Rylan persued by a Bear

By | September 28, 2019

Rylan being chased by Ratings Bear is the stuff dreams are made of.

– David Bodycombe

Unfortunately Rylan isn’t into bears. This particular bear is into him though. Here they are going wild in the aisles, will Rylan be able to get to the checkout (episode 20 of Supermarket Sweep) without running into the massive stack of beans (slot average) whilst being persued by Bother’s Bar Mascot Ratings Bear, fresh from hibernation?

Thanks Windows 7 Paint!

It’s not looking good! Here are a few caveats though:

  • We don’t have much data for week two. This sort of thing is much harder to come by these days and we thank our suppliers for the numbers we do have.
  • If you ignore the number for the first night the trend graph will likely be a bit flatter, so might just escape.
  • ITV will likely be more interested in the numbers for the 16-34 demo (the point of ITV2) than the raw overnights, the figures for those we don’t have much of, but it feels like about 20% of the audience is In The Demo going by the numbers we *do* have. That would suggest 50-60k nightly at the moment which doesn’t sound great, but we don’t know.
  • It might add 10 million in 28 day officials. It won’t, but it might.

My position hasn’t changed since week one – it’s a decent show with some easily fixable issues that shouldn’t have been scheduled the way it has, and if it was shoulder peak weekend on ITV1 would probably do OK. We have discussed the show here.

4 thoughts on “Rylan persued by a Bear

  1. TheLupineOne

    When I tuned in to ITV2 for Episode 6 to discover it was a “celebrity” “special” featuring Z-listers I’d never heard of, I switch to Only Connect in a blink. I haven’t watched Supermarket Sweep since.

    1. Whoknows

      If you’d have never heard of them surely it would have been like watching a regular punter episode for you? Maybe you should have stuck with it…

  2. Chris M. Dickson

    If you’d called this “Rylan has a Bear Behind” then it would have been an instant ITV2 Commission x 20.

  3. Tom H

    198k last night – and a 0.9% share, barely above the slot average. Have people tired of it come week four?


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