Love means nothing

By | February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ve still got space for panellists for this Saturday’s upcoming Game Night, so do shout if you’re interested, especially if you’ve not been a panellist before – we’re always interested in new blood.

Traditionally we share a video on this day. Sometimes it’s a dating show, sometimes it’s a spin. Today we have the credits for little-remembered BBC afternoon tennis-based general knowledge quiz Matchpoint from 1990.

4 thoughts on “Love means nothing

  1. Dan

    Well, it seems that dick and dom may be making another try at prime time tv. On twitter they’ve been hyping up something where according to them they will need an audience of “Nutters”. The age range is 20-30. and they are using the hashtag #cashfromchaos.

    If it’s something like da bungalow, could be in for a real treat.

    1. Brandon

      Or it could end up being like their version of Ask the Family, which they admit was a huge mistake.

  2. Brandon

    Tennis-based general knowledge quiz sounds like they had a spin of the Format Tombola, but it works surprisingly well.

    1. David B

      Have to say, I don’t remember Matchpoint having an audience, nor such a flashy set.


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