It’s Schlag den Henssler on Saturday

By | September 19, 2018

But it will be a more unusual commentary situation – Dan, David and myself will be running around London solving puzzles and won’t be around for it, however get ready for a volcanic e-rux-tion! Scott Rux will be helming a commentary stream, you are advised to follow @sensei256 on Twitter.

In other news, do you remember the thing that was going around recently of some US urban explorers investigating the abandoned Canadian Splatalot set? Well this appeared on my Youtube recommendations last night, the same people exploring an abandoned Cyberdrome Crystal Maze. Can anyone work out which one? Evidently they hadn’t heard of The Crystal Maze beforehand.

AND SPEAKING OF THE CRYSTAL MAZE and abandonment, The Gamers team starring Will of occasional Bar fame are auctioning off their Diggerworld tickets for charity. Go and have a look.

9 thoughts on “It’s Schlag den Henssler on Saturday

  1. Chris M. Dickson

    The comments suggest “This is the abandoned Canaston Bowl in Pembrokeshire (Wales, UK)“, next to the Oakwood theme park. I’ve seen this video before somewhere but it still leaves me very wistful and probably always will.

  2. Malcolm Owen

    In my youth I found it really enjoyable to go there. The computers running the place felt relatively dated, like a slightly more advanced form of BBC Basic programs that work with flashing buttons (many games revolved around smacking buttons, either on a pedestal or spread apart over an obstacle). If it were still running today, I’d wager many people would call it dated and unimpressive.

    Probably a good thing it’s gone. Shame about the rest of the building. If only it were located anywhere near civilisation…

    (Also: It was annoying that, while it stayed open for almost all of the year, one of the few days the place would close every year was my birthday, boxing day. I wanted to go there for my birthday all the time, but since it wasn’t open, it was an annual disappointment…)

  3. David

    Reading about the “Blood Money” task BB did tonight…if they keep this coin stuff up all season, things could be very interesting…

  4. Will Stephen

    Thanks for the plug sir!

    The producers have graciously allowed me to include a Crystal, Book and Board Game for the auction as well, so now it’s definitely not just a middling prize!


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