*) Normally I would say “unusual” to mean “unusual as opposed to good”, but this is not without its merits, and I suspect the speed of the contestants in the previous series’ finals will blow me away.

  3. Mathew Palmieri

    http://kshow123.net/show/urban-legend Kreality tv show, “urban legends” just premired around 2 weeks ago, its a horror type escape room show (it remids me of hellevator, or horror episodes of great escape…) using true stores from koean history with a premise involving VR gone wrong. its pretty decent, and the atmosphere is fantastic sometimes… the cast consists of 2 idol groups so far…. its subbed, so go for it?

    in other news, netflix released a short press info bout stellifys flinch, revealing who the hosts are…
    “Flinch is a new all action comedy game show with one simple rule: do not flinch. The show is set on a remote farm in the hills of Ireland where brave and foolish contestants gather to test their nerve against three fiendish games. If they flinch, there are painful consequences both for them, and for our hosts, who have each chosen a player to represent them in the games. The series is hosted by comedians Desiree Burch, Lloyd Griffith and Seann Walsh. The series is produced by Stellify Media (Celebs in Solitary, Beauty Queen and Single)”


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