Christmas Stool Pigeon: The Results

By | December 14, 2018

Crikey, you had a lot to say. We opened an anonymous box for people to leave anonymous gossip and this is what’s transpired. Please bear in mind we cannot know for certain the truth for any of these things, only the people writing know that. Eyes down, look in:

  • There are rumblings behind the doors of ITV to get Harry & Noel together for a spin off show in some vein similar to what Gino Fred & Gordan have currently. Touring around the world due to the chemistry they have. If greenlit it will probably go out in the latter half of 2019.
  • Channel 4 might be pulling the plug on the crystal maze after this years xmas-ish special. No one at the company wants to confirm or deny this rumour. (Well they probably won’t until they do a press release. I’ve heard through very very unofficial sources that a third series may well be happening, making it the McDonald’s Big Tasty of TV shows – it’s not very good, nobody seems to like it, but they keep bringing it back “by popular demand” anyway. The Crystal Maze Xmas Special is going out on Boxing Day this year.)
  • I recently saw a UKTV commissioner try and fail to remember the name of the host of “Beat The Internet with John Robbins”, which wouldn’t be so funny if that wasn’t the most repeated joke in the show. (Ha!)
  • Two spinoffs of ‘The Chase’ in development: ‘Beat The Chaser’, which seems to have an ‘Eggheads’-type mechanic where the team chooses which Chaser to face on each subject; and some kind of all-star champion-of-champions bout (made by the original producer Sue Allison) featuring Madeline Grant from ‘Mastermind’, Bobby Seagull off ‘University Challenge’, Shaun Wallace off of ‘The Chase’, and CJ from pushing a tramp into a canal but not really haha. (Not sure I like the sound of the first one, feels like needless dilution of the brand that risks tainting the original. The second one is interesting because those were the names associated with the recently piloted Game of Your Life with Jonathan Ross which everyone’s gone quiet about. Presumably they want to do something with them, even if it’s not that.)
  • With Dara O Briain now confirmed as host of another Blockbusters revival, how far up the tree does he now come in the number of gameshows hosted by a single individual? (I’d have known this once but these days I don’t. Anyone?)
  • Gemma Collins unexpectedly brings down the house in All Together Now Celebrities. A German version comes out next year. (How did the Australian one do in the end? Also I hope the penchant for putting “Celebrities” at the end of titles of shows where it doesn’t make sense to isn’t going to become a thing.)
  • So was reading that a big hit in Germany recently was Adam Meets Eve- think Celebrity Love Island except everyone is naked. You think C4 or C5 would ever try to do that (I know C4 did Naked Attraction), and there are enough desperate D-list celebs to agree to do it? (What am I saying, you know there are enough celebs williing to do it…) (Well, Naked Attraction seems to do well for C4…)
  • Dan Walker to replace Sue Barker as host of A Question of Sport (This seems like both an attention seeking lie and very plausable).
  • Studio Lambert spent a six-figure sum on a hi-tech games room for The Circle earlier in the year. Channel 4 decided after the first episode aired they didn’t want Studio Lambert to use it – insisting they focus solely on the interaction between the players. What a waste. (Pity, although I wonder how that would have worked in the context of the show? “Circle, move left, send.”)
  • I think children’s gameshows are the best kinds of gameshows since there’s much more you can do than an adult show and i’m slightly annoyed that there’s not as many as there used to be. The cbbc commissioning page says that even though they have a bigger budget, they want fewer programmes. Surely in the age of netflix, the more programmes you have, the more chance of a hit rather that only specialising in 2 shows per year. (We’ve often said this. In other news, presumably Raven didn’t do enough to get a recommission?)
  • Late add: I’m late to Stool Pidgeon but I also heard the thing about The Circle games room. Also, the viewers vote prize was a late addition to try and make sure there was a satisfying winner for audiences and they didn’t expect what did happen. And that production team members had the job of going in to the rooms to just chat to the contestants occasionally just so they didn’t go mad being alone.

Phew. Thanks to all our gossips.

9 thoughts on “Christmas Stool Pigeon: The Results

  1. Dale

    Maybe the US commission of The Circle will use the game room aspect. I dont see it doing well over here without more gameplay.

  2. Brandon

    “the penchant for putting “Celebrities” at the end of titles of shows where it doesn’t make sense”

    At least that’s not as much of a grammar headache as Who Wants to be a Millionaire Couples.

  3. Des Elmes

    “Dan Walker to replace Sue Barker as host of A Question of Sport”

    I agree that this seems like both an attention-seeking lie and very plausible. I wouldn’t be too surprised, however, if it was decided that Sue’s replacement should be another woman – in which case Clare Balding would almost certainly be the leading contender.

    Meanwhile, Dawson and Tuffers have been doing their double act for ten years now. (To think that when I was a kid, it seemed like Bill Beaumont and Ian Botham had been there forever…) When either or both of them finally go, it’s not unlikely that there’ll be at least one call for the Beeb to finally appoint a female team captain. But even if they kept on appointing men, who *could* possibly fill Matt’s and/or Phil’s shoes? (I’m still not a fan of the Captains’ Challenges, mind, but I have just about accepted that they have more or less become an integral part of the show.)

    1. David B

      One of the reasons BBC Studios kept the franchise for QoS was that they had tied up Sue Barker on an exclusivity contract. So to change host now seems very odd.

      1. Des Elmes

        She hasn’t left *just* yet. 😉

        And when she *does* leave – regardless whether it’s her decision or someone else’s – it’s sure to be big news, since she’s now the longest-serving host.

  4. Whoknows

    Bit late but Crystal Maze is *definitely* coming back for a third series.

  5. Nico W.

    Adam sucht Eva is actually a Dutch format called Adam zoekt Eva (or something like that) that has been adopted in countries pretty much all around the globe from what I heard. It’s interesting that there has almost never been two seasons with the same concept in Germany. It’s always naked people dating in an exotic location. However it changed from weekly episodes with civilians on a beach to weekly episodes with a few celebrities and one with mostly celebrities that aired daily and so on… Last year’s (the one I named last) was the most successful. This year’s attempt with weekly episodes, mostly civilians and a few celebrities on a boat instead of a beach was way less succesful (though still doing well). It’s interesting how much easier it must have been to produce though, so it probably was cheaper as well. I thought it looked cheaper as well, though I never watched much of it.

  6. David

    All Together Now was Australia’s highest-rated new format of the year, even despite getting an obnoxiously awful timeslot that didn’t lend itself to allowing people to switch channels and start watching. I do think the actual result rubbed a lot of people the wrong way (the only tie of the entire season happened to be for the third place in the final three, with the eventual winner being the survivor) and the performances got more underwhelming as the season went on, which’ll make next season a bit of an uphill battle, but it seems almost certain it’ll be back.


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