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By | May 3, 2019

It’s on Netflix right now!

Seann Walsh, Lloyd Griffith and Desiree Birch challenge ten contestants to stay still under threat of painful punishment as things come whizzing close to their face. Whilst on a farm.

It’s Silent Library meets Saw by the looks of things. They’ve certainly gone big on the lo-fi theming of the show’s look, this interesting Broadcast article suggests 2000AD artist PJ Holden is involved.

I’m in an interesting place at the moment where I don’t actually have Netflix temporarily, so I’m greatly interested in your comments when you’ve watched it.

10 thoughts on “Show Discussion: Flinch

  1. Alex S

    I was looking forward to this coming out and I’ve just finished watching episode 1 and I’m pretty disappointed really. It feels like it’s been cut to shreds in the edit to the point where the structure of the show is almost non-existent.

    In short, for those without Netflix: 8 contestants are invited to a farm in Ireland where they’ll take part in three games designed to make them flinch. If they flinch, they receive some sort of physical punishment. For each game the show’s three hosts each choose one of the 8 contestants at random to represent them, the more the flinch the more points the hosts receive and at the end of the show the host with the most points has to take part in their own flinch forfeit game. At the same time, the 8 contestants are scored on the number of flinches and the person with the fewest points is declared the winner.

    Some of the games are clever and well engineered but it’s not ever really made clear what counts as a flinch. The paintball game in episode 1 is a good example, the contestant is wearing some protective clothes with balloons attached whilst at the same time they’re holding two metal poles inside rings. They’re then shot at by a paintballer. I figured, if you moved enough that the pole touched the rings, that’s a flinch, however it seems that the poles and rings have no bearing on the score at all, they just give the contestant electric shocks. They also give the contestant shocks when they flinch, but that isn’t necessarily when they touch the rings.

    It all felt a bit messy, the competition between the hosts is played as the most important element of the game although it begs the question as to why they bother keeping score of the contestants individually? They announce a winner at the end but it feels so inconsequential that it makes you wonder why all 8 contestants had to take part in all of the games? They could have just drawn three to represent the hosts and do it that way. I appreciate that they wanted more content to edit into a montage for each game but at the same time it pushes the edit in a way that feels like the ‘game’ is irrelevant and it’s just a clip show of comedy stunts.

    I read in a Broadcast article that they weren’t sure how long to make the programme considering Netflix doesn’t have a set duration for shows, they said “we decided that if we stopped laughing, it was too long.”. Episodes are 25 mins each.

    I’ll probably watch another as it does look from clips like they have quite a few games to play although I’m not holding out too much hope for improvement, I don’t see why they wouldn’t try and lead with what they feel is the best episode.

  2. Ant H

    Really didn’t like this. What counts as a flinch and what doesn’t? In the final game the first lad didn’t really move, but counted as a flinch and got shocked. Was really confusing.

    Not a fan of the games either, mainly because they didn’t really feel like games. Felt more like they were going for quick hits/pranks rather than having the players having to actually do something. There’s no skill to any of it.

    It didn’t help that the hosts have no charisma and barely any chemistry between the three of them. Wont be watching again.

    Has none of the charm or originality of Release the Hounds or Wild Things.

    Just had a quick look at episode 2 where a player has to not flinch when a balloon goes off otherwise they’re showered with vegetables. Just normal veg. Boring.

    1. Will Stephen

      It does feel the intention was to do this at the usual 1 hour normal (42-45 mins) transmission because so much is cut. Too many contestants for 25 mins, no real incentive to watch as there’s no competition except bragging rights. It almost feels like they stuck two separate shows and mashed it up.

      I think the concept James Corden did on his own show is still the best option as a small skit piece not a full show.

  3. Brekkie

    It’s alright for what it is, though the sort of thing you’d have found 15 years ago on Bravo.

    Don’t see the point in the 5 contestants not picked doing the challenges really as it adds nothing to the show – would make sense to have them involved somehow in the final flinch challenge.

  4. Lee

    Fort Boyard films next week. Reports saying 11 episodes and 7 specials.

  5. Whoknows

    *Whispers* Stellify aren’t very good at making gameshows.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I think they’re nice guys, and I certainly have good will towards them for stuff like Take the Money and Run and School of Hard Sums, but certainly I struggle to think of a recent show they’ve done that’s registered above a ‘meh’ although I’d still give them the time of day.

      1. Whoknows

        Can’t Touch This, Don’t Say It Bring It, Win Your Wish List… all just so horribly produced. There were a hell of a lot of issues with the first series of Millionaire. I’m sure they’re very nice but I think I think a lot of their commissions have been as a result of being based in Northern Ireland and therefore filling a quota more than anything else.

        1. jon

          They should stick to creating shows and get someone else to produce them. Basically they produce poorly. Millionaire suffered less as it had big external exec on it… albeit still has issues on their first series.


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