Join us for the Poll of the Year 2019 RESULTS on Tuesday Night at 9pm!

By | January 19, 2020

I mean it’s all in the headline really, join us to see what the fans, the pundits and the production insiders have made of the year that’s just finished in our annual LIVE broadcast, where our Polls Panel, TV professionals David Bodycombe, Laura Conlon, Daniel Peake and (non-TV-professional) myself try and make sense of the way you’ve voted.

About half an hour after broadcast the write-up will appear on, as well as figures here at the Bother’s Bar afterparty.

We’ll also have the Youtube chat running and all sorts of interactivity, probably. So join us!

4 thoughts on “Join us for the Poll of the Year 2019 RESULTS on Tuesday Night at 9pm!

  1. Malcolm Owen

    Following The Masked Singer, it seems like another South Korean music show is heading to the US.
    “I Can See Your Voice” has musicians selecting a duet partner for the end of the show from a collection of people, without hearing them. Mixed in the group are people who can sing, or definitely cannot, with only a few rounds of non-singing clues to help and hinder their decision.
    Fox has apparently produced the pilot with Ken Jeong.
    As for how it plays, there’s tons of (surprisingly available and legal) YouTube videos out there for the show, so you can see how it plays. Some surprisingly good performances on there…


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